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anyone feel the same? need help..

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So, i'm here of course because I've got anxiety. More like health anxiety, which is when I always think I'm dying with the worst illness. If you have seen my first post, you will know my biggest worry right now is a brain tumour. Mostly because I looked up the symptoms, saw that headaches were one of them and boom I apparently now have a brain tumour. Even if i hardly have a headache at all... it sucks. There's days when my negative thoughts and fear consumes me, and I wonder, will this ever stop? why can't I just get a break? I look at everyone around me, seeing them enjoy what they're doing, looking like they don't have a worry in the world. I think, why can't i be like that? Am I really going to live my life in a trance of fear that i cant get out of? At the end of the day, it just comes down to me, sitting on the couch, not speaking, focusing on a sensation in my head that i could link to a brain tumour. I think, worry, and search things that may or may not help. And then I end up here. Writing to whoever it may be who see's this. I hate feeling alone and like im losing a battle against myself. Against fear and anxiety.

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Oh dear you sound exactly like me with the constant thinking I'm going to die. I have been seeing a psychologist and it's helped so much. I find if I keep busy and focus on what I'm doing and reassuring myself constantly I can get through each day. I have also found that googling is the worst thing you can do so stay off google. I dint Google I go to the doctor with my complaints and worries and since doing that I'm so much better as I can say there is nothing wrong it's just my anxiety playing up. My most repeated saying to myself is "im fine it's anxiety and it's nothing to worry about". Try reassuring yourself, go see a psychologist and go to the doctor with anything that's troubling you. Stay strong X

Same here I feel so alone even though I have family but I feel like no one understands what I feel now I think I have lung cancer doesn't help that I smoke and can't seem to quit I too went threw a period I though I had a brain tumor it never ends some days I just want to hide in my bed until it goes away yesterday I blew my nose a specks of blood came out than I felt something in my throats and spit it out and specks of blood came out I went to a full bloom panic attack now every few minutes I hack to see if anything comes up and so far nothing but here again are those horrible thoughts of cancer I'm so tired of feeling like this couple of weeks ago I had bad heat sensation and pain on my breasts went to gyn and even had him listen to my chest which he said sounded clear and heatmost likely was premenopausal at Tunes I think I'm going nuts hang in there

oh my! That sounds awful. If you're like me and you cannot stop thinking about cancer and self-diagnosing yourself with it, i suggest go seeing someone. A doctor first. They are professionals and can reassure you with your problems. But i understand. I think im going nuts too, fed up with it!

I wish you the best! x

Miasouth4, I think it's time you stopped frightening yourself to death and take control of your recovery. The first step is to have a talk with your doctor about your fears that you have a brain tumour but as you know in your heart the chances of that are remote. So I believe I can tell you with confidence that you do NOT have a brain tumour but see your doctor anyway for complete reassurance.

Most of us on this forum have had brain tumours, lung cancer, liver disease, heart disease etc but we're still here to tell the tale. That's because really we didn't have any of those things, like you it was just a badthought caused by tired and frazzled nerves that had been subject to stress, fear and worry for far too long. You see, when we continually bombard our nervous system with anxieties our nerves undergo a change. The become highly sensitised and start playing tricks on us. Sensitised nerves are very good at imitating genuine physical illness and they magnify small worries out of all proportion.

Eventually we enter a vicious self-perpetuating circle of anxiety causing more symptoms which in turn cause more anxiety which in turn causes more symptoms. Sound familiar? Well, we've all made that mistake: feeding our over sensitised nerves with more and more anxiety until we'retotally bewildered and wonder whether it will ever end. Well it will, believe me, all we have to do is to give our over sensitised nervous system a break.

When the worrying thoughts and symptoms come you need to stop fighting them (which only causes more stress and tension) and just accept them for the time being. That's right, actually accept them because you know that they're fake, caused by temporarily over sensitive nerves. And go on accepting them without reacting to them with endless fear that only prolongs the problem. It's a simple enough remedy which has worked for hundreds of thousands of people over the years. But simple doesn't meaneasy. You will need to practice accepting the bad feelings without expecting a 5 minute fix because that's not going to happen. You have to be persistent in practicing acceptance without fear and to begin with only reduce the fear by a little. This is called 'glimpsing' but with time you will be able to accept all the bad feelings and symptoms your nervous system throws at you without fear. And gradually your fraught nerves begin to recover and all your strange symptoms and feelings begin to trouble you less. And if you let enough time pass you will recover and your nerves will settle down and you will see the world once more as a place with so much happiness to offer you.

So I suggest you now know why you have been feeling so bad, you know how you can recover and are prepared to practice as long as it takes sure in the knowledge that there is a way out that has worked for countless thousands and will for you too.

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wow I don't know how to put in words how much your reply assisted me and really perceive things differently. I understand where you're coming from and I'm 100% going to follow your device and use it for my benefit. Thank you very much for your help, made me feel a lot better and for that I thank you :) all the love! -Mia xx

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Jeff1943 in reply to miasouth4

One thing I didn't mention, this acceptance method for recovering from anxiety disorder in all its forms was worked out40 years ago by an Australian doctor called Claire Weekes. She experienced panic attacks herself as a young woman and later wrote diwn her method for recover in a book 'Self help with your nerves', still available on Amazon and you can even buy a used copy for next to nothing on Amazon. She wrote subsequent books but that's the one that sums it all up. You'll soon recognise yourself in its pages. If you only readvone book in your life, that's the book.

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miasouth4 in reply to Jeff1943

thank you so much! i will look into that! :)

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Nora-B in reply to Jeff1943

Wow. Yes. Thank you.Do not know for sure that all my physical symptoms are brought about by anxiety. Hospital appointment next month when I hope to have more idea. In the meanwhile I realize that fretting and worrying about my symptoms will only make them worse, whereas calming down and accepting may even diminish them. Really need to pull myself together and get on with something useful.

I'm exactly the same i just fixate on a symptom which for me now is like yours brain tumor it's all I think of but before that it has been so many more symptoms an pains which have taken over my life I've been so scared desperate for help and crying all the time , it's a hard battle going on in our head , that anxiety convinces us and makes us believe everything it tells us!! and it does help to keep busy focus on something else which is hard to do at first and it takes time but it will start to work x

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miasouth4 in reply to Sharon51

yes I 100% understand what you're dealing with. Feel free to message me if you ever need to! I'm sorry you have to go through it, wouldn't wish it upon anyone. Best of luck!! xx

Heya love, i 100% know what you're going through, i also thought i had a brain tumour a few weeks ago and spent the whole day looking on google to see if my symptoms matched. i went to speak to my doctor about it and she told me its all anxiety, stress and anxiety can cause headaches its called 'tension headaches'. Also most people with brain tumours have severe headache its almost like you cannot function with your day because its so severe, even when they sleep they're wakened by their headache so I'm sure nothing is wrong with you, if you're still worried speak to your doctor about doing a brain scan so that can reassure you. You say everyone is enjoying themselves but you never know what others are going through, you never know they might be fighting a battle just like you are but just better at hiding it. If you want a chat I'm a message away. xx

thanks so much! truly. I'm sorry you had to go through it too! it sucks... i understand what you're saying and will certainly take your advice. I'll message you if i need to! thanks for your help :)

I have these same exact symptoms, it's been going on for five years. I thought I was the only one and I also had the brain tumor scare, along with the others maladies mentioned. My doc looks at me like I'm from outer space. I feel sorry for any one that had this problem. It has changed me as a person, my mind is a prison. What works for me the most is breathing and meditation. Try it!

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miasouth4 in reply to Seacrow

thank you i will try it! and no you're most certainly not alone. Thanks for your help! i' sorry you had to go through with that.. x

Bless your heart. I know what you mean and it shook me to my core. I literally obsessed over the thought of a brain tumor for months, I am just finally beginning to get over it. Yet I still find it trying to sneak its way back in.

I didn't sleep for 4 days straight, lost 6lbs over those 4 days because I wasn't eating. I was so, so extremely scared and worried that this was real and I had a tumor. I went to my dr and my therapist. My dr said that she isn't worried at all, and that she wouldn't recommend a scan unless she absolutely thought necessary. Because even the machines they use are slightly risky with all of the radiation in them to take pictures. My therapist reminded me that cancer usually doesn't hurt or cause symptoms until it's bad, usually..not always. I'd be running into things periodically, or I'd have extreme headaches that medicine wouldn't cure, etc. I feel your pain, your worry, and your fear. I know that it's like living in pure hell..firsthand

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miasouth4 in reply to Mama1204

wow im so sorry you had to go through that! Although yours sounds much worse than mine, i can relate to you. Thanks for you help and your story, made me feel a bit better!! xx

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Mama1204 in reply to miasouth4

I'm much better, thank God. It was awful though, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I'm finally starting to accept that this is all related to my anxiety

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miasouth4 in reply to Mama1204

that's great to hear!! I hope I can also find some peace with this eventually as well. x

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