Saturday is here

Well Saturday is here guys and my good friends is here for the day. I'm putting a brave face on things and trying my best to be like the old me, but deep down I'm struggling still. I'm not really feeling any better from the last two days. Still feeling edgy and agitated I'm trying not to show it, but not sure if I'm doing a good job. I'm trying to talk and have conversations, but it feels strained and I feel awkward which isn't me.

I'm really not looking forward to going out for this meal tonight. Being around all those people trying to convince them that I'm ok when all I want to be is on my own. Hopefully my mood will improve a little so I can actually enjoy tonight and not feel line crap.

Still feeling really emotional to. It's like I get a wave of emotion come out of nowhere and it really knocks me sideways. Nearly broke down while cooking the bacon sandwiches this morning. This is such a strange thing for me I'm rely not used to feeling like this.

Right I should really get back to entertaining my friend. Hope everyone is having a better Saturday than me so far.



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32 Replies

  • all these feelings are normal for what youre going through............ its good that youre carrying on as normal as sitting on your own wont help.........

    I didnt enjoy my first time out,,,,,,,,,,,,, dont expect too much......... but good to go out............ I wouldnt drink too much though luv............. not a good idea........ and dont take your phone...........

    Senidng hugs


  • Only out for a meal tonight. No drinking allowed got to be up early for work tomorrow :-(

    How's you?

  • thats prob good for you Will............... Ive struggled when Ive gone out on a weekend cos thats when i saw my ex............ so dont be hard on yourself.............. going out is still good and its moving things forward, however you feel in your head...........

    Yeah Im ok ta...........


  • Yeah will be hard, but I'm sure I'll cope :-/

    Glad your ok shame about the job. They sounded very annoying

  • You'll be fine...............

    Nah not a shame about the job.............. I suspected this was the case on one of the reasons I initially turned it down.............. Im just not prepared to work like that, not even for 5 weeks....... I have a reputation to think about........

    Anyway try and have a good night luv.............


  • Hi Will

    You are doing well my friend

    We are here by your side , knowing you will get through this

    Its early days but you are doing fantastic

    Hugs with a :'(


  • Wrong face hang on 8-)

  • Thank you. Not feeling to great I'm just trying not to show it to my friend he will be understanding I just don't want to seem weak. I know that's a stupid thing to say.

    I was gonna say is a hug off me that bad thy I make you cry lol :-)

    Hugs back to you don't you go getting flustered again

    How's whywhy today?

  • Hi will,

    I hope you enjoy yourself tonight. So what if you have a moment, they are your friends and I'm sure they will understand.

    You may have hugged her too tightly and made her eyes water lol xxx

  • Yeah hopefully I will. I know they will sort of understand I'm just not one for sharing my emotions.

    I'll have you know I'm a very gental huger lol

    Me and whywhy were talking about you last night. Was trying to decide if I should send my ironing to you or to her :-P

    How's cookie doing?

  • Never send ironing to me will as it will either be sent to whywhy or launched lol. Whywhy irons PANTS lol no I'm not going there with your pants again lol.

    I'm ok mate, knackered but ok. I understand about not sharing emotions, I'm the same, I'd rather make a joke of it than talk about it to friends. I don't have friends so I'm ok lol. Xxxx

  • Yeah I think my pants have been talked about enough on here lol.

    Yeah I'm like that just prefer to try and joke. You've got all us crazies on here :-)

  • Excuse me again , who is crazy ?

    You have burst my bubble now I thought I was normal :-o


  • Excuse me , & what exactly is wrong with ironing pants ?



  • Sorry I thought I thought it was common knowledge that we were crazy :-P

    There's nothing what so ever wrong with ironing pants honest :-/

  • I no Will , there isn't , phew someone agrees

    That proves I am normal :-D


  • Stop it Will , you cheeky ;-)

    I don't no if I am having hot flushes or getting flustered ...if I was 30 again , you wouldn't be safer :-D


  • I'm a good boy don't know what you mean :-D

    I'll say flustered that's better for my ego lol.

    Who's being cheeky now? ;-)

  • Oi whywhy, leave my willie alone, I'm getting jealous. He's the only willie I've got lol just coz castles not around lol

    Watch her will, she's a cougar :-)

  • Hey you , I found Willie first ...he is mine ...but of

    I no missing Castle , hope he is ok


  • Now now no fighting over willie haha

  • Your one and only willie hahaha made me laugh.

    I'm sure I'll be fine lol

  • Lol, your hovered, I've never fought over willie in my life.

    I'm sorry whywhy but willie likes munching on cookies, but as you know, cookie doesn't munch on willies so he is all yours :-(

    She is only using you will till castel comes back you know. Tee hee :-)

  • How is it we go from my pants to willies am I a bad influence or something?

    I am partial to a cookie ;-) (this conversation has spiralled quickly hahaha)

    We will have to just be friends cookie I'm a great friend :-)

    I'll have to make the most of it why I can.

  • I see how it is, I'm being rejected lol

    I'll be your lesbi friend lol :-) xxx

    And I love it when things get out of control, I work well under pressure :-)

  • Your not being rejected of anything your rejecting me lol

    Lesbi friend I'm happy with that :-)

    I won't mention about about to jump in the shower thing might get worse lol

  • Need any help ;-)


    With your anxiety I mean

  • No , Will we are friends , I wouldn't use you

    That's Cookie , trying to stop me getting hugs :'(

  • Yep I need lots of help :-)

    Mean cookie trying to stop you getting hugs sending you a big one ;-) so smile.

    Well that's me all showered shared and smelling nice. Lets hope once I'm out I feel better than I do now. I'll let you all know how my night goes.

    Hope you enjoy your Saturday night.

  • *shaved

  • Thanks Will ...she can be mean when she is in her monster mood

    Have a lovely time & no two timing me ;-)


  • hay will, you might actually find that once your out it will be really good for you and you will be glad you went. maybe open up to your mate. xxxxxxx

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