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Here's to the weekend


So the weekend is here which is something I always looked forward to and always enjoyed. Now things are so different I feel lost and like there is a big part of my life and my heart missing. Between September last year and February this year my weekends have been so important to me and the one thing I looked forward to seeing as I was either at my ex's or she was here with me. Now I feel like I have nothing.

I've had a fairly good day today I've managed to keep my mind on other things. I've still felt a bit jumpy, but nothing like yesterday. Since I've been home from work though my minds bee racing a little more and all of it revolving around my ex. I feel so frustrated that I can't get over this and I think that's not helping either. I know I should go out with some mates, but being around lots of people isn't a exciting prospect at the moment.

Anyway I hope all you guys have a good weekend.


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Another member is feeling similar to you , so you are not alone

It might do you good to go out , give it some thought , you might enjoy it , if you really cant then try & do something you like , treat yourself

It is hard , feels like you will never move on & get over it , but you will , it takes time , the more you put pressure on yourself the longer it will take

It doesn't matter how long this takes you , each is different , but no you will get there

If all fails you have the site this weekend , use it , always someone to talk to

Be kind to yourself




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Hey whywhy that's one of the many good things about finding this site is that I know I'm not the only one struggling through this. I probably will give going out a try I can't spend another weekend with just my thoughts. The thing that's makin it hard at the minute is that I still feel like I'm in purgatory because I'm seeing my ex next week for a talk. And although I'm not expecting anything there's still that slight hope in my heart that we can sort things out. So I'm constantly torturing myself about what I should do and say to her. I've played the scenario over in my head so may times I think I'm sending myself mad. Thanks you comment. Hope your weekend is a goodone take care

Willrich x

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Those thoughts of holding on to some hope are normal , who wouldn't

Thing I find in a situation is , when I play the scenario over in my head , that goes I will say this , if they say that , then I will and so on ...I forget they havnt got the script I am thinking , so therefore it never happens how I planned it

Try to keep it out your mind as much as you can & go with a clear head , the words will come

When I was married the first time years ago , & it ended , believe me I thought I would never get over it , it took a very long time as well , but I did & now been married 20 years to my second hubby ..just hope that gives you some reassurance

Let us no if you go out & how it goes


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Will do thanks again. All you guys on here are do nice and helpful. I really appreciate all of your help and kind words.




Yup I feel exactly the same.......and the anger and frustration at the ex doesnt help.....

But Ive tried to get out n walk, its a really good idea to do some physical exercise and I guarantee if you went for a run or to the gym, you would feel better....... maybe only short lived till the next time, but this would be a step towards normality for you.....#

I know what you mean about going out, i hit the town last week and come home at 10.30 in tears!!

But its a good idea to try and occupy yourself so that the thoughts of them and what theyre doing will stay away..... hard I know!!

Try and have a nice weekend........

Ker x

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Hi Ker. I have found going for a walk helpful. And as I said to why why will probably try getting out of the house this weekend.

Hope your well have a good weekend


Hay wil, do what ever you can manage to. X

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