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Thank you once again

Just wanted to post an open message of gratitude to the members who have taken the time to speak to me over the months .I got so much support and good advice from you all... I finally got my work situation sorted out... And will be working on a part time basis now....50 hours a week was going to be too much for me to handle right now. And the Chef has been very supportive.... All the staff are very nice as well So I feel blessed.

My daughter and her boyfriend leave today for thier trip through Asia. I do worry about these far away trips she takes.. But she is living her life to the fullest and again I feel blessed I have some time off now and I do feel a little sad this morning. With all that has happened this week I am a little run down.. Back to see my GP this week.. Not sure about my quick fix pill being renewed.... I take it when I go to work as it really helps with that initial anxiety.

Being hearing impaired has its own issues in a noisy kitchen. and I do find myself asking people to repeat themselves a lot... Much Love steve.

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Hi Steve.

So glad things are sorted out at work it has been a worry for you. I worry terrible about my son and daughter when they are travelling. My sons job has taken him to Hong Kong such a long way from the uk. My daughter has just left Dubai and moved back to the uk but still a 3 hour car journey to visit. She was in Dubai for 9 years so bang goes my free holidays. Haha.well Steve you take care. Janet xx


Hi Janet. I agree with you. There will always be a little worry attached to our children no matter what age they are. It sounds like you kids are living very interesting successful lives. That in itself is a blessing...steve


HI steve

Thanks for the thanks.

Do you remember weeks ago I advised you not to overdo things

In your new job ?.

I'm glad to see you have made up your mind not to work full time just yet ! ,, I think its for the best.

Its rare these days to find a sympathetic employer, especially after the recent world recession ,,,, you seem to have landed on your feet there steve.



Hi pete.. Yes its been a challenge for sure.. Always get ahead of myself... still working on it. Yes I am really lucky to have a chef and others at work who understand my situation.. I am good at my job as well ..So they are hoping Ill be able to work a little more later.. But I am very lucky. Yes... you were right I need to run these things by other people and use the advice accordingly. How are you these days.....steve


I'm well and getting on with things.

Catch me in a couple of weeks post operation and I might feel differently ?.

I try to keep as cheerful as I can.

Nice to see your on the up !

As for your worries about your daughter,,as long as she's got here boyfriend around, I'm sure she will be fine.

Which parts of Asia are they traveling,,it's a big old area.


Thailand first then mainland China. It was odd as she booked her flight for the Malaysian leg of the trip the day after the Malaysian Airlines plane went missing.. With all that's been going on did I miss where you were going in for surgery. I remember you posting about how you had been in a bad accident Is it related to that....We will all be with you on that day my friend steve


Hi Steve, glad to hear you have your work situation sorted, best of luck to you there and it's nice that there is a supportive team you will be working with. I hope your daughter has safe travels and enjoys her time. Hope the rest of your day is going well.


Hi yes I Hope all goes well with her trip we do tend to worry about things that we can't control. she is a very smart woman so I`m sure they won't get into anything that could be problematic..Cheers... Hope you're doing ok as well steve


Hi Steve,

It's lovely to get such a positive update :)

I'm really pleased you're settling into you're new job and are able to deal with all the stresses and new experiences it's bringing. I think you're very brave as it sounds like a very intense environment :)

Love and Best Wishes,



It is good too hear from members when things improve..and thank you Lizard...We can draw something from each other when it happens to us.... One small step forward....steve


hi steve, your fantastic news has cheered me up no end, great that you sorted shifts out , it makes the job much more manageable for you, I think as parent you always worry when your kids go away, but you have brought up your kids the right way, and you teach them right from wrong, then you have to trust them to live their lives in the manner in which you have taught them, obviously you have done a great job, so well done on all counts, love jasper x


Happy that your happy jasper....I lucked out with my Chef being so understanding.. steve


Hi Steve,

Glad you have had your hours reduced, going back to work for 50 hours a week, after suffering with anxiety, takes it toll. Well done for sorting this dilemma out with your Chef, good to hear he his helping you.

We never stop worrying about our children do we, I have three, my oldest being 47.

Sending you good vibes.

Eunice xx


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