New to this with my symptoms!

Hi, I am new here and I suffer from health anxiety I guess thats what it triggers my symptoms. I tried five different antidepressants but I am very afraid of the side effects and I end up getting very nasty ones, but I want to live a normal life like everyone else. I have pain that comes and goes, now I have pain in my left arm, sometimes I feel kind of dizzy, with flu like symptoms...I thought it was the Wellbutrin I was taking but I stopped it a month ago. Now I find myself googling Fibro and I don't know if that what I have. My Doc says I don't have that, but how can he be so sure.

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  • I forgot to mentioned that I had blood work done like four times this year, Ultra sounds, MRI of the brain last year...

  • Hi Pamela

    How long did you take the antidepressant for before changing to a new one? U need to give them a chance atleast a couple of weeks in your system to see any change! Side affects don't last- just until

    The body gets used to the medication!

  • About three weeks each..right now I just take .25 mg of Xanax at night

  • Does this help? I see there are a lot of most common side affects to this med! I'm taking 10mg escitalopram. Side affects are not bad! I felt a little sick at first and a few headaches which have now past!

  • It helps when I need something right away. I've never tried escitalopram, but I don't want to go through more side effects....I am afraid of them...or making me feel worse.

  • Hi Pamela23, I don't like taking my antidepressant but I'm supposed to be on escilporam.. I've been experiencing very bad anxiety & it's awful. I've had pain that comes & goes just like you said & then I start to think & worry it's got to be something other then anxiety:( I can't tell you to relax cause for me it's super hard but I try to distract myself from it to make my symptoms goes away. I just wish WE didn't have to go through this. I hope you feel better! Take care

  • Thanks!

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