Will it ever get better?

I have suffered anxiety for 12 years now. It seems like every time I come off of meds, the next phase of panic attacks are worse!!!! Anxiety is on 10. It has me feeling like I'm going to pass awat. I'm dizzy, light headed, nauseous and scared. Zanax doesn't help anymore. .....so sad, and I have to shake it because I have a family to take care of......Just this weekend, I couldn't even do my grocery shopping because I had to stop walking down the aisle because my head was swimming. I'm afraid of falling into depression, thinking no doctor will help me. This thing has got me wanting to update my will or something:(

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  • Im sry to hear that you are going through this. I know how you feel. I hope you are able to find a solution with your doctor. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong.


  • Thank you... I'm trying.

  • How can I shake it?

  • I believe it will get better. I am certainly much, much better than I was this time last year.

    Hoping that your GP can help you. Julie xx

  • Dear first of all be clear that if u r nt doing anything wrong wid anyone then no body will do wrong wid u ...so no need to fear ...secondly it has been proved scientifically that if u r positive den u attract good things towards u n positive things will start happening in ur life .....so b positive n enjoy ur life ...

  • Hi,

    It is such a problem, I know I have suffered from my 30's. I have been on medication since, I have tried to come off medication, or at least cut them down, but when is the right time? I suppose the only people who can help you is the Doctors, is Zanax the tablet you were on before? Do some people need to stay on medication because of this chemical in balance? I don't have any answers. I do hope you feel better soon.

    Eunice xx

  • Hi.

    Sometimes it is better to continue to take your meds even when you feel better, remember it is the medication that is making you feel good so even if you come off them under supervision there is a good chance you will relapse into anxiety if your that way inclined.

    Stay strong Kenny xxxx

  • Thank you....I guess I was worried because I was gaining so much weight. Hopefully additive can help. Hopefully it's just relapse. And can be fixed.

  • hi msdizzy, o/h has suffered from anxiety for about the same time as you, she too has had to come off certain meds and suffered withdrawal symptoms, has your doc put you on anything else ? have a word with him, there are lots of new anxiety treatments now, take care, xxx jasper

  • hey..first of all know that we are all here for you..whenever you feel like unburdening your mind.

    Now..I think the first thing you need to do is decide that you will get yourself out of it..understand that the only person who can help you is you..you just need to tell yourself that you will defeat it..that you are strong and wont let it rule your life..DO IT WITH CONVICTION..

    Then you can start learning simple techniques and start taking baby steps..I know that 12 years of anxiety won't go away in 12 days..but atleast start..I am not talking about meds..I am talking about other things like first and foremost you should know the breathing technique...its breathing in on a count and breathing out on a count with a couple of no.s more..eg. breathe in slowly on 5 counts and then breathe out slowly on 7 or 8 counts..keep your mind on counting..close your eyes and visualise the numbers...the way they are written..their size..

    I know I am a stranger but trust me just once..next time you have a panic attack do this breathing technique..give it 5 minutes before you allow yourself to meds..u may or may not know it already..but please do try it n do it with conviction n see what difference does it make..

    wishing you well..

  • Thank you so much for the support.

  • Hi I have suffered with panic and anxiety for over 20 years and I always go through good and bad stages. I am on medication and have been for about 5 years. The dizziness and shaking is quite commen and I too suffer with this it is a horrible feeling but once u regulate your breathing these sensations will go. Look up the Linden method on line I use this regularly and it helps me get back in to control of myself. Hope this helps.xx

  • Thank you Luke...

  • Hi like U I have suffered with anxiety sometimes very severe for the last 12 years although perhaps it was undelying much earlier. I am currently on meds too which are taking the edge of a bit and allowing me to stay at work. I have had plenty of relapses and the road to wellness is not smooth so don't lose heart. I think with anxiety our bodies magnify sensations and we need to accept and live with this while we have it.. Focussing on other people and outwards has always helped me as has engaging with supportive people. Also as much as possible try not to avoid situations that cause anxiety and let it limit your life, relax into these -hard i know as the dizzy feeling and constant sense of unease are awful. Things will improve im sure , take care. Mike

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