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Setback grrrr

So disappointed with myself, was doing so well, keeping busy, keeping fit, exercising loads, feeling a lil more confident and out of nowhere for the last week iv anxiety with extreme paranoia, all the symptoms (they dont scare me) but upset me n make me feel so sad coz I just cant win, ive tried so im just beating myself up, feel a failure again...feel guilty yet again that im burdening my partner, just locking him out n not wanting his support...sorry just me, keep strong everyone xx

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Hi,read my blog,trust me,I exercise lots,eat pretty well,try to be positive but the group I went to yesterday was great plus,you wont burden loved ones who don't understand,why would they.Find a group with similar issues you will be amazed how open you can be and how good it feels.Take care.


Hey you haven't failed you have been keeping busy, fit, exercising and feeling confident..... Breath hun you are doing grrrreat! I know it feels like a set back but it isn't its a sign that you are doing well but a reminder not to push yourself too hard. If you need space then take it without feeling guilty sending you a hug keep going tomorrow is another day love eve x


Hey please don't feel like you have failed you have done really well. Just sometimes we get a knock back and its difficult to start all over again. But stay positive tomorrows another day.

I can relate to what your saying about being a burden i feel this way sometimes with my husband but sharing helps believe me.

Wish you well

Big hugs

Seyi xxx


hi Deecey, don't beat yourself up. Sounds like you have been doing really well and doing all you can to help yourself feel better. Keep telling yourself you are getting there, Rome wasn't built in a day, and feel proud that you are doing your best not to let it beat you!


hi set backs really do feel like your being pulled all the way back to the start. i was doing great last week. alot better than i have in a while and this week i feel like crap again had a bad turn while out and its really set me back. but the show must go on or whats the point in living. just remember that its normal to have setbacks and things will take time. keep your chin up i know its easier said than done. thinking of you. its great that these sensations dont scare you cos fear just makes it worse. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks everyone for all of your comments, and kind words, really means a lot. Your all right heres me thinking Im superwoman, working full time, going to college doing accountancy and a difficult exam start of week(total change of career at my time of life, started last sept), doing 8 keep fit classes a week, keeping them old serotonin levels up, trying to be a good friend and meeting up with lots of people while im well, trying to give something back, looking after my 3 kids all be it 1 has left home but her BF has just left her after 6yrs, moved out so been trying to keep her busy and being there for her and my youngest leaves school this year, and been trying to sort out what he doing afterwards(college, apprecticeships, etc), middle one 2nd year of uni, studying/working v hard bless and has new BF so sightings of her are few ha, love it all....but Im a bit exhausted mentally, physically, need to just give myself a break(which we all know is hard to do for ourselves)...thanks though everyone and this site keeps me from going right over the edge and helps me through the fog all the time...Dxx


blimey Deecey, you do sound like Superwoman!! Sounds like you do need to give yourself a break, mentally and physically! You have nothing to beat yourself up about, take a bit of time out for yourself over Easter and hope you start to feel a bit better.


Try and take his or her support. They really don't understand us. Remember for every step forward you take 3 steps backwards. Please don't beat yourself up I did that for years. It does no good. Remember tomorrow is another day and every feeling doesn't last. Good or Bad. We just seem to hang on to the bad feelings. They to shall pass.

I feel people with anxiety are the strongest people in the world. We are not weak!

Good luck to you, and remember never never feel like you failed. Once you are no longer afraid of the anxiety and the what if's they will disappear.


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