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Will it ever end?

Hi, I'm a 57-year-old male and have been suffering with anxiety/depression/stress for a few years now. I was on escitalopram and various others and have now - on doctor's orders - stopped them a couple of months ago. I am now feeling horrendously anxious/stressed out, with tiredness, worry, abdominal twinges, paranoid, acheing all over, sadness etc etc. I am just about to start seeing a therapist re. CBT. I'm very sceptical but hopeful this may help. I do not want to go back to those awful anti-depressants if at all possible. Is there anything else I can try? Hypnotherapy any good? I'm at a loss as to what to do, but I just cannot put up with feeling like this. HELP anyone? Thank you, Mike.

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I'm 53 and male and I've suffered with it for 33 years, so your not alone.

saying that the last two years have been far better, try the CBT, there are some things that can keep you anxious too, for example ~I had to sort out some trauma, and used EMDR, there's lots of therapies, also

I highly recommend a book

SIMPLE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF AGORAPHOBIA by Dr Claire Weekes, its out of print now but you might get a copy here and there, or in a library and its not just about agoraphobia, its all about anxiety and panics, and has an effective treatment plan for getting out of it.

here's a link to info that shows the latest books etc


Hi, I've heard about that book and it's on ebay/Amazon whatever. I'll give it a go, thanks for that!


Hi there, i'm waiting to start cbt too, and like you i'm sceptical though i'm told it is very helpful and honestly, i'll do anything to keep me off meds now too. Hypnotherapy is good, i tried it recently and i found it helped me understand why i was thinking the way i was. Though it's very expensive and can be risky as your dealing with the sub-conscious, which for some people is dangerous if it brings up suppressed negative memories for instance. My advice would be to try it, different strokes for different folks :) good luck


Hi, thanks for that. Good advice, cheers!


Hi. I have had 2 courses of CBT and if you work with your therapist and do as you are asked then it is the answer to coping and curing your Anxiety/Depression. I have been a sufferer for over 30 yrs and CBT has changed my life

Good Luck x


Hi, thanks for reply. Just got 'Depression and CBT for Dummies(!)' from local library, excellent by all accounts/reviews etc., so I'll give it a go. Big waiting list here for CBT but got doc/therapist so I live in hope. Many thanks!


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