Laughter and other things

Laughter and other things

Hey guys how is everyone today?

So I'm 1 day into my 30's :-/ and so far today has been in two halves. Started the day in a fairly good mood had a nice easy half day at work, but after being awake a few hours my mood started to drop. My thoughts turned to the things that cause me to feel anxious and my mood to be low. So now I'm waiting in doors waiting to go out for an appointment and my chest is now tight and my breathing is all over the place. Not got any problems with going out just not looking forward to it feeling like this.

I'm glad I've found this site and made the friends I have on here it's helped a great deal this last month or so. It helps that the friends I've made make me laugh and it's always a good distraction from my thoughts. I think I help make people on here laugh a little to which is also good

Really missing a certain someone today it seems tone getting harder not easier. Got 6 days off work now hopefully it will help me sort my head out a little. I just hope that without the distraction of work it doesn't make things worse.


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  • Stop missing me Will I am here :-D

    The pic , like the tat , but do wonder which part of the body I am looking at :-o

    Once I have done all my jobs I will be able to talk later then it will get easier as I no the person you are missing has to be me

    I have OCD overdrive today , so if its still or moves , its not safe I am there with bleach in hand ...ready to attack

    We all deal with stress & anxiety in different ways :p

    Keep going , you are doing GREAT




  • But you said you would be away for 6 days of course I'm going to miss you :-)

    I'll let you ponder what part of my body it's on for a bit I might put you out of your misery later hahaha.

    Think I might get you round mine to do some cleaning once your done i got some pants that need ironing to lol

    I'll speak to you a bit later then. Just in the waiting room at the doctors ready to be poked, prodded and pulled lol

  • I said "I might be " do you never listen :p

    Watch what they are poking & prodding then :-D

    Yes would be good to have the full pic , the mind does worry what one could be admiring :-D

    Good luck


  • Right I'm back from my poking and proding all went ok. Knees are a bit tender though.

    Right ill give you one guess as to where you think that tattoo is if you guess right you get a prize ;-)

    How's the cleaning going?

  • I don't want to guess willy , just tell me :-o


  • Right shoulder blade boring I know lol

  • I never said that was boring

    Any one no how to do a yawning face :-D


  • Not told you where my others are get lol

  • cheeky ;-)


  • Nope not got none on any cheeks hahaha

  • Willie what you like :-/

    You are such a flirt :-p

  • Nah not me.

    How's your day been? Get anymore cleaning done?

  • My day has gone from bad to worse :'(

    Well sons 19th Birthday coming up & his GF has gone & booked a weekend away for them , it is only when its his BD, will be the first one he hasn't been around & I feel sad :-(


  • Sorry to hear that your day has gotten worse. Please feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to. Your been hear for me enough.

    Sorry to hear you won't be seeing your son on his BD you'll have to arrange a day with him just before so you can celebrate it.

    See I feel the need to cheer you up now should I sing to you?

  • I am feeling it , daft I no

    Yes you may sing , not a sad song though or I will :'(


  • Any request?

  • No just do your best


  • I've got the moves like jagger ohhhh ohhh lol

  • I like that one :-D

    I wouldn't have minded a bit more though

    ohhhh ohhh moves like jagger

  • Big hugs, Why, love you!


    Sorry, Willie, but sure you don't mind my using your thread to give our Why a hug!


  • Oooh, Why, you calling Willie a flirt! :-O Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! :p

    Is that Willie's washing i see on your line? ;) xxxxxxxx

  • I best leave him alone , my reputation , will be worse than what is already is :-o

    Sorry Will

    He will just move on

    He is like a rash all over this site , have you not noticed :-D


  • Awww Why, only kidding you hun! Your reputation is spotless - kind, caring, supportive, big-hearted I could go on but i'd be here all night! ;)

    Love to both!


  • A rash? :-( lol

  • Nah of course I don't mind

  • Hi Will!

    Well, at least you know now that there is life after a 30th birthday! ;)

    Will you and Why stop flirting, you shameless pair! Not sure who is leading who astray, tbh! both as bad as each other! Honestly, I'm quite shocked :-O - I thought this was a "naice" site! :-D

    Yeah, time off when you're not feeling brill is a mixed blessing - can you try to make sure you have something to do/somewhere to go every day? Might help. You could even do your ironing!!! (Shut up, Why, just because I don't iron - you don't have to tell everyone! :( )

    You do make us laugh on here, Will, youre a real asset to this site, though in one (nice) way I'm sorry you need it - I HOPE that's come out the right way lol! :-/

    Keep blogging, and if you're really lucky, Why and I WON'T sing to you! :-D

    Take care, mate




  • Hey rose its all whywhy leading this poor innocent young man astray lol. And it was you doing it last night hahaha

    I've got things to do for most of it which is a blessing will be niece watching for a couple of days so that will keep me on my toes lol.

    I don't iron either my cunning plan is to send it all to whywhy.

    I'm glad I can brin a little happiness to people on here. I do try and make the funnies even if I'm feeling crap. Yeah that come out the right way I understand what you mean.

    Oh was so hopin for that duet I think it would be great :-D.

    How's rose doing today?

  • Look at this while I am cleaning , what have I done now

    I try & cheer a sad Willy up & this is what I get for my efforts :-D

    Cleaning gone belly up , not happy whywhy

    To many people wanting me , not on here in life

    I think I am moving into a field

    Don't no if I will get internet connection though


  • You have helped cheer me up a little so don't worry.

    Sorry your cleaning has been interrupted. You should get all these people involved with the cleaning lol.

    There is a filed directly opposite where I live you can move there and uncoil bring you tea biscuits.

  • Thanks , see you are happy to put me in a field :-D


  • No, Willie, have to agree with Why here, she doesn't deserve to be in a field! :(


  • At least a field with a barn :-D


  • Heee heee niece-sitting - that'll keep you fit, you'll need another holiday to get over it! :-D

    Honest, Will, you wouldn't want a duet/solo from me :( - I was nearly slung out of the school choir for singing bass - I fancied one of the boys who sang bass so stood as close as I could - er.. well, within reason lol - and ended up singing the bass line instead of mine! :-D

    I'm doing okay, ta, but lappy is sick :'( Keeps overheating so keep having to shut it down before it fries the hard drive :-O If I lost the internet I would kill myself!!!! :( So if replies are brief till I get it sorted, forgive me! :(

    Take care!




  • Yeah she keepse on my toes.

    Yeah yeah I bet I wasn't within reason lol. But you wasn't thrown out for bad singing lol.

    Oh no it's amazing how attached we become to technology Sounds like he needs a doctor. Just call me doctor bill :-)

  • :( Can't afford a lappy doctor, need to go to the dentist which is going to cost an arm and a leg :( Don't think offering to sing them a solo would cut it somehow! ;)


  • Oh no that's crap. Yeah sing to the dentist it may distract them long enough for you to run away lol:-)

  • Hay will, happy birthday hope you are enjoying being 30. im 32 and since i turned 28 it seems to be flying by which is a little scary. keep yourself busy while off work and treat yourself good, dont mope around in bed texting someone who just doesnt see how great you are. i must admite i was a little jealous that you where giving out the willy hugs and i did not get one :) this did hurt me but im fighting it well. get out and ejoy the sun. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • p.s love your tat, hope it doesnt look like your ex?

  • Yeah I've got plenty to do while I'm off. I'll try not to mope and text :-)

    Well as I've said before I don't give these hugs out willy nilly, but here


    Nah it doesn't shes better looking

    How's you?

  • Not too bad, well managing. Cbt is very exhausting and im still not in a great place with my bf. I some times feel im better off alone, I want to work on me with out anyone holding me back. Thanks for the willy hug I feel like a total perv;). Did you go out for your bday?

  • Good to hear your managing. Yeah it must be hard for you when your trying to keep a relationship going while tryin to look after your own needs. Hopefully you'll both make it work.

    Nah don't worry your not a perv well maybe you are I don't know you that well yet hahaha.

    Nah didnt go out yesterday as I had work today, but I'm out with friends and family for a drink on Sunday. It should be ok, but l'll be missing someone so wi try not to drink to much not sure if it will do me any favours.

  • Sorry Will , one to many , I cant be the 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th , lost count which order , you have far to many on the go now

    I need to find another little Willie , this is to much to share now :p


  • Far to many what?

  • Ladies ;-)

    don't act all innocent now :-D


  • I am sweet and innocent. O:-) see my halo

  • What that one I have just picked up of the floor , think it has slipped :p


  • Nope I'm strictly a one women man sadly that one women doesn't want me lol

    It may have gone slightly askew I've been led astray I think hahaha :-p

  • I no that Rose is a right one leading you astray , I just cant control her

    At least you have me to keep an eye on you

    Don't worry I will protect you ;-)


  • Nah your both as bad as each other lol. Only joking you've both been lookin after lill ole me :-D

    Sorry it took so long to reply I feel asleep and actually had a good one for the first time in a while.

  • I went to bed as well you are ok :-D


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