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hate feeling like this!!

Hi its been now nearly a year and although my panic attacks have died down, my head constantly thinks and i am constantly worrying. My biggest fear of dying i cannt go a day without think this is gunna happen soon so i rush round every day making sure everythings organised just incase, i check on my kids and make sure there aware of me and how much i love them just incase they dont see me again. It started of when i found a lump on my head in which i told myself i had a brain tumour,( had an ultra sound n they said it was just bone,but still not happy with that) because of this my anxiety my fears are spiralling out of control and im sick of it.

it takes me ages to get to sleep once im asleep im ok, but trying to get to sleep is a nightmare. i have pins n needles constantly headaches constanlty and sometimes go dizzy. i just wished i could stop thinking sooo much.

i never used to be like this, i was always a bubbly happy girl attitude was well when your times up your times up. but now its affecting my happiness my fears are controlling everything. i get to a point where im trying to plan so far ahead just incase i am not hear. i dont want to book a holiday this year just incase i dont make it and then weve paid for a holiday.

anyone similar or am i going crazy >>


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Hi luv i can so sympathise with you i have been exactly the same i feel sick with worry dizzy spells nausea sweating and my mind constantly ticking its such a horribke feeling i too have kids and worry for them i even couldnt drive at one point re you taking any meds for it from your gp? The good thing is we are not alone know ng there are others likeus gives us a little strength in trying to fight it keep in touch we may be able to help each other


Hi, THIS WILL PASS. I have periods of anxiety that are so intense, I think I'm going

to die, I therefore rush around getting all the washing and ironing done so that if I die everyone will have clean, ironed clothes for a while!

Go to your Docs, take all help and support you are offered. It may be medication, it may be counselling, it may be just someone to talk to. You need to try to get to a point where you control IT, IT cannot be allowed to control you.

I lived with anxiety for 10 years before I got to the point where I decided to take all help offered.

I've had about 2 weeks where I have been calm, funnily enough I have just had a very bad 24 hours, but at least I've had a good period too.

Stay strong and keep talking.


Hi I agree with the last reply. I've had intense periods like this and then been ok. When you feel like this you have to remember the good periods- even if they seem few! It's so easy to say but you won't improve until you get your thoughts under control. I've been reading a book recently about worry and it talks about solvable and floating worry. Floating worry is where there is no solution as its something that's not happening, we need to try and stop this type of worry as it is pointless and ultimately makes us ill. I too struggle since I've had my children, they as so precious but if we don't start to sort ourselves out we are not being fair to them. I'm personally trying to have more fun with them so you should be booking your holidays! Don't let the anxiety rob your joy and time with them. Take short term medication from the doctors if you need to - it make just break the worry cycle. Hope this helps. Please remember your not alone. Rebecca.


Hi, agree with both replies. I am a worrier and an Overthinker. Floating worry is a good description and although it is really difficult to overcome if your mind works that way we all owe it to ourselves to find a way! Seek help from your gp, perhaps explore counselling or cbt to challenge the negative thoughts? Try and find things that will take your mind off the worry, I find becoming involved in something, or physical activity helps. And book that holiday, you will be here, I guarantee it!


Thank god it's not just me!! I too am a real worrier and over thinker and its driving me mad!! I always think the worse too and my fear is dying probably due to the fact my little sister dies suddenly at 27yrs, I have been referred to CBT and looking forward to the therapy helping me sort myself out and start a fresh!! I have good days and bad days today is bad but exercise does help even if you don't feel like it and think you are too tired!! I am a rubbish sleeper I infact night times are worse don't ask me why they just are! Good luck and keep in touch x


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