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Can't move forward

Hey guys not having a good day. Went out last night for some belated birthday drinks with some friends and family. Was an ok night still struggled with missing my ex, but managed to laugh and talk and generally get involved. I got a bit drunk and when I got home got myself in a bad mood thinking about things. So then thought it would be a marvellous idea to text her telling her how I feel. Regretted it as soon a I'd done it not so much what I said jut the fact that I sent I to her.

Had a terrible nights sleep last night really restless and touch on my mind. So feel like crap this morning to go along with the slight hang over. I know it's self inflicted me feeling like this, but I just can't help it. I'm still in love with my ex more than I care to admit. Been trying to move on and be happy, but that's not happening. I should feel lucky I've got a decent job, my health and good friends and family around me, but that doesn't mean nothing at the minute.

Really grateful for the friends I've made on this site who have all be so understanding and supporting. I just don't feel like I've made any steps forward since I started blogging here.

Anyway I'm gonna stop moaning now. Hope everyone had a better night than me and is having a better bank holiday.

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Well Will thought it was me that you were in love with so that's come as a shock ;-p

Glad you can get on site & blog , I cant as well as messages cant get either

Just thought I would have a moan on your blog , I feel we are friends & can share ;-)

You are moving forward ,its the first time you have had these feelings , it comes as a shock

Its a learning kerb how to deal with them & it takes time

Don't drag yourself down its hard this one , no one finds it easy

Did she reply ?

Will I wish I could do more as I no time will heal , but I no you don't feel that way at the moment

When we are in pain of any kind we all forget what we have to feel grateful about , you are not on your own

I can only send you hugs & say moan away , its ok , get it all out , it will stop eventually





Thank you as always whywhy. Yeah this site is being a pain in the arse at the mo. you can moan as much as you like on here yes you are my friend and I'm happy to share :)

It doesn't feel like it at the moment. I'm trying not to drag myself down, but it isn't working.

No she hasn't replied :(

Just being able to talk to someone helps so your doing enough by being a friend. I just don't like feeling selfish I'm not a selfish person.

Thank you for the hug. Other than the annoying site problems are you ok?


Hi Will , I did a reply , it got lost

I might not be replying much today , its taking to much time , sending my anxiety levels soaring lol

I will stick with my emails , till they bloody get this sorted

Love you though

I will get on when I can , but havnt got an hour to keep waiting




That's ok this site is being a royal pain today it's not helping with my stress levels either.

I hope you don't mind I've PM'd you my email address. I just feel like I need someone to talk to today. If you'd prefer not to email me I understand :)

Hope your ok


Hiya Will

I've had a lovely time away.....but, like you at the party on Saturday night drank a bit too be honest it doesn't help and we know it...........drinking heightens all the emotions, I spoilt yesterday because of it....feeling better today but still a little low...decided to stay here until tomorrow morning now....I'm not going to touch alcohol for a while ...

Hope your day gets better for you...I'm sure we have all sent texts when we have had a drink and the second they go we think we shouldn't have done it, try not to beat yourself up to much about it....

Keep blogging it does help



Hey sue glad you enjoyed your weekend. I'm probably gonna avoid the booze for a bit.

Enjoy your day today. I'm gonna try and sort myself out not sure how successful I'll be.


Hey Will

You are gona hit a brick wall at times. Will feel that is all you do at the mo. You can't help the impulse to txt. Its all part of the process. There will come a point though where you get fed up of feeling the way you do and think...............(.swear words) enough is enough. Remember to take one day at a time. These things dont have a habit of working out overnight. What ever happens though it will be the making of you. xx


I'm just having a bad day today well a really bad day. I hope that point comes soon this is affecting me worse than I thought it would.

How's you?


Unfortunately however much we dont like it, we have to ride the rollercoaster of emotions. Good days, bad days are the norm. Anger to missing them, to everything possible is going to happen........................i am ok. I have been through all this for the last 8 months and finally had enough. I am angry and feel totally used. Not wanting to get in touch with him. Thats good. I have been where you have.....................keep telling us how you feel. x


Hi Will

Sorry youre feeling crap, I wouldnt beat youself up about texting, I dont know many people who wouldnt have done that......

Heartache is horrible but it will get better.....



Hey Anne yeah I'm having a really bad time of it today if I'm honest. Just feel like I've taken a massive leap backwards. Just feeling really alone and low today. Not being able to chat properly on here isn't helping.

Hope your ok how was your weekend?


I think its having too much time on our hands Will and not having routine to keep us sane!!

My weekend was ok... but I still feel like you.... going through the motions.......



Yeah probably.

Sorry to hear your having a hard time to. Makes you wonder why we do it fall in love that is. When it can cause this annoy of pain.


Whats going on with this site today, its a nightmare.... so slow... I couldnt post and then it did it 3 ttimes............


Hi will,

I told you to leave the phone as far away from your fingers as possible when alcohol was on the scene lol.

You are making progress and I think you will feel better once you have told why it's me you love :-) xxx thinking of you xxx


Yeah I know, but I'm a stubborn fool and thought I'd be fine.

Wish it felt that way feels like a massive step back today. I'm not having you and why fall out over me. and remember your just my lesbi friend. so I'm afraid whywhy wins the battle for willy love hahaha

how you doing?


ROFL willy love ha ha

You will be going in all directions from one day to the next, you have to go with the flow I'm afraid and it's not an easy river to cross. Don't beat your self too hard willy. We don't want you chaffing. Xxxx

I'm in the garden with my pussys. Catching the rays and turning into an over baked cookie lol xxx


Yeah I'm just having a toughy today. Nope we don't want chaffing lol.

Enjoy your time in the garden don't turn into a burnt cookie lol


I'll be a strawberry shortcake come sun down lol xxx have a good evening will, I hope you feel better tomorrow xxx


You enjoy your evening too.

Hopefully this site will be back working normally again tomorrow.


We've all done it Will. You just want to reach out sometimes to them and that little bit of Dutch courage makes you go for it. I'm sure she would have realised it was a drunken one and maybe just doesn't want to reply.


Hi 30 minutes just to get on this blog

Hi Cookie , Hi Willy , Hi Rose , Hi everyone

Sorry will as soon as this is working again & not taking for ever , to get on , we will be back fighting over you ..even though not sure which bit Cookie wants :-D

Cookie don't answer that , you will shut this down altogether :-D

Missing our Banter

Everyone on here I hope you are ok





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