Will it ever end?

Hi all, I have been doing a lot better recently, mainly thanks to this forum as it's priceless talking to others in the same situation! I woke up this morning feeling fine but I have got to work and all of a sudden my whole body has gone tense and numb, sort of like adrenaline feeling. its my last day for two weeks before I go on holiday. could it be to do with that? im looking forward to it but I am a bit apprehensive so could it be that reason why its happened? also, I don't worry as much as about the pains I get in my body at the moment but I still do occasionally worry, will it ever get to a stage where I don't worry atall? like before this whole anxiety stage happened?

Also, does anybody get very anxious when they are hungry? I seem to get that a lot at the moment, its a horrible feeling as I don't have an appetite when I eat but I need to eat to help ease the anxiety.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • I'd say the apprehension of your forthcoming holiday is most likely the trigger sandy, and I've also experienced anxiety when I've been hungry, its strange but for me that hunger sensation is very similar to the sensation I get when anxious, right in the pit of my stomach, so I think my brain confuses hunger as anxiety? if that makes sense? Xx

  • Sounds like you are just anxious generally. Yes, we get that. I eat a lot when I'm anxious and I worry about work when I'm gone. Adrenaline can do so many things.

  • Yeah i confuse hunger for anxiety sometimes. Which then makes me more anxious. The eyesight is a horrible symptom. You are convinced something is about to happen! But if something was going to happen you wouldn't be in the right state of mind to think "something is going to happen" it would just happen. That's what I keep telling myself.

  • Hi, its great to read how youve been doing well :) keep it up!

    I have this general anxiety which used to be helpful in keeping me on form to manage a stressful week etc but it went nuts. To lessen anxiety attacks it works well we have a valid tangible reason for anxiety symptoms and if there isnt an obvious reason or cause it freaks us out!

    Ive been literally training my brain to accept anxiety doesn't need or have a reason, it just 'is'. Its working pretty well.. im not always scanning my body surroundings or situations for a cause. Some days its easier to think "im nervous about x,y and z but nothing i can do about it." Other days, my tired days, it takes more effort to relax my mind.

    You won't ever stop worrying, you wouldn't be human otherwise:) but you'll worry "sensibly/rationally" again when you're anxiety isn't so super-charged and hyper sensitive to all weird bodily sensations and concerns about life stuff. X

  • Thanks Daisy, it all makes sense but so hard to accept, today I woke up feeling fine, excited as the weekend is coming and im off on holiday. But then out of nowhere I got the butterflies and sense of dread. There was no reason for this as nothing happened to make me anxious, so then I get all worried as I think something must be wrong with me to have this without being anxious. I am over panic attacks now pretty much but I think I prefer the odd panic attack to being anxious 24/7. I dunno anymore... :(

  • Completely agree with rather having panics than constant anxiety!

    For months every day i woke up and before i even opened my eyes my tummy was in knots and i felt intense dread but couldnt say why! It drove me insane.So i know how hard it is to accept that with GAD there doesn't need to be an obvious reason for it.

    I suppose it wouldnt be a problem for any of us if it made sense and we only became anxious for valid and understandable reasons or causes.

    What ive learned is It can be very physical, the slightest sensation such as butterflies of excitement or feeling light headed from hunger triggering the anxiety without a single thought from yourself, because its all automatic self-preservation responses, which then is fully maintained for hours or days by your concerns over it suddenly appearing. It really doesnt take much for anxiety to go over the top:(

    Or it can be psychological- your own neg thoughts- for example you've got a good time planned for next few weeks..dont get too excited coz it could all go wrong!

    Dont be hard on yourself, It will pass. Just be sure to talk to someone if it becomes way too much for you x

  • That's bang on. I was worrying in case the doctors in Mexico don't understand what I'm telling them! Already anticipating that I'm going to end up there! Need to stop this sort of thinking. I just wish they could tell you it's anxiety through a blood test. As it's so hard to believe this is all physcological. It's so hard :(

  • That is so funny but so true! I too wish there was a way to really confirm its anxiety

  • I agree...This makes so much sense...our bodies and minds are in hyper-sensitive state and it us amazing how it affects our physical and mental being. I am going away overnight with my husband and some friends today and I am panicking this morning because I am afraid of feeling panicky and nauseous at the times we will be dining out or during some activities they have planned..aye,aye,aye

  • I hope you do enjoy yourself, will be a great opportunity for you to say to yourself "its anxiety checking in..it will pass in just a moment" if you begin to experience panic.

    If you allow it to come and pass by it wont be so intense and it'll pass quickly. Much easier than fighting it to stop or trying to prevent symptoms altogether- by doing that it prolongs the agony. Plus, its the way to stop the panics, when you're noy frightened of them anymore.

    Also today, for every worry or worsr case scenario that you think of today, immediately think of 2 good ones. Bit of homework for you:) enjoy and best wishes x

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