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What would you tell your anxious self?

On those days that are anxiety free and life feels wonderful what would you tell yourself on your anxiety days? On a non anxiety day I feel unstoppable and I feel that I'm beating anxiety. When I feel anxious I feel like I start over at zero and I have to relearn everything I already knew. I wish I could remember all the great things I said to myself during my no anxiety days!

So what would you tell yourself on your anxious days?

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I know exactly what you mean. I get the exact same way. On the days i feel like I'm back at square one i try to convince myself the day before was better so i must be making some progress. It's hard to believe at that point though i know.


That's a great way to look at it. The day before was better and that's progress!

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What a great post..... ;-)

I'm exactly like this at the min... I had a breakdown two years ago, and been in recovery since. I mostly have good days now, but still have bad anxiety days and generally the anxiety is never too far away, but I cope better with it!!

But this post had made me realise its not just me, so thank you!!

Ker x


Thanks! I've been having a good 3 weeks then 3 days ago it hit me in the face again! I'm waking up today feeling better. I think when I'm feeling my best I'm going to write myself a letter so every time I am having an anxious day I'll read it and remember that everyday isn't like this and to keep moving forward.

It's defiantly so easy to forget that we aren't alone :)

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This is a good one just what I'm going through right now. I was feeling great and now it's creeping back its not full blown but I feel like I might make it full blown I'm finding it a little hard to let it be even though during this short period that I was feeling good letting it go was exactly what I was doing. My period is due in 2 days so I wonder if that's why it's back I think I will put it down to that makes me feel better.

But what I tell other sufferers and myself is that through this journey there will be set back and to stay positive and know you will get through them and tmrw will be better. My mantra - I am healthy I am happy I am strong and I am calm :)

Hope you are all feeling better.


I would say it is your period. I'm on mine right now and 2 days before it started is when I started getting horrible anxiety. I felt like I wanted to cry every second of the day. I am feeling better right now. The more proactive I stay on my journey of no anxiety the better I feel.

I need a mantra! I like yours :) I'll have to say that to myself. Lately when I start to get in a whirlwind of negative thoughts I tell myself "these thoughts aren't helpful at all" it kinda makes me feel better.

I've also feel like I've been waiting on the quick fix words to get me out of anxiety forever. I'm starting to realize that it really is a journey and it takes time.


Me too with the quick fix but I think the more you accept it takes time the better you will feel and in fact quicker recovery will happen. I am starting to accept this but there are times when I'm just over it. Spring is starting here it Australia and I'm hoping getting out in the sun and fresh air will help I'm sitting outside right now watching my son play and I feel better :)

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