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Just a little thanks for everyone's reassuring words yesterday. Hands down the worst hangover I've ever I think me and alcohol will be parting ways for a good while which is a shame as I've given up a relationship, caffiene, fags and now the drink...feel like my world is getting smaller and smaller. If I knew in my head that I would start to feel better for it then it wouldn't be so bad but I doubt it will.


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  • Ditto Ashley,

    Although I'm battling with packing in cigs I'm trying...your not alone..

    Sue x

  • Thanks, it's good to know :-) x

  • You have made the decision to take the middle path :-) With our anxiety, it is the best way forward honest.

    Learn to understand why you have made this choice, and many things will open up to you.

    Feel proud of yourself

    well done,



  • That made me smile :-) x

  • I drink wine and have been told to give up it is so hard

  • I don't really mind not's just I'd like to have the choice x

  • I had stopped smoking for 3 years and then started again after a bad break up..I do wonder if that contributed to my anxiety x

  • Thank you :-) x

  • how much wee you drinking I went for help but anything over 14 units and you get told off

  • Only drink either a Friday or Saturday, I was really bad with the shots and suffered bad hangovers anyway but anxiety and hangovers are like death warmed up lol x

  • Glad you are feeling better today

    Good for you as well giving up smoking , you should feel proud




  • Yeah I suppose if the anxiety doesn't go away well then I'll live longer and have to put up with it more haha! :-) x

  • See your humour is coming back :-D


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