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Is it normal with anxiety and DP to always have thoughts that you're going to die soon? Or that something like that will happen soon rather it's you or someone you know, And for everything to just appear so unreal?? Is that the impending doom symptom?? Someone please tell me if you've ever felt the same symtom or something. This is the most scary disturbing thing I've ever felt. For the past 2 months since my very first panic attack. Help me understand this please!!! I want my normal self to be stronger than this and kick this anxieties ass!!! Please tell me if any of you have ever felt this, still do or have gotten through it and no longer feel it. Thank you guys


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  • Hello. Of course it is scary - I know myself from first hand experience the feeling that you may have only hours to live. It brings terror and panic. It is a misleading feeling of course, brought about by anxiety. I am still here, you are still here - no one in the group who also shared this fear has suddenly died as far as I know. Now that is real evidence - unlike the false 'evidence' planted in our heads by the anxiety and/or depression.

    Anxiety is like a master manipulator - planting a thought here, a symptom there until we really believe that we are in dire straits. Of course it is always possible that we can have a real physical illness alongside the psychological one, but it is also almost certain that we all have gone through a barrage of tests, which have all returned with no finding of any serious condition, never mind a terminal one. Ask yourself how likely is it that somehow this deadly illness has escaped all the tests and doctors. Very unlikely indeed.


  • You're right. It's just so weird like how can I always feel impending doom for no reason. I'm very healthy. But I do have a lot of stressful things going on. And I've never felt this way before until I had a marijuana induced panic attack in November and thought I saw my life flash before my eyes when indeed I didn't lol but the paranoia and Derealization scared me so bad into a panic attack. And the panic attack bought on everyday anxiety of me just being fearful of everything and impending doom feeling goes away at times but hasn't gone away completely yet and it's so annoying. But you have heard of this before?

  • Oh yes - not just heard of it, also experienced it myself for several months last year. The fear will eventually lessen the longer you go on with nothing happening. It is almost gone completely in my case - just the sudden odd occasion when it suddenly tries to get back in again - I squash it very quickly. :-) You are right - it is a kind of health paranoia - or health anxiety at work. Try not to worry too much - it is very unlikely you will suddenly die.

  • Thank you so much!! This actually really makes me feel better. It's not that I thought I would suddenly. It's the feeling of something will happen to me but not knowing what. Just impending doom. And I have this obsession with numbers on the clock now that scare me always thinking the numbers mean something bad and it makes my anxiety go up. All after that panic attack. Idk it's just really annoying

  • you are welcome :-)

  • I'm another one that felt the same way around the clock thing too so don't feel alone it gets me very scared sometime it's out of your control you don't pick the thoughts in your head.they just pop up . Who say thoughts are bad they just create sensations in our body's as long as we think that there Ares an think that there bad an pay attention to them there not bad even the sensations won't kill us.we have no control what we think we don't choose to have anxiety. We are not the victims we are strong.

  • I feel like this constantly yes it is Very very scary. Iam always thinking i habe something wrong with my health and i ve gotte. So many tests done i swear i have an illness it always brings me to sweats and that impending doom feeling. I know how you feel its Anxiety\PD

  • Yes i have had tests done to and I'm all good, very healthy and I'm like well how you guys gonna help me if I'm good already?? Lol so annoying

  • i have that all the time so yes i believe it is your not alone

  • Thank you!!! It's so good to know your thoughts and feelings are from anxiety and that its curable you know? I've actually been taking Magnesium and I'm actually much better than I was last week even. And I've only taken 3 so far between yesterday morning and this morning.

  • if i can make somebody feel better like some one did me than im happy ive been dealing with this for 3 years now im still trying to tell myself certain things i feel are anxiety its def hard but without support and other people its hard to deal with

  • Absolutely.. And if u haven't tried magnesium, you may want to. Honestly it could be way you've still been dealing with You're still dealing with it for 3 years. You should google magnesium cure for anxiety

  • I just bought some yesterday and im really hoping it helps offer me some relief. have you tried it RyRywifey?

  • Omg girl YES!!! I'm literally on my 2nd day and I just took my 2nd one for the day. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. And after the 2nd one yesterday I have felt a major difference

  • That's amazing! Yay! I'm kinda nervous to try it I don't know why it's only a vitamin!! Hahah will try one tonight

  • Don't be!!! Try it!! Watch and see what a difference it makes!! It's amazing!! So with anxiety and all of it's annoying ass symtoms, there is a serotonin depletion In the brain, and a constant secretion in the part of the brain that activated the fight or flight. So magnesium goes in and creates new serotonin, putting things back in order in the brain, getting it back to normal and repairing everything. Dominating the symtoms and anxiety, depression, and ocd itself. It's really amazing. And like i said I'm only on my second day and already notice a huge difference!

  • Did you try the magnesium?

  • what does it do

  • It replensishes depleted serotonin. With deplenished serotonin you will have anxiety, depression, OCD, and all the ugly symptoms. Once magnesium gets in and replenishes (almost immediately) you will notice your symtoms start to disappear. You will notice you start to feel like yourself again. I just read a guys article on another website and he has been anxiety and OCD free 100% since starting Mg

  • For almost 4 years

  • wow ill def look into that thank u so much

  • You're welcome!! Let me know what you decide to do!

  • Ive heard of mag i was scared to try it i thought i was going to be putting extra shit in my body without consulting a Dr. Lol but i see that it is for anxiety maybe thats what i need iam tired of HEADACHES HEART BEATING FAST SWEATING ON MY HANDS AND FEET ETC.. i want to feel like myself 😁

  • Yes I just sent u a message about this! lol. It's actually a very important mineral we all need, it cannot harm us. And for the first time since my first panic attack, I feel 85% my normal self again. And today will only be my 5th day taking them!

  • I've had this for nearly 2 months now it's the worst feeling ever. I am starting to get a hang of it now, but it still gets to me every day!

  • You know what, I started taking Magnesium the day I wrote this post, and literally those thoughts are GONE! I had them for over 2 months!!! Draining me. And it feels soooooo good to not have those thoughts anymore. It's just anxiety. I also have DP/DR still which is beginning to go away as well.

  • Iv been like it 7 weeks since iv had viruses convinced am gonna die and leave my kids . Its awful and panic sets in i also feel very alone

  • Yes this can be normal I have been suffering Anxiety and Panic for about 30 years now I can control it now for the most part but I still get it often. I feel that I'm going to die soon a lot every time I get any kind of sickness like right now I have a sinus cols infection and I read into it so deep I wait to find out i'm going to die. It is very hard to deal with but we do it. Hang in there. You can text me any time I will help all I can. You are alive you will servive you will be fine.

  • Thank you sooooo so much for this.... It truly helped me.. You take care too and if need be I will message you if I have any questions. Thank you!!!!

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