Im so down,been battling a chest inf, for 2wks,may be bronchitis and wheezing like a train,been to docs 3times and ther getting fed up with me.had two lots of antibiotics,but was told last fi it may b viral ,ando let it run it's course,but fel so awfull,I went out today to get my pension ,felt a bit breathless,but ok after doing breathing exercises,and not panicking,wonder how long this will last , all this started with a cold 10days ago


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  • Hi Meg,

    I've had bronchitis too, a few years ago. Had antibiotics and steriods and eventually just had to stop and let it run it's course. It did go away eventually and I was fine once it had but it took quite a few weeks before I felt like myself again.

    Hope you feel better soon. It's a nasty bug :(

    Take Care,


  • Thank you,ye feelin pretty lousy,I have asthma too too which doesn't help either,never had this before,ur right ,it is nasty

  • Somedays feel like I can't take anymore,I live alone and get scared if I'm poorly,it's just the way I am

  • 2 months back i had sore throat and fever on and off for almost a month....went to doc, he gave me antibiotic but it doesnt work.....but surprisingly after a month it went away on its own

  • It may have been viral then,it's awfull that they can't do anything if it's viral ,iv never felt so awful,Im trying to stay positiv but it's hard

  • sometimes viral can last for a long time...there are so many viral strains --

  • Yes iv heard that,iv had such a bad year so far,since jan it's been 1illness of sorts after another,it's really getting me down the doc said last week that this very cold weather won't have helped,can't be bothered to do anything,housework or even my craft work,just want to get back to normal

  • you will be fine meg ....if you have sore throat mix little bit of salt and tumeric powder in warm water and gargle 2-3 times aday that really helps

  • Sorry meg you are still not well

    It will go , but I no meantime that doesn't help

    Sending hugs & letting you no we are here




  • Awww thanks darlin,that's y I come on here I know people care,just going through a bad patch and sick of being Ill all the time,just hope there's a light round the corner for me

  • There is light my love , it will be round the corner , hope the corner is not far away , hope for us all


  • I understand what you mean ..... I hate being ill. It sends my anxiety into overdrive and I can't bear to be alone. I think you're doing so well to cope with this on your own.

    Please keep posting so that we can support you. You're not alone.


  • Thank you so much,yes it is worse when ur lone,could just do with a big hug,I know u guys r allways here,thank u from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  • It's horrible.

    My wife has bronchitis, laryngitis and a 'flu-like' virus so the doctor diagnosed.

    She's been coughing almost constantly for a week - happily it's easing off now - maybe thanks to the antibiotics or maybe she's just getting better.

  • My cough has got less but still feel congested at the top half of my chest,feels a bit weird,this is my 10th day,hav an app i

    Withmy doc on thurs,as I have asthma I have to be carefull,I have never flt o awfull,

  • My wife has asthma too and her breathing has been okay in her chest, but strangely she says her throat and upper chest are/were tight. She's been using her puffer six-seven times a day. Normally she might use it once or twice a month.

    Also one of her eyes is badly bloodshot! All the heavy coughing I guess.

    She was in bed for five days and only now, a week later, is walking about the house and she still has almost no voice.

    It's an absolute shocker of a flu/cold. The worst she's ever had she says.

  • It's all most a carbon copy of myself,mine seems to be my upper chest and throat too,ur right it's been a shocker ,iv never felt this ill in a long time,I haven't lost my voice though,I'm just staying in out of the cold and lots of fluids ,soups etc,don't really feel hungry as such

  • Yes iv been using my reliever inhaler more than normal too

  • The weirdest thing we both had was like someone had pulled your tongue hard out your mouth and strained all the muscles in your bottom jaw. It was all stiff and painful to eat or lick your lips. Viral infection I would guess. I had similar many years ago and that's what the doctor said back then.

    I had it just for a couple of days but my wife had it for the best part of a week prior to really going down with the flu/chest infection.

    I felt a bit rough but it all cleared after a few days so hopefully I fought it off better than her.

  • Iv had quite a few illnesses this yr so my resistance is low,I stopped taking my echinacea in jan,big mistake,I'm just waiting for some to come now,they help a lot

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