Hello every1, I haven't been on here n awhile trying my hardest 2 cope with this anxiety of mine lol I've been dealing with it a lot better lately just been telling myself I'll b fine n its been working. But lately I've had this mild headache that's lasted 4 the last 4days n now here comes the panic attacks!!! I really believe that anxiety is the devil fucking with us!! I'm just fed up n I give in 2 the lord!!!!! Jesus please take the wheel HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


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  • Hope you're doing okay. I get head aches that last for days, try and knock it out with some advil, sleeo, and treat yourself to a massage. You'd be amazed at the difference a tense back can make on headaches and we all know us anxious people are tense.

  • Understand that anxiety is just a natural state were ur body is just trying to keep u safe. Now given that u might want to try counceling meditation hypnotherapy but ive come to realize that its all mental u can believe any lie but if u dont accept who u r n understand that anxiety wont kill u then u will keep fearing it. In order to beat anxiety u must face it and accept it understand what is causing it. Best advice dont give up it gets better

  • I know how u feel and i been having anxiety n depression also sleep problems.

  • By all means DO cry out to our Lord Jesus,and with all your heart ! Give it all you got ! Maybe your headaches are caused from denying your illness and it is a very real illness and needs to be treated like one. Hopefully you are seeing a good doctor..God bless .

  • Get some good vitamin d and omega 3, honestly will help x x look up Steven furlick.. Be brave on you tube x also clayton Jennings on u tube amazing. He will take the wheel for sure, just let go x x put ur trust in him and if u watch Steven furtick. ..... whatever whatever, honestly makes soooo much sense. Sorry furtick it is x all about that chatterbox in our head x clayton Jennings blows me away , get hillsongs on, light a candle , I so know that headache ur talking about x

  • Keep thinking positive thoughts and denying whatever is causing the anxiety attacks unless they are real-founded issues. Talking with a therapists can help. Sorry you are experiencing this. Oh be careful with your language, you can be taken off this website. Praying for you.

  • I have just been through 2 months of hell with depression and anxiety the doc put me on trazadone which was great helping me sleep, but wasn't dealing with my anxiety during the day, so she changed my meds to sertraline, and it got worse they gave me insomnia, so i went back and in addition to the sertraline she put me on a low dosage of trazadone to help me sleep and sertraline during the day and ive got to admit i thought I'd end up a gibbering wreck, but its worked finally, i guess what I'm saying is you may need to go to your doctors and change your meds, and give it time to take hold, because a couple of months ago I thought i was never going to get better x Hope things get better for you x

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