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its good to be part of the team. I am from Sunny South Africa and am a Logistics Auditor/HR Manager

i am rather down at the moment - my body burns - feel rather tired all the time - my legs feel weak and strange - i am at my wits end- i have this sense of fear all the time. i feel as if i am floating at times - these dizzy spells is rather controlling. Will it get worse.

will drinking green tea help please can anyone help with some suggestions to help


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Hi, And glad u came aboard. You definitely at the right place. How long have u had these symptoms? Have u been to a doctor to get check out? Do u have a therapist.

I have been diagnosed with clinical depression PTSD anxiety panic disorder seen you’re experiencing dizzy u to get check out by a ENT

trucking in reply to tamka38

Hi no n therapist - but this was diagnosed last year around this time. the fear of the unknown is getting to me - is this normal

tamka38 in reply to trucking

I was diagnosed with anxiety here is symptoms. People may experience:

Whole body: fatigue, restlessness, or sweating

Cognitive: lack of concentration, racing thoughts, or unwanted thoughts

Behavioral: hypervigilance or irritability

Also common: anxiety, excessive worry, fear, feeling of impending doom, insomnia, nausea, palpitations, or trembling

Hi trucking,

So glad you have posted. I'm sorry you are experiencing a sense of such fear. Have you seen a doc to make sure all is well physically? Are you in therapy? Do have a look around the board, there are so many wonderful folks here and so much support and encouragement.

Have never been to South Africa- one day:)

trucking in reply to Calm_mama

no not sought a therapist - but this was diagnosed last year around this time. the fear of the unknown is getting to me - is this normal

Calm_mama in reply to trucking

For the circumstances, this is normal. With anxiety at such a high level, everything is terrifying. We are jumpy, startle easily, and so many, many frightening thoughts come quickly and in succession. The entire nervous system is sensitized, making us feel physically ill, even though it's completely harmless. Floating, dizziness, feeling disconnected, difficulty concentrating- all very common. Palpitations, aches and various pains, weakness, lethargy, fatigue, pins and needles, strange visual changes, nausea, lack of appetite, the list goes on and on... The nervous system is truly amazing, and when the fear cycle has begun the nervous system stays a bit "turned on" and all these symptoms come. They can be frightening, but know they are common and harmless.

You can see my favorite resources for recovery on my profile. Dr. Weekes' material is phenomenal. She was the master and all the other resources I have base their "approach" on her original work.

I would definitely get into therapy. Try to find someone who really understands, and has experience with anxiety. Therapy can be incredibly helpful.

Meds (SSRI's, SNRI's) help some folks, some not so much. Most people seem to be glad they've started meds. It's a hard decision, one you can discuss with your doc if you want.

Recovery awaits. I'm wishing you all the best :)

trucking in reply to Calm_mama

Thank you my dear friend - glad that i came aboard. now the fear becomes less. God Bless

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