Help!!! New to this

Just recently been diagnosed with anxiety despite suffering for 2 years with it but it seems now that I know what it is things have got worse my side effects are disgusting shortness of breath constant light head pain in chest and my arm aches like hell im always down and constantly on edge I was once the life of the party now your lucky ill go to one I would do anything to get the old me back its affecting my work and home life im afraid I will lose my job because of this.


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  • Hi sessykel, sorry to hear you are suffering from anxiety. I know exactly how you feel it can take over your life. I find blogging here helps and everyone is very kind and willing to listen

    Take care x

  • Thanks for answering my message im at limbo at the minute as im waiting for my appointment for the therapist to come through my doctor was the one who suggested this site x

  • I have only been here a week, and Blog everyday. It just helps clear some of the clutter from my head and it makes more sense writing it down. I found the sight just by searching the Internet, I haven't been to the doctor recently, I went a few years ago when things were bad and did an online CBT which helped a bit. I am trying self help this time, but if I don't improve I will see my doctor again.

    I hope you get your appointment soon x

  • What self help treatment do you try anything has to be better than this x

  • Hello Sessy. Is there anything particular worrying you or is it everything? x

  • Hi would it be strange if I said nothing that I know of but deep down there must be something otherwise I wouldn't be suffering with anxiety anything can bring on my attacks I don't know the triggers yet just when their coming xx

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