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Do you hear your hearbeat?

Not often but when i lay down to rest for 10 mins in the day, i can hear my heart beat, kinda like heart palp, it bothers me terribly, i know nothing is wrong coz i've been to my doc but it just makes me feel weird & the feeling of it is like gross? It's just weird lol

Do any of you experience this?

How does it make you feel?

What could i do to stop the palp or like calm myself so i dont get so bothered by it?

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My Mum suffers from this and has issues with he ears. She don't suffer with Anxiety so maybe go and see the doctor and ask him to check ears?


I'm terribly in time with my heartbeat, I can feel like at random points of my body and sometime hear it thump thump thumping away. I just try to ignore it now.




Yes I suffer with this when I'm really stressed and can hear the beating in my ears, my gp said it's tinnitus and I've noticed this is one of the side effects of my meds. I have bought a sound machine which plays white noise and other relaxing sound, which I use when it's really bad

Jules x


This past week I have heard my heart beating in my ears it is like a pulsing beating type of sound and it sometimes gives me a headache, could this be a sign of stress or anxiety? I will mention to my doctor when I next go. I have GAD and depression.


For me i meant more along the lines of feeling it beat when i lay down.


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