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The weekend is here

Morning guys. So the weekend is here the time of the week that I usually struggle the most. Got a few things planned for today and tomorrow so hopefully that will help keep my mind occupied. Had a bit of a bad night last night, but slept surprisingly well. Still not feeling super this morning, but I'm determined to try and enjoy this weekend as much as I can.

Bit of a short blog this morning just wanted to say hi amd to see how the rest of you guys are doing today. Hope everyone has a god weekend :-)

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Wohhoooo :-)

Got £4 in my pocket, and I'm going partaying................well tesco's to get some milk




Yeah, but as long as your fing awesome it doesn't really matter :-)


Where have you popped up from :-D




What would I do without you

Was sat here thinking what day is it , then on you come & let me know the weekend is here

:-D joke my friend

Are you going out with the lads , didn't you say you were having some belated Birthday fun this weekend

I hope so

I am glad you slept better eventually

It is going to get better , believe me

I no you will ask so before you do

I will be washing & ironing today (don't faint )

Then I am looking forward to one of my daughters coming to see me ( I like our chats )

Then its my TV tonight





Well you know I'll like to make sure everyone is well informed :-)

Yeah out with my good friend today ad a few people he knows from the gym to see a film and maybe some food. Then tomorrow got a few of my cousins down and some friends for some drinks. I'm gonna try not toner to drunk don't think everyone wants to put up with a drunk and emotional Will.

Why would I be shocked about you washing an ironing? I've already sent a courier round to you with some of my shirts :-)

Well hope you both have a good chin wag :-)

I'm gonna guess the voice and maybe a bit of BGT?


You no me well Will , spot on that's what I will be watching :-/

You no I have a little guilty pleasure with the Voice (between me & you only );-)

Well someone did just knock , but I don't open the door unless I no who they are , sorry you should have warned me , I think your ironing may well be on its way back :-o

Sounds like a great weekend , lots to look forward to

You be an emotional Will if you like , get it all out if you need to , people will still love little Willie ;-)



Yeah don't worry I won't tell everyone about your crush on Jessie J :-D

Oh no how am I meant to smile and say hello in a creased shirt?

Yeah as I said I'm determined to enjoy it if I can :-/

Nah no one wants to see that lol


Hi Will

I hope you have a nice weekend and I hope the feelings start to subside soon..... for both of us!!



Same to you Anne :-)


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