Can too much drinking make you depressed?

Especially if you're on medication? Which in my case is sertraline 50mg.

So Happy Holidays everyone! My holiday has been fairly decent but frustrating at the same time. First of all I had to catch a cold at this time which is already bad luck enough but not only does it make my anxiety worse it also doesn't help that I drank a lot this holiday. I drank more than 7 bottles each night which started the day before Xmas Eve. Ever since then not only have I been anxious but also depressed. I can't go one step without feeling my life is going to end at any minute and it's nothing but a nightmare. Yesterday was especially overwhelming. When so many people showed up giving us so many gifts I panicked and was worried my heart wasn't going to take it even though I'm young and with no heart condition at all. I don't know whats wrong with me. I feel like the mixture of this cold, drinking alcohol and not getting out as much has made for a deadly combination to my anxiety and depression. I plan on not drinking tonight so maybe I might feel better but who knows. But on better news I managed to spend the rest of the night last night without taking a propranolol so that's something. :)

So what I can do? Will I feel better eventually? Thanks.


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  • drinking alcohol makes my anxiety go thru the roof the next day after drinking it.... usually not drinking anymore and getting a good nights sleep helps me to go back to "normal" whatever that is lol 😬

  • Marc0133, Definitely mixing alcohol (lots in your case) with medication can make you depressed. Both are suppressants and you are getting a double whammy. My concern is also about you having a cold. I hope you are not also mixing cold meds with alcohol. Not advised. Feel better physical and emotionally and you will start feeling better. Wishing you well before New Year's Eve

  • Hey Agora, thanks for replying

    I've been taking beechams powder if that counts. Basically this cold and alcohol has been a deadly combination as its left me confused, depressed and not like myself at all.

  • Yes Marc, I was looking up Beechams powder. Never heard of it before. I'm not a doctor but it looks like it has 600mg Aspirin and 50 mg Caffeine. The only precautions they say is to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages which would exacerbate nervousness. It looks like it's back to your medication and alcohol causing the depression. Always give you doctor a call if anything changes.

    Feel better soon :)

  • I just want my old self back now. I feel all hope is lost. I feel like I'm going to die. This is just so hard to cope with. :(

  • Marc, you will get your old self back again. You asked a week ago if winter played into anxiety. It does and so does being sick with a cold. That's where the thoughts are coming from right now. You are not going to die. I more than understand how difficult it is to cope and struggle everyday. Take care of yourself right now and make it a priority starting next year :) to be a better you. To work towards going forward. You will succeed if you put 100% into it. Small steps at first,but all leading to the same goal, Anxiety Free.

    Right now, it's about getting well physically. First things first.

  • Does the cold make anxiety go up because your body is trying so hard to fight it?

  • A cold makes it go up because we fear anything different going on in our bodies.

  • I've also been pretty inactive since the day before Xmas Eve (I did go out on Xmas Day but it didn't help much). Would getting out a bit more help me too?

  • Marc, if you don't have a fever and you feel up to it, moving around can help with the anxiety. Your body is fighting the cold now most don't care to do much. But they don't have anxiety as well.

  • Your not alone I feel the same way. I pray everyday n hope things will go back the same

  • Winter and the holidays can be particularly brutal for anxiety and depression. Some ways I've tried to help myself is by doing boring every day things. This helps my anxiety and reminds me that, this is just another day. For depression, sometimes just watching cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal helps. Really, reverting back to a simple childhood activity can simulate a feeling of comfort.

  • Good point Agora. Some cold medication does contain caffeine which is terrible for anxiety. I've completely eliminated it from my diet and the difference is noticeable. :)

  • if you are depressed or anxious I would recommend avoiding alcohol.

    People tend to think it is a stimulant but it isn't it is actually a depressant - it makes you feel more social because it suppresses your inhibitions but overall it is likely to actually make the depression and anxiety worse. It is also a bad idea to mix it with most medications, which would include aspirin.

    Alcohol is also likely to result in disturbed sleep patterns which can make depression and anxiety worse - it may make you feel soporific but the sleep will be fitful and you are likely to find yourself waking up early.

  • I was on Sertraline and I can say from my experience, alcohol makes things worse. It is a depressant and, while it can be fun, the risk definitely outweighs the reward. I am off meds now and I still rarely drink just because I know the damage it can do. I'm also a 32 year old librarian so I'm not much for fun or going out anyway. ;)

  • I’ve just caught this thread as I’ve not been on this site for a few weeks. I’m wondering how you’re doing now Marc? I took Sertraline and it didn’t do anything for me in any dose but I’m now on venlafaxine (only 75mg) but have had a few drinks recently (after virtually none for several months) as I was feeling s much more ‘normal’ and I’ve slept very badly after couple small glasses of red or a glass of social prosecco in the evening.

    I’ve decided to go back to none for a while and just drink lots of water (which I struggle with) tea and an odd decaf latte.

    I hope 2018 is a good one for you Marc and for everyone on here.

    Best wishes Mags 🙃

  • I'm doing fine now thanks. :) The new year has certainly started out good for me.

  • That’s good to hear. 😀

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