Just rolling with it :-)

Hi all, hope ur all feeling ok? I'm going to have a luk thou the blogs as haven't been on for a while. I've been feeling ok most the time but I do still get the adrenlin, palpatations, foggy head and the feeling of detachment. I get the anxious feeling wen sometimes I'm just watching tv. Its not there one minute but can be there the next. I just roll with it :-) I defo am feeling more better then I was last yr with it even thou at times it feels like I'm going. Backwards with it rather then forwards. I've recently been to the bingo on my own and stopped the night at home while the OH went abroad thou work. To me being on my own for the whole night with just the kids was a big step forwards. Doing that wen I had avoided it for so long was scary but I done it 2 or 3 times. It worrys me incase I wake up panicing, and I have slept on the settee wen the OH wasn't there. I haven't faced going to up to bed so the kids have joined me on the settee the night. One step at a time, and I will face the avoided situations wen I feel ready. Like I avoided coffee all last yr I started to drink it again but realised i feel more anxious with coffee so I don't drink it. I drink coke again but I've always enjoyed my coke lol last yr I just drank water. I haven't faced alcohol since the mad ladies night I went on and drunk that much wine I was drunk but had a horrible panic attack. Plus my anti des I won't drink on them but I know a lot of people do but I Wud panic .

As for my medication anxiety its got a tiny bit better. I know take my medication 3 or 4 nights in a row then miss a night so its defo getting abit better xxxx


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  • Well done donaf , especially with the meds as you no I have a similar problem

    You seem to have come along way & I hope you feel proud

    Its good to see you on here & such a positive blog




  • Thanx whywhy, the meds as been hard and still is :-( but I'm getting there slowly :-) r u doing any better with it? Xxc

  • No donaf , not yet :-o but I am seeing slow improvements in other things & I have to take my own advise , its little steps & we will get there ;-)


  • Definalty whywhy, glad Ur seeing improvements out means we r getting there :-) xxx

  • It not out lol

  • It's good that you can appreciate the small steps forward that you're making - Well done. We're all impatient to get better and get over it but I have to keep telling myself that Anxiety laughs at Impatience.

    "Patience is a virtue" and all that...


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