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How do / Should you tell you're partner / family you have Anxiety?

I've been asking myself the above question for years but I can't come up with an answer. I'm not even sure I should tell anyone.

I've had anxiety for about 12 years and it's gotten worse so finally getting professional help but not sure if I should tell my nearest and dearest. It may help them understand why I do strange things sometimes but I have so much pride I can't bring myself to tell anyone. I'm also incredibly indecisive!

But now my sessions are going to increase it's going to get harder to hide where I'm going and I feel bad enough as it is without adding lying as well.

I know generally it's good to talk about it to people but it's not something that comes easily to me. Any ideas as the best way to break it to people?

Aurora (^-^)

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Somewhere neutral, quite and relax. Come straight out and tell them before you back out. Good luck. xx Quick you tell and easily it will be to dealt for everyone. Maybe GP appointment would help explain to nearest and dearest.


Hi aurora

It's hard and I hid it from everyone too. I broke the news differently to different people but do you know the one thing they all had in common? They were all relieved as they could see I wasn't well and were really worried about where i was going on a weekly basis and how many doc appointments i was having. Some people I told a broad outline face to face and some in more detail and some via text as I couldn't face them but I would say try to when you are ready, the more support you have the better love eve x


Hello, i neva hid mine away, as i didnt know myself that this thing was anxiety. My mom even went to doctors appointments with me. As for my 0H he was worried and think it was a relive for him as much as everyone else that we knew wat it was. I cudnt talk to anyone about it thou. But since ive been on my tablets (nearlly 12 mths) ive changed in the sense i say wat i think i dont hold back anymore and alot of my nearest and dearest have noticed this. I blame the tablets lol i talk more openly about it to them to if i feel shitty i say its so much easyer x they will be releved that that know wats up with u x


At work? NO, of course not, why would anyone admit a weakness (even though we know most employees are crippled with mental health problems). Among friends and family.... yes. If they're not interested enough to appreciate what you're saying then they're not worthy of you, move on. Sorry, I have a 99 year old grandfather who is still a very controlling man, old men can be bastards!


The people closest too you probably already know that all is not well. Just pick the person you trust the most and start with them, they may be able to help explaining to the next person.

Imagine what it would be like if you had a friend who needed support, you'd want to be there for them and I'm sure your friends/family would want to do the same. Let us know how you get on. As you have suffered for 12 years you might get a bit of relief by talking about it, I don't think I could have hidden it for all that time.

I did tell a complete stranger a few weeks ago which was really weird, we got chatting as I was sitting by the river and he was walking his dog. I don't know why I did it, he just asked was I not at work so I said signed off etc, he wasn't fazed at all.

You say they are your nearest and dearest and I'm sure they think of you as the same. They will want to be on your side and it always helps to have supportive people around you. Take Care Caroline xxxx


That sounds familier :) be kind to yourself.

I've noticed when we hide things, they become bigger, when we are honest, we let go and it feels better.

Be honest to your loved ones, and let go of the burden.

Sometimes we want to think we are better than others, this starts off judging others, but by doing that we judge ourselves, and then, lol, we have to maintain being better and that causes anxiety, stress deceit etc.

This was a great release when I let that go, and I started feeling a part of this world and not apart from it.

With love


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