Things getting back to normal.......yahh

As blogged earlier this week, I feel like Ive taken a step forward, Im still on that road, so all good....... Weekends are always hard as this is when I used to travel to see my ex, so its been hard re-establishing my life at home..........

but the anxiety I was feeling going up to his with all the problems, is now starting to subside..........

I feel like Im getting my life back, I feel like I CAN face the future now, I CAN start to cope with the fact that I need to get a new job and get my life back on track.... I was filled with total fear at this thought 5 weeks ago when we split up,,,, and Id had 7 months of turmoil before I called it a day...

So there is hope now.....

At least my anxiety was for a reason, I always blame myself and think I cant cope with things...... but this time my anxiety WAS cos of my relationship, and his interfering mother.......

Im out of that now, and while Im still sad for the lost relationship which started off with high hopes, I CAN NOW FACE THE FUTURE........THERE IS HOPE......

Love to everyone again that has helped me stray strong enough to carry on..........

Ker xx


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20 Replies

  • Hi, how lovely to read. We always think we can't or won't cope with things, but you are proving that you can and are. The way you have been feeling I'm sure anyone would feel after a breakup, not just anxiety sufferers. Nothing wrong with feeling sad, it's only natural but you seem to be processing it and have a determination to pick up your life again...

  • hi ker , thanks for your blog. i hate weekends too. i used to miss the clubbing days when i was younger , but now ive settled for the so called easier life.

    you will find someone to share your life with again in the future when you least expext it , and you will be so happy that you will forget all of the hurt you had previously.

    thanks for sharing again , and take care...

  • Thanks for your messages............. I think it does help that the weather is nicer and the nights are lighter.......


  • So pleased you feel you are now turning a corner , I no what you have been through & its so good to see that you are feeling more positive now

    No Spring here , drizzling & dull , but I agree , when the nights stay lighter & there is a little sun , what a difference that can make

    Good luck with the job , you went for , let us no how it went




  • Morning Whywhy...... lovely to see you........ Ive missed you.........

    thanks for your comments and yes its great to feel like the old kerry is coming back, but Ive had to be strong and tell the ex not to text and I think this has helped me forge ahead.......

    I really owe my strength to you......... you were there from the beginning when I was still in his house on my own, trying to make a life there......... So Im very grateful that you have helped me....... with all my problems..........

    How are things with you???


  • Thank you for your kind comment , I do appreciate it , but I just listened , you have put all the hard work in & now getting the benefits , you did that , feel good about yourself , everything else as well will eventually fall into place as well for you :-)

    Me , well facing the med fear ...taking the statins ...upset stomach at the mo , but I will keep going & fingers crossed it will settle


  • Well done....... I know thats a big thing for you so youve done well!! This will help the problem too!!

    Have a nice weekend!!


  • Lovely to read such a positive blog, enjoy your day x

  • thank you.... you too.............. xx

  • Hi Anne so nice to read your positive blog. I've had two hard break ups in the past. One treated me really badly and the other was a lovely guy but a mummy's boy. Both breakups had the same effect though. The empty feeling like a loss and the yearning to have them back even though having either of them back would have been a disaster. I would have ended up in a womens refuge with guy number one and would have got suffocated or driven crazy by guy number twos mum(a family friend of theirs said I'd had a lucky escape). So please don't look back now you have been through the hard bit, you are beautiful and talented and deserve someone who doesn't send your anxiety through the roof. stay positive love eve x

  • hhH thats lovely , thank you Eve, my experiences have been same as you then. My recent break up was with a mummys boy......... I had to leave as I couldnt stand the interfering and inappropriate behavoiour, you will know what im talking about!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments......... I hope you are ok too XX

  • You are welcome and after nearly 6 months of mirtazapine and good therapy I'm doing well thankyou. Oooh yes I know what you are talking about! When I think back I realise how weird(boarding on freaky) their mummy,baby boy relationship was I would seriously have gone crazy if I had stayed with it any longer. You don't need that in your life it will only drag you down. Onwards and upwards Missus yeah xx

  • Im on mirtazapine too....its been a life saver for me.........Yup their relationship was certainly not normal............heyho

    yeah.......... onwards and upwards........

    lots of love ker xx

  • Well done Anne great to hear you so positive, onwards and upwards as they say

    I hope there are exciting and nice times ahead I'm sure there are

    Sue xx

  • Thanks sue, hope youre doing ok??

    Catch up with you over weekend!!


  • Yeah catch up over weekend, not too bad today


  • Hey Ker.

    Good to hear things are looking up. You know we are all here for you. as you have been for us. Its great to hear the days are getting better. Proud of you:-) xxx

  • Ahh thanks Lou............thats lovely.......

    Hope youre and oh are ok!!??


  • Hey Ker made me smile reading this blog. So good to hear your starting to feel like your old self. It gives me a little hope reading this that I can do the same.

  • Hey Will....

    There is hope for you hun..........

    Try and have a good weekend, I hope you get your answers............ and keep up posted, we here for you..........


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