Depressed about anxiety

So writing again as I've taken a few steps backwards. Since writing last I have quit the smokes, but have been puffing on a ecigarette, which I wonder if it's a cause for the stuff below...

 A few days ago I hadn't eaten much during the day, and my partner came around in the afternoon to trim my hair. Now, having to sit still for 20 minutes in the hairdressers was one of my major triggers for anxiety, so I'm so lucky my partner works as a hair and makeup artist, and I can usually get thru one of her haircuts just fine (she is amazingly understanding with my anxiety). Half way thru my cut I started feeling faint/saw spots/panicked.... I drunk some ginger ale for a sugar hit, and ate something small, as we were going out for some dinner at the pub. I wasn't myself all evening. That night in bed, I had a massive coughing fit, coughing up acid reflux (yuck), but it settled after a few hours. My anxiety has hung around since then, and for the last 3 days I have also been crook with flu symptoms (achey muscles/weakness/sweats and chills/fatigue/tight chest/nauseous/no appetite/sore back and neck/sore tired eyes)....

I am starting to wonder if these are exaggerated anxiety symptoms as I don't have a runny nose or sore throat like I usually get, when I'm sick. I've been stuck at work for the last few days which has left me feeling antisocial and edgy most of the day.

 Do you think using an ecigarette could have disastrous anxiety symptoms or even worse be causing other diseases which is why I'm feeling sick? 


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7 Replies

  • Could it be withdrawal from real cigarettes? It could be a type of virus/flu but it also could be exaggerated anxiety sorry I am so vague. But I don't think the Ecigarette can cause a disease..

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Ok first of all well done for not smoking ! Keep up the good work, the e cigarette is there to help you! Your sore throat will happen because it's a stinger hit on your throat compared to a cigarette.I've gone from cigs to a vape and was paranoid it was making things worse and triggering my anxiety, also I know what you mean when you say about getting your hair cut,  I find if you feel yourself going, close your eyes and breathe deep and long breaths ( in the nose and out the mouth) calm yourself down and relax. Breathing is the best way to calm yourself down think of that and nothing else.

    The acid reflux will go, I've suffered with that aswell and it's got riven and uncomfortable. 4-5 days and it wears off :)

    Trust me you'll be fine x

    Tom 😊

  • I think your body is going through withdrawals, the nicotine, and all the other stuff that's in cigarettes.your lungs might hurt your body is aching, flu like symptoms, but stick with it as you know once you get rid of all that gunk that your body is craving. You will be able to say I'm a non smoker woohoo. Your having to go through the rough before you get to the smooth. I hope you keep with it. All the best ☺️

  • Well done for stopping the fags.I quit 2 years ago and started the first it give me sore throat, but that went time went on my heart started racing. I realised after a while.that Iwas vaping too usual fags were very mild,so i was getting more nicotine from the E-fag .cutting back solved the problem...but I honestly dont think the E-fag will cause flu like symptoms..or do you any harm..take care. xxxx

  • Cheers guys. Taking each hour at a time at the moment. Anxiety is a bitch. 😡😡

  • I have never smoked, but I have seen people quit smoking and these are real withdrawal symptoms. Understanding that nicotine was one of your enemies is the first step. Feel proud of yourself because that was a huge step towards better health. I have a friend who said that smoking e-cigarretes felt worse than smoking the real thing and he did mention that he got sick from it, so he just stopped having them and used the patch. He is doing very well and not smoking. Your second enemy is the anxiety and what you had sounds like a panic attack. I get the same feeling of emptiness in my body and like having the need to eat something...then I get the acid reflux , the product of a bad digestion for eating out of this is all a vicious circle...breathe slowly... you are not alone.

  • See your doc, you could have the flu !

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