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Well muffinchops you have given me the confidence to post this blog - it seems a silly one but so what!


I am 59 no partner and no kids. Am I the only one here like this? I often feel like an alien in a family world. Most of the time I am used to it but sometimes like now it really bugs me when people are talking about their son/daughter/grandkids etc. I just think, despite all the problems I see here, it would be amazing to have someone of my own.

Because I have been told so often by my mother and sister, friends and the world in general that because I don't have these I am not qualified to comment I avoid answering family problems here unless they relate to parents or siblings. That I am an expert on!

I wish I could be an alien who 'phones home' to a single world.

Bev x

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Dont worry about what other people think. I have a 15 yr old son and he only stays with me two nights a week. It really upsets me that he prefers to be with his dad

I have no partner and get very lonely at times especially at the weekends seems to make the anxiety worse. This morning I am full of dread I need to find a new job quick as Im off sick from my care job

On the contrary. You may be able to offer a different viewpoint. Sometimes being objective can help. Society is just a big family.


Im single too..... and my son has not been talking to me since last Oct (he was raised by his father, not my choice, his dad woulndt leave me alone till I let him have him) Thought Id done the right thing but now im not sure.....

So youre definately not on your own!!

And yeah it is horrible at times.... especially weekends.....

Ker xx

Greetings from one alien to another.

I'm a bit younger but apart from that our experiences are the same.

Hope you're having a good day.



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Lol Lizard

Bev x


hi hypercat, you will never be alone on this site they are one big family here, any problems anxiety etc they will always try to help you build your confidence , and veganese is quite right about viewpoints ,you have to have a variation of views to make a balanced assessment of situations.xx

No, you are not alone, I'm 58, single with no family so l do understand what you are saying. I feel an alien too at times! When l hear what problems friends are having with their adult offspring l can feel that l'm well out of it. But l do feel an outsider when families are discussed and l can't join in.

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Ditto Thank goodness I am not alone! Was beginning to feel it.

Bev x


Hi Bev,

Just because you haven't a partner or kids, doesn't mean you cant contribute to the family conversations regarding them. We all have experience in different areas of our life, and believe me, just because you have kids doesn't make you an expert and it is sometimes good to have someone else's views.

I hope your not too lonely, there is, a lot to be said, for living by yourself.


Hi Bev

Your not alone I know how you feel I am the eldest of 5 children who all have kids except me I couldn't have any. I am 53 and am a widow of 5 years so I know how lonely it is and then to have depression and anxiety on top, is a major ordeal. I am socially isolated mon to fri which they say is a big a risk factor for death as smoking etc, so now I have extra worry. I'm trying to find a voluntary job to fill a void and the when i'm well enough a real job hopefully. Hope it helps to know someone is in your shoes. Love and healing hugs.

i feel a little alien too, i don't think marriage and kids were ever really on the cards and i have a lovely nice and nephew who love me but it is different. i am finding as i'm approaching 40 lack of my own family is for the first time on my worry list and several close bereavements have left my immediate family depleted. i think my sister probably has a point when she thinks i have little to worry about and i know the time i allow myself to worry is probably too self indulgent but this is just how it is at the moment, but must try to do better! but just to say you're not alone in being alone, its just how things have turned out.

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