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So far so good

It's Saturday and I have survived so far, my parents were ok about me not staying for easter, so that anxiety has passed. Stepdaughter has been and gone without any teenage mood swings and no noise from next door all week. I am sure saturday night will bring some noise but I don't mind too much as the weekends.

I think the St Johns Wort is making a difference, I haven't needed any Kalms or Quiet Life tablets. My mood is generally better and although I still get anxious I can distract myself with other things.

I hope everyone is having a good easter. x

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Good Luck Tara whatever helps is worth persisting with. Glad to hear everything is going good so far

Have a wonderful Easter.

Love Seyi xxx


Hi Tara, know what you mean about neighbours, noise and Saturday night lol, we get it every weekend without fail.

I'm glad your stress free and having a good weekend

Best wishes xxxx


Thank you Cookie and Seyi, I am enjoying m holiday even thoug I was anxious about it. Actually there was no noise last night, my prayers have been answered. Hope you both have a lovely Easter. X


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