Aniexty panic dissorder dizziness faint like feeling :(

Hi there im 27 year old who suffers with aniexty and depression and panic disorder i keep feeling dizzy all time and faint feeling like gonna fall over or passout i was taking stretaline 50mg 2 days but had bad experience numbness and chest and arms tingling had to go a n e so stopped now this new dizziness and faintness is awful day in day out i just wanna be better so frustrating i have cbt with a councellor i start tommoz so hope this helps last resort i feel unwell alot and convince my self something is wrong docs n ppl tell me its aniexty im like really ???? Hope i get bk to being myself more now its most horrible thing how physical symtoms can really be :(


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  • I have had the same bad experience,only mine was with celexa.i was on 30 mg a day and done fine with that but then the doc told me to try 40 mg well after the 2nd day taking it.i was so anxious and then i got in the shower.and all of a sudden i felt head pressure,my whole body went numb,i was shaking all over and felt like i was gonna pass i had to jump out of the shower and hurry and yell for my friend for help while i layed down.i was still in a towel just a nervous wreck.i had to take a piece of my klonopin,then my whole body felt like it was on fire but still felt numb.i was pacing the floors freaking out.i thought that was it for me.thought i was gonna die.i finally sat down and put a wet towel over my shoulders and tried to calm down.after about 30 mins or so it finally went needless to say i went back to my normal dose of celexa after that.and was i know how u feel.its terrible feeling all the anxiety symptoms and dizziness and fainting feeling is very common with anxiety.have you been feeling anxious?bc that could be why your dizzy and feel like fainting.

  • Thats awful sorry to hear that something that suppose to make u better can in fact make u worse it ridicolous i went out today for councelling thing and swayed felt light headed n faint was awful its taking over my life so not fair he was bot concerned and gonna let my doctor know to do tests maybe i mean im not sure if its that or just me at moment im so sad my head is spoungy and cold horrible like im not attached n dizziness is worse and faint like feeling light headed i dont know what to do anymore im scared ??

  • Ive had it past 3 weeks only took 50 mg strealine 3 wks ago wed and thurs and thurs night had all that weird thing now all this is every day i have it most all day scared worried and concerned so hard to get docs app keep doing deep breathing and telling myself its aniexty :(

  • I know its hard to believe anxiety can make you feel this way,but believe me it sure can.i stayed terrified for months.couldnt even leave the house unless i was going to the doctors.the symptoms i felt were real.and very scarey.the meds did help but i had to quit taking my celexa bc im pregnant again.and my anxiety is back.i still take my klonopin,only as needed.i wish i could still take my celexa but the doctor acted like that was worse on the baby than the sorry,your having to go threw this.i wouldnt wish it on anybody.but it does help to know your not alone.theres alot of people going threw the same thing we are.just try to stay stong,you will get threw this.if u ever need anybody to talk to feel free to message me.i wish u the best of luck.and hope u get back to your old self again soon!

  • Gey smile love sorry to hear that with ur meds etc and congratz on baby shame u feel anxious bless u and it is horrible our bodies take awhile to adjust to anything we take im seeing a consultant to discuss meds tommoz there keen on putting me bk on straline i really dont want them made me feel like weird awful the side affects are a joke tbh and im on 2mg diazipam and have home team visits soo many opinions dunno where i am today been bad day tingling sensations in chest and in arms either that or dizzy and faint like feelings been crying all day cant leave house as i feel as thou gonna pass out fear of the fear :( just want it to subside

  • Hey i ment lol and thanks same to you :)

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