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Feeling so irritable :(((((((

I really hate that I get these mood swings sneak up on me, some days I'm so happy and other days I get angry, frustrated or irritable. I already suffer from anxiety and depression, can things get any worse. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Faith 83

I understand where you are coming from as I started my anxiety 2 weeks ago after a long time of being somewhat normal.

I'm angry and frustrated that I cannot control my mind at the moment and I don't know how to deal with this problem this time as the symptoms are different to previous bouts of anxiety.

I'm not sure myself when this current bout will peak before normality returns. One thing though, are you sure that you not hating yourself rather than the anxiety you are experiencing - just a thought because I'm spending a lot of time at the moment hating me for letting these feelings and thoughts take over my life.

But to be fair, today was a better day than yesterday, but not sure what will happen tomorrow. The only thing I can do is take it one day at a time.



Thank you so much for responding, I just hate that I have to live with this, I've been living with this for a long time. Exactly 5 years and its horrible, I have mood swings like crazy, I could be mad and yelling about something one minute and then I go in the room lock myself in and cry. All of my anxiety symptoms started in 2012 which was after my brother passed away (suicide). :(((((


Hi Faith83

Reading your reply makes my anxiety seems insignificant for what you have been through. I'm really sorry for you loss and I guess your brother must have been very desperate otherwise he would have considered the effect of his death on others close to him.

Its times like this where I should think how lucky I am to have what I've got, but I don't and to a lot of people would consider me to be very selfish. However, the feelings I experience are real to me, like you and all the other people posting on this site.

For myself, I really hope you can get some peace and be able to get on with your life not feeling the may you do at the moment.

Like all the other postings on this site, it's reassuring that we can all talk about our feelings to complete strangers and sometimes not to our nearest and dearest.

Please feel free to post me anytime and let's keep talking.

kjayzee x


Thank you so much, I appreciate your response and concern I will definitely keep in touch.


It can certainly get much much worse. Some of us have had long spells in hospital, ect, numerous medications psychotherapy and are too depressed and anxious to leave the house for years.

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Oh definitely had those hospital visits every time I think that something is wrong, I've been on medication as well and I'm currently in therapy now for a year and a half, sometimes I feel as if it's working and sometimes I feel I'm not getting anything accomplished. I more so talk about how my weekend was and what I did rather than what my feelings are and the things that bother me. :(((


I meant long term stay as a psych inpatient. I suspect most on this site are on medication and talking treatments, but I meant it can get really bad, so that your family and career are destroyed, so always be thankful that you are no worse!

So sorry to hear about your brother. It must be terrible for you and your family.

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Yeah, that's true


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