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Will it ever end!!

We'll have ok days and then these bad days it's been all day this is it my last day am dying!!

feel like utter cr#p then bad moods crying at anything my poor boyfriend can't breath sometimes with out me going off on one then back to crying and that scared horrid feeling the thoughts just takes over Feel like I have no control over my head at all 😩 start CBT 2 weeks ago see where there logic is in it but can I really say it's going to help me? Time will tell.. 2 years I have been going through this does it ever stop.. You would think after 2 years of trips to doctors A&E ambulances being called being told I am fine would be anothe but no!! There wrong they have missed something they just don't see it that's all I think 😩

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You are definitely suffering from anxiety. After two yrs, there is nothing wrong physically. Your mind can do a number on you. I hope CBT helps. Maybe you should ask your doctor for some meds that you can take on your bad days. I take meds on as needed basis and it makes a world of difference plus I exercise, try to get 7 hrs sleep and eat healthy. I stay active and make sure to live as normally as possible. Go out with friends, see family. Even if you are anxious, You can push through by staying active which keeps your mind off anxiety. It will still be there but don't focus on it. Make sure you eat when you feel anxious to keep sugar level even and drink water. Being dehydrated causes anxiety. Drink sips all day, not when your thirsty. When you get thirsty, your body is becoming dehydrated. I


Thank you. I am on medication I have been on them for the two years now but feel they are not working like they did at the start. since November last year they seem to have not been as effective as they where it's a constant battle with my doctors they are not sympathetic to this at all if at anything at times they make me feel worse 😢 I am in the middle of changing my doctor to one that is more understanding but this can take weeks but hoping I get a bit more support & help from them.

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It will end but not if you try to fight it!!

try to embrace it!1

This is easier said than done!!

But slowly try to talk to people here!

And try to feel better!!

What you are doing is asking when I will get better!!

Anxiety is not disease!

It is just state of mind!!

And be there in your state of mind but not alone with people around you and you will see that the state of mind is getting better slowly unknowingly!!

Remember the more you fight the worse it gets!!

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Thank you. I do like it on here it's made me realise I am not the only person with this and to see someone writing same symptoms and worries it does make me feel that bit better just don't get it tho I get sick of eating a cake I can stop! I am sick thinking like this why can't I stop? It's horrid and frustrating I do try to think more positive and face it but some days it's like not another thought can get in there to over ride the panic and worry.


Do not try to think positive,

that is where you are wrong!!

Let your mind does thinking!!

Be in positive environment!!

The more you try to think positive the more negative you think!!

That is the way mind works!!

Just be with someone you like!!

Or play outdoor games!1

Or play with small babies!

sleep in your mother's lap!!

but dont try to think positive , be in positive environment and your mind will do rest for you!!

You can not order your mind to think!!

It functions on its own!!Let it do that!!


Some doctors do not understand anxiety. You should interview your doctor and check if he understands what anxiety is and if he will help you. Also remember to exercise, especially when you are having bad days. You should aim for 5000 steps a day. Eat healthy, really makes a difference. Drink water, stay active, maybe get a hobby if you don't have any now, stay sociable. Any activity that keeps you from focusing on anxiety helps. You will still be anxious but the more active and involved you are you will be surprised that you forgot about feeling so bad. You have to retrain your mind. When i start feeling bad, I drink water, go for long walk. Take a friend or relative with you and just enjoy day. Talk, laugh and be happy. It will get better. Do you know what your stressor is. If so push through it . You are strong. Anybody that has to deal with anxiety is strong. CBT is worth a shot, anything you learn is a step forward.


Think my problem is I don't move much during the day or at night or at all really to scared to do anything in case I drop dead but really am going to if I don't move or do anything now am worried because I don't move I will have a heart attack or a stroke because am on my ass most off the day!


Is that what your main fear is???...death? X


Yes that is my fear of dying young dying now!! X


Why? Can you explain? X


By all means move. Exercise is good for body and mind. Stop focusing on how bad you feel. I know its not easy but the more active you are, the better you will feel. You know its not an overnite cure but with a new doctor that will help you and activities to occupy your mind and body, it will help. Keep in touch.


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