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Sent my anxiety up :-(

Maybe i just need habit of reasurance. The weekend i had piles i do get them but never this bad. Well all wkend i was in pain. Using cream since and they've started to go. Well wen i went to the too the toilet earlyer (number 1) there was blood on tissue. Once i carmed down and they've realised it was from the piles. I panicked again. I have been told during pregnancy u can get them woreser. Im panicking thou as there bleeding even thou its common. I haven't even done my housework as in worried they will bleed more xx

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Hi Donaf

Unfortunately as you know when we have children it can cause piles

Now there is pressure with the weight of you carrying Bradley in that area it will be pushing on the piles

Please try not to worry nothing bad will happen but if it carries on go to your GP there are stronger & different creams they can give you that will help them to shrink & then this problem will stop

Make sure you don't get constipated this wont help if you do

Do your house work it wont make it any worse & ask you GP for something different to use if it doesn't settle





Hi whywhy, think at times we need that little bit of reassurance. In my case blood definatly. Show me a broken bone i wudnt panick but blood still coming from them is a no no and just puts me in panic mode. Xx


I know what you mean :-)

I can be the same

Try not to worry & ask the GP for something stronger to use if they keep been troublesome



Hi Donaf, I agree with what Whywhy says especially about the constipation.

I'm here to listen

Take care xx


Hi Donaf

Try not to worry ( easier said than done I know) I had the same when I was expecting and it is quite common. If you could speak to your midwife about it or your doctor.

Don't fret about the housework plenty of time for that I say.

Hope you feeling better now.

gardener x


Its horrible especially wen u need to go and or scared to but they tell u to go as its worse not to. Me mom and nan get them where they bleed and everyones told me to go. In scared but going to try and then a nice warm bath I've been told helps. Xx


Hi Ive had piles before definitely a pain in the whotsit :D

Agree they can be common in pregnancy so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about hopefully the cream will help and a nice warm bath sounds a good idea :)

Mimii xx


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