Just want to say thank you

Hi everyone just wanted to say thank you to all members for all your help & advice over the real hard & scary times in the last 12 months. Especially whywhy I must say that you really are a great help I've just read your post about the Google ban Fantastic !!!!!! man have i lost so much sleep going on Google checking my physical symptoms NOT ANY MORE. Thanks again to all and good health in 2014.

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  • Morning Cherub.

    It is good to know you have somewhere to go for advice and chat to like minded people, I hope we continue to give you support as and when you need it.

    Take care Kenny xxxx

  • Thanks Kenny I have definitely benefited from this site.

    All the best.

  • Hi cherub

    Does this mean you are joining the non googling ban :-)

    Oh I used to be so bad , I was never of there & that would result in a trip to the GP'S every time I had gone & asked that stupid google what was wrong with me !

    But seriously if when you feel the urge , come on here ,look round even if you don't need to post .but there could be a post where someone needs a quick hello & by the time you have done said hello to someone the urge passes & it is a lot better for your health & mind :-)

    Happy New Year to you to :-)




  • Hi whywhy this definitely means I'm joining the non googlin ban 100%.

    All the best to you whywhy lots of respect to you for your help & Happy New Year to you to.

  • Hi Cherub

    Pleased you are in :-/

    Hope it works , you will have to let us know :-)

    Thank you for your kind words , I do struggle with compliments & yet at the same time I really do appreciate them :-)

    Right I told myself I wouldn't come on here today as I have a big basket of ironing & a date with Will-i-am at 7 watching the Voice , even though I wish it was a real date :-D

    So two more replies I think & then I need to get a move on or I will be late :-D

    Hope you have a lovely day :-)


  • So right about Google,you can really scare yourself.but saying that if it had not been for google I wouldn't have found this site,and I'm so glad I did.Goid health to you to xxx

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