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Good days πŸ˜ƒ

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update you on & reassure you that days will get better & have come to realise that the more I distract my mind from how I'm feeling, the better I feel so thought I'd share some tips.

So you start to feel anxious, accept it. You've felt all these feelings before & are still here to tell the tale. The longer you home in on how you are feeling, the longer it will stay. I know it's the most uncomfortable feeling ever but try to focus on something else (easier said than done I know) !

I've also got bored of feeling anxious & panicky! I feel like I'm my head now I say 'come on then, do your worse' reality is what's the worse that can happen? You'll feel uncomfortable, scared etc but the feeling will pass.

Last week I couldn't see a future for myself! All I thought about was how anxious I was & how every noise, pain, movement in my body was scaring me. It's horrible I know BUT it does & will get better.

Take each day as it comes, let bad days go & they become fewer.

Smile even if you really don't want to, just smile.

Lastly all I can say is I've got great comfort from talking to people on here & the reassurance has been AMAZING. If anyone ever needs me please contact me & I promise I'll be here to listen.


I wish each & every one of you all the calmest best wishes


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That is a lovely post, thank you. I've had a hard day today n that's just what I needed to read. Im trying to carry on through the tough times, keep strong n say 'it's anxiety playing tricks', but sometimes it's over whelming n the only outcome I see is death. How could I deal with that? 🌸


Is there something specific that makes you panic or anxious?

I'm no expert as I suffered badly last week! The only way I am trying to deal with it is by acknowledging the fact that I'm anxious & not trying to fight it. It's not going to kill me & I have felt these feelings a thousand times before.

Distraction is a good way of dealing with it or trying to use some of the energy caused by adrenaline. Feel free to private message me if I can help in any way x


Thank you so much

It can be brought on by anything. Like today I planned on going shopping for an outfit, but as soon as I woke up anxiety kicked in. I felt sick n dizzy with a churning stomach. Thoughts were 'I can't do the journey', 'what if I faint while I'm out or have an attack'. It just doesn't stop 🌸

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Ok lets rationalise this....

what has happened if you have had an attack previously? You haven't died or anything serious. Yes it's a VERY uncomfortable feeling but it does pass.

Secondly the chances of you fainting are very small as your adrenaline is pumping around your body so fast which makes your blood pressure go up slightly! Blood pressure has to drop in order to faint.

Don't beat yourself up about not going. Internet shop until you feel calmer about the situation.

The more you think about it, the more anxious you'll become darling x

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Thank you so much for your advice, it's nice to get comfort from someone who suffers the same. I'm going to try to get through tomorrow using your advise 🌸


I wish you all the best. I'm always here if you need a chat x

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Thank you so much for this post! I had been doing so well for three weeks. Then my anxiety kicked in again last night and now I am constantly fighting catastrophic thoughts. It seems like a new thought always pops up. My trigger is feeling vulnerable/helpless. I felt that way last night and BOOM! My anxiety was back full force. Now the old thoughts are back along with new thoughts.

But thank you. You are right. It always does pass. Every anxiety episode has ended and I've always gone back to enjoying my life.

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Try not to home in on how you are feeling, distract yourself. Go for a walk or have a relaxing bath. Remember anxiety feeds off anxiety & believe me I know it's a lot EASIER said than DONE! Last week I couldn't rationalise with myself at all.

Like you said, it will pass.

All the best x


Yessss !!!! Thank you !!!! This post is just what I needed !


I love that "Tough times never last, tough people do"! Thank you


You're welcome. All the calmest of wishes to you x


First of all lovely post and thanks for the resureing words. I too go through my anxiety as I'll live to tell the tale but ever week its a new symptom or a stronger one so after I take a trip to the doctors for extra confidence I'm OK my anxiety passes as a breeze until another new symptom comes up I have to go through the whole process with the doctors again. But its really hard at times when the new symptoms hits espically at night I have to wait till the next day to visit the doctor so when anxiety acts up between those periods my always first thought is doom....


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