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Anxiety and Depression - trying to see a way through the fog.

I've been suffering with Anxiety and Depression for most of my adult life. Since the breakdown of a brief relationship, it has entered an acute phase where I've had difficulties sleeping, a lack of enjoyment in everyday activities (even things like cooking which have always seen me through difficult times in the past) and constant catastophising - like I believe that bad things are going to happen to me all the time. I'm not saying that the relationship was the cause of all my worries - but it certainly seems to have been the catalyst. In addition I have a multitude of other anxieties - money, job security etc. the thing is though - those worries have been around for a while and within the past year or so I've felt quite buoyant, optimistic even with dealing with those things - I'm desperately trying to recapture some of that positivity now to try to see a way forward. With the sleeping difficulties I'm now on 100mg trazodone each day which seems to be working most of the time but I just feel like an empty shell now. I used to be able to laugh and cry and now I'm not even able to do either. It's a really scary situation and I'm struggling to see a way through it. (I am, however, starting CBT next week). Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do you have any advice?

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Hi ronnilittle everything you say in you post i have the same are not on your own with this:)

i have had depression and anxiety for some time now and i know how you feel.

I push myself everyday knowing things will get better in time, but i have to make that first step to get the ball rolling.

you can do it too,CBT will be a great start for you.

Feel free to message me for a chat if you need one.



Thanks Trip and thanks for your kind words - it's a bit awkward to say that I'm glad I'm not alone as it's not the kind of thing you'd wish on someone else. But it's reassuring to know that you're not alone and can be positive about their situation - it gives others hope.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes - ronnilittle


Welcome ronnilittle

Be reassured you are not on your own & dont feel awkward it is a relief once you find others like you

Keep posting , lots of lovely supporting people on here





Thanks whywhy - it's good to have support from people like you. A difficult time ahead but will keep you posted. I've certainly gained some comfort from reading others' posts.

Best wishes - ronnilittle


Hi i feel so much like you do my life so upside down at moment not sleeping eating or doing the usual things i like i feel depressed and alone my partner and children dont understand how isolated i feel night is the worse laying awake most night sweating and feeling so nausea my body is drained yet still need to get up with kids and feel like no energy and awful thoughts on my mind 24/7 i wish there was some quick fix to take it all away xx


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