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Would you tell ???

I am single, and wondered if I met someone would I immediately tell them I have an illness and that I suffer with anxiety and occasionally depression. I don't think I would say anything straight away because I am quite private and don't ordinarily tell people...not sure at what stage I would tell someone, for fear of putting them off, it's difficult because I don't like to lie either.

My anxieties are such that during bad times I like to stay in my room and not do much, although if there was someone in my life who knows maybe that would change.....I feel this is a difficult one

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hey sleepless

in the beginning i would say nothing and as your relationship develops i am sure you will feel the need to open up and tell that person your having trouble coping with some things people take for granted.

I would not put a label on yourself and positive thoughts may have a wonderful outcome. If and when you are in a relationship you may feel totally different and feel comfortable sharing what is upsetting you or making you sad.

I wish you luck

Hugs Seyi xx


Thank you Seyl, that makes total sense to me and along the lines of what I was thinking :)

Just need a nice guy now Lol xxx


sleepless you know something what i have studied people who end up with panic attacks, anxiety etc are people who have alot of feeling and care for others.

Lets hope you meet a nice guy and all your worries will be over.

Best of luck

Love Seyi xxx


Hi sleepless, you have nothing to be ashamed of, and what you suffer from is nothing different to anyone else, only the amount of anxiety you suffer from is different. Let things take there time and don't rush anything, you will know when it is the right time to tell someone. It took me 10 years to tell my workmates, and the interesting thing I was told was "you, your the last person that I would have thought would have issues like this". So how we put ourselves out there is sometime nothing like what we are really like. Take Care and best of luck


Thank you kheath, I understand,

Your input is much appreciated

I wish toy the very best :)



Hi,for me at least,I think being alone for 9 years has been a major issue,no adult company and the rest can really get to you.You don't have to tell someone you meet about your issues ,after all,when we meet someone new we always show our good points don't we.I think it would do you the world of good.I often think it would be nice to meet someone but I also think, if it happens, it happens.Good luck to you and its positive that you are thinking along those lines.


I wouldn't tell anyone I didn't know well or feel would have empathy about my problems, any problems including mental health ones. I feel you have to know someone enough or feel a good connection with them to tell them anything meaningful.

If a friendship starts developing into something stronger and better then you can confide in them more. Or they might confide in you first.

A fairly new friend recently got very drunk with a mutual friend and was talking about it being the anniversary of an awful event in her life. She wouldn't tell me what it was but I guessed because it had happened to me as well. She had been raped many years earlier. I have to and we exchanged stories and as a result she is in the process of becoming a good friend. She comes dog walking with me now sometimes at the weekend and we talk and talk about this and that and listen to each others problems and moans. We always end up laughing more than anything else. I think she will become a very good friend!

Hope this helps love.

Bev x


Thank you bev very helpful x


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