my mediacation

my mediacation

hi all, ok so I think I only took one or to anti des last wk. hope there still in my system. I am going to take one soon to get it over and done with. im feeling anxious and abit down but I think its the thought of not taking them proberly and having it go around in my head that the anxiety will come back as bad as I had it before. I know all the what you think is how you feel stuff (something like that anyway). ive been fine all wkend thou. my mate came down again from Milton Keynes with her two girls. oh fetched her on Friday and my oh as gone to take her back. on Friday I took the boys to there friends party and was sat there with me mate and two other moms from the school. I even got up and had a dance lol which was the old me, not caring. lets get ready to rumble it was don't know where my energy came from tbf. it was a laff thou and the anxiety and thinking about it was no where to be found but was in my mind before I went. all in all had a good wkend but think wen ur sat on ur own u think about it more, or is that just me? ive had a bath in herbal stress bubble bath it as helped abit tbh think im just going to watch a few films and chill out for the afternoon now. xxx


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  • Hi donaf

    Have been thinking about you

    Havnt asked anything though till your post as I no what this is like & people asking or feeling you are been pushed doesn't always help me ,don't no if its the same for you

    Sounds like a good weekend , & you are right , when we have things happening , it can distract us , its when we are on are own

    Well you can try again , & you are , you will get there , sometimes it takes several attempts , especially with something we fear , we don't always get it the first time , but as long as we keep trying , I believe we will get there in the end

    I have kept going , will be my 6th day today , been having terrible anxiety , funny stomach which not sure if that's the anxiety , tablets , IBS , but which ever it is , I repeat to myself , it will settle down

    I felt slightly calmer about the situation this morning , the more I am taking , the fear is getting slightly less , if I will feel like that later or tomorrow , I don't no , but , for today that's how it is feeling

    Stomach a little of though , but , hoping it will settle , that's the only thing at the moment reminding me I am taking them

    Stay strong , if I can do it & I no we have the same fear , I no you can




  • well done whywhy feeling really happy for u as ur beating the fear head on. ur making me realise I can do as weve got the same fear. ive gotta keep telling myself its just the anxiety. im defo taking it soon but I only ever take it wen theres someone with me strange I know lol ur 6th days have gone by really quick and ur doing sooo good soon it wont bother u and the fear will go as u say. xxx

  • Hi donaf

    Thank you

    I am having the fear , but I am facing it , its been hard at times & I have wanted to give in , but have told myself , I need to be taking these , they are for my own good , it will help the problem & that wont go away without them , because it wont

    Also whats keeping me going is , I no as my Cholesterol gets lower , when I get my eyes done it should be a perfect by then & then there shouldn't be a chance of them coming back , if I don't get this lower , they could do them & they would be back , they have told me that , so that thought keeps me going

    The fear is there , don't get be wrong , but I am sure the more we take , the less it will get

    If we get threw the first few weeks , it will get less , so just hang in there , I really want this for you as well as me




  • well done for going and having a laugh for a change and getting out there. i struggle to take me meds and tbh dont take them every day like im suppost to. i do find my anxiety is worse when i stuck alone not doing anything just thinking, like yesterday i had a good day out doing the garden but unfortunatly it ended on an anxious not due to not being well but while it lasted i was great. enjoy your afternoon watching films, theres a comedy on filmfour this afternoon so im gonna watch that and hope it makes me giggle. x

  • forgot to say......i loooovvveeeee your kitten its so cute. x

  • What time you taking it donaf

    I will be about 10 0 clock


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