will citalopram ever work

I have now been on citalopram for 11 weeks,the first three on 10mg and since then on 20mg, the doctor wanted to increase my dose to 30mg last time I saw him but as I am over 65 he said we had better keep to the guide lines, as yet I am not feeling a lot better and anxiety is still bad especially in the mornings, my GP wanted to put me on Mirtazipine but I didn't fancy feeling sleepy all the time, should I give up on the cit now after this time or do you think there could still be hope?


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  • hi chrissy, o/h is on mirtazapine , she takes it at night , really has helped her sleep, which makes her a bit better in the morning, not been on citalopram so don't know what they are like,but even 20mg seems quite low, hop you are feeling a little better, take care, love jasper. xx

  • Thanks Jasper, was your other half sleepy all day, as I have read some people as saying they would sleep for 16 hours and as I have to look after my 93 year old Mum I can't afford to be a like a zombie all day. Were there any nasty side effects when she started them? xx

  • hi chrissy, o/h was fine when you get the dosage right, was a godsend for her to get a good nights kip ,it certainly helps when you have anxiety, only drawback is that you can put a little extra weight on, but def worth it, hope info helps, take care love jasper xx

  • Thanks Jasper, it is certainly worth thinking about as there doesn't seem to be any nasty side effects , I will talk it over with my GP when I see him on Thursday, thanks again x

  • Hi Chrissy... I started off on 20mg Citalopram and they didn't seem to help much at all, so I went back to gp and I have been on 40mg for over a year now, no side effects and I feel so much better now it just takes a while to find a balance. I hope this helps ps I am 63 xx


  • Hi Ruby, thanks for your reply, I asked my GP again if I could go up to 30mg but he said no, I am 67 but haven't got any heart trouble but I suppose he has to careful, I feel sure if I could just go up a bit it would help/ xx

  • Hi Chrissy

    I've been on Citalopram for a while and I have been up to 40 mg in the past, I'm 57 and I have heart trouble.

    They work very well for me and I'm sure if your GP could allow you to go up to 30 mg it would help.

    Hope you feel much better soon.

    All the best. X

  • Yes I agree I think it would help to go up to 30 if only for a short time, I have to see him on Thursday so I will ask again. Thanks. x

  • Hi Chrissy I hope you get a suitable dosage soon , it's always

    Tricky when you start a new med, and then Doctors are right

    To take our age In to equation. My sister was on on Mirtazapine

    And once she got used to them she thought they were very good.

    She got a great nights sleep on them, I guess they just

    Suited her. She was 66 yrs and got on fine.

    So keep trying with the Meds until you see what works

    For you. We are all so different . Good luck anyway


  • Thanks Hannah, I think I am so fed up as the citalopram isn't working this time round, this time last year I was on 20mg as I am now and I felt better than I had in years so in April I decided to try to get off of them, by September I was down to 5mg but was getting anxious again so GP said I could go back to 10 again, that didn't work and it looks like the 20 isn't going to either, last summer I was on 10mg for 5 months and felt fine I wish I had stayed at that and not tried to come down any further, but then we live and learn..

    Thanks again, Christine.

  • Chrissy, please, will you try the Psalm 23? Will you read the six verses, attentivelly, slowly and repeatelly? Try to think the thoughts of the Psalm. I am more than 60. It really works.

  • Yes I will thank you .

  • Citalopram works for me but it did take a while to kick in. Have you considered the option of Sertraline with your doctor? That could be another possibility.

    Best of luck :)

    Katy xx

  • Hi Katy, I saw doctor this morning and I am keeping going for another 2 weeks and then go back to see him, I hope they will work as they did before but if not I will have to see about another option, thanks.

    Chrissy xx

  • I hope you have better luck with the Citalopram soon, let us know how you get on :) xx

  • Mirtazapine made me feel very aggressive, I am on 40mg of Citalopram and am only feeling the benefits because I have stopped drinking, it also works better for me at night because during the day it just knocks me out, I've had things like Amitriptyline and Paroxetine and this one has been the best, if your Dr takes you off he needs to put you on another SSRI or SRNI otherwise you might get SSRI withdrawal and the head zaps are not funny

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