So the past few weeks ive been having a really hard time with anxiety/depression.its taking over my life again.ive had anxiety my whole life but never as bad as its been started getting really bad after i had my 2nd child.& now im pregnant with my 3rd & my anxiety has came back full blown 24/7 i had it under control until i got pregnant again which leads be to believe that most of it is caused by my horemones & i cant constantly worried & if theres any point that im calm i start thinking that somethings wrong with me again for no reason and start to panic againn& i feel very different from everyone else bc most people with anxiety worry about their heart or something like thats their phobia but mime is my eyes and my vision.and ive never met anyone with the same phobia as me,so i feel so alone.this is gonna be long but its the only way i can explain it.but it all started out like when i was 12 and i had just got my period and i was at school one day and all of a sudden my visiom got weird like i got blind spots and i started seeing stars and everything and seriously thought i was going blind and about 30 mins of acting a fool and having a full blown panic attack it went away and i didnt know what it was.well that started happening atleast once a year and i finally got brave enough to ask my doc what it was and it was a migrane with aura and turns out alot of people get them.which made me feel better that i wasnt the only one but it still scarred me for life and im still terrified of it happening again even though its nothing to worry about.that day still scares me thinking about it.well now after having my second child o developed allergies and it only effects one side of my face and head and my right eye always feels blurry and swollen and that side has alot of pressure and for some reason i think that i cant see out of the corner of my right eye but when im calm im always moving my eyes and focusing on weather i can see out of the corner or not and i can but i cant seem to make myself believe that i can and its constantly on my mind and it starts as soon as i wake up,which every morning i wake up with anxiety/depression.ive been to the eye doc 3 times this past year and they say everythings fine but i cant make myself believe there anyone who knows what im going through or have any advise?


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  • Hi 1994smilelove, I do know what you are going through regarding your vision. I've always been very sensitive about my eyes. As a kid getting something in my eye was so traumatic to me. Even an eyelash put me in anxiety mode. So since I started with anxiety I started experiencing ocular migraines (migraine aura). Which included sparkling lights and stars flickering. The first several times, I went into a full blown anxiety attack as well thinking I was going blind. After researching what it was, I was able to keep my anxiety level down. It usually lasts for about 10min. If it goes over 15-20 min. I would call the eye doctor. Going into a dark room helps. For many years I use to get horrendous migraines with my monthly cycles, the headaches stopped and the auras began. At least they are not painful. My eyes tend to get blurry when I get anxious. Dry eyes as well. When I close my eyes at night in bed, I open them every little while and see different phenomena's. When I awake in the morning, I may see black blobs moving on the ceiling or even reddish/yellow blobs that I follow with my eyes and then it disappears. The best thing is to have your yearly eye exam and when you do experience a vision disturbance try to avoid focusing on the problem, it will go away faster. Hope that helps you some. x

  • But can anxiety cause me to think i cant see right when i actually can?am i being to paranoid?

  • 1994smilelove, I wish I had an answer to that and why it happens. I just know that I had never had a problem with visual disturbance until the migraines came along.

  • i also have the ocular migraines first time it happened to me i thought i was having a stroke and then my anxiety rushed in like a raving wolf it was aweful experience

  • Anxiety can cause anything, the more you focus on it and panic the worse it will become. Like Agora1 told you try to avoid of using on the problem. The eye clinic have told you there is nothing wrong, they are specialists and would have found something if there had been anything to find. Please listen to us, do relaxation if possible with two small children, think positive you are not going blind. Try to download something nice off utube, when you feel stressed play it๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I try not to focus on it but it seems to always be on my mind.even as soon as i wake up.

  • Hello I can really understand how you feel When I was 14 I was at school and my eyes went funny I had numbness all down my face it was so scary My mum came to get me and we never had it checked out (which seems unvelievable now ) I was fine the next day I didn't get anything again until just after my eldest son was born I'd gone round to a friends mum to show her the baby I suddenly couldn't see half her face then got flashing lights went numb all down my right side She called the doctor out at I got taken into hospital with a suspected stroke It wasn't it was migraine The symptoms are so so scary but I've now learnt to not be afraid of them They are just a nuisance now I always used to think my sight wouldn't go back to normal Now I look back it was all linked to hormones I started my periods at 14 had them bad with all my 3 pregnancies after the births and during the menopause

    If you can try to lose your fear of these attacks it will be such a relief for you You aren't alone When I tell people I have migraines they always assume I get pounding headaches Its the aura that is the worst

    If you can, just if possible, sit quietly when you get an attack and let it come and go tell yourself it's a nuisance that's all the fear will go

    Eyes do go funny with panic too

    Do you tell your midwife about it ? Relaxation and deep breathing will really do you good You Tube are brilliant for videos You have been checked out for your eyes and told all ok I do so understand and wish you loads of luck ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’•

  • I told my baby doctor about my anxiety and she said i can keep taking pieces of my klonopin when i need to.but everytime i take a piece sometimes it helps and sometimes it takes like an hour for it to kick in and it wears off really fast.although it does calm me down a little bit i still have the terrible thoughts in my head that doesnt seem to go away.this is just a terrible way to live.

  • I do hope so much you can get some peace from all this stay strong I know that's easy for me to say Take lots of care of yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You're going to be okay... Just do your breathing exercises, relax... Everything is going to be okay... ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks everyone for the replys,im trying my best to keep my mind off of it,staying busy.gonna try to excersise later and hopefully that will help me to stay calm

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