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I haven't really spoke about my anxiety with anyone other than my doctor, family and close friends and although they understand to a certain extent , I don't feel like they fully understand what I go through on a daily basis just to live, the constant battles and thoughts in my mind, and while I find those easy enough to deal with its the physical side effects of having anxiety that really get me down, I've always had anxiety in my teens but not until recently has it impacted my life, panic attacks are the scariest thing I've ever encountered, and I keep thinking my symptoms are some sort of life threatening heart condition or something , I just feel trapped really and I'm not sure how to cope, I'm usually okay walking to places, interacting with people is fine I've overcome that fear, I now seem to be bad at travelling, by car or bus just brings on massive panic attacks and I can't understand why. It just brings me down, and it makes me feel weak as a person.


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  • Wow...you feel the same way I do. Its terrible, isn't it. I think the only thing scarier than panic attacks for me, is the feeling of depersonalization, where I feel like my mind (or spirit) is detached from my physical body. Its a really weird feeling. I feel like I'm the only one with this, because I look around and everyone seems comfortable, smiling, and laughing, while I could be talking to someone face-to-face and feel like I'm not really there, in that moment. Its really weird. I feel like I'm going crazy and I think, what's it going to be like in a year from now?

  • Your situation has nothing to do with you being a 'weak person' - you have a medically recognised condition. The thing about family/friends is not that they don't care - its that they don't know how to care when it comes to anxiety and panic. They look at things logically, but anxiety is not logical. That is why coming on here is often more helpful. People on here know what you are going through and have developed methods of coping. You have already made some progress in beating the fears you said. Some other issues will take longer to overcome, but you have help on various levels available to you. For understanding and support you have people on here - for medical interventions you have your doctor. Use them as much as you need to.

  • Hi Haley,

    I'm so sorry about what you are going through... I hope you know we DO understand...and no, like KDavid said...you ARE NOT a weak person. Are you on any medications? Goodness knows I am not one to advocate taking them by the handsful, but this might be an answer. (my personal opinion...DO NOT take Mirtazapine!) Also, please consider asking your dr about available counseling/therapy... this does NOT mean you are 'crazy!'... it means you need to be able to vent to a professional who will not react to you like people you 'know'...and sometimes that is exactly what we need.

    Because they can see 'answers' that neither you nor loved ones may be able to see.

    You sound very honest, intelligent, and very up front...those are wonderful things to have in your corner!! I have a feeling you will be able to get past this sooner than you think. Nope. No 'instant cures'...but there is ALWAYS that light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck to you and let us know how you are doing.


  • I know how you feel!!! Down to the feelin weak an as a person. I wish I had all the answers for you. Just like I wish you had those same answers for me. With snow in my very near future, I fear ill become a total recluse. This is all new to me. Ive always been a little anxious but never needed meds for it. Now im taking paxil which in my opinion is doing nothing. Im still extremely anxious. I still get panic attacks. My dose was increased last week...I go back in 3week for follow up. Idont think I'll make it that long. If um not feeling a little more at ease ill be going back in...maybe they will give me a few adavan (sp)...as that has helped me in the past. I dont want to take it on a regular basis tho...I hear its extremely addictive and I dont need that lol. I feel absolutely helpless. My bf feels helpless because he doesn't know how to help me. A year ago I was working and the basic bubbly my. Today im jobless and I dont leave my house unless I absolutely have to. Good luck to you! !!

  • Hey guys thank you for the replies, I'm not currently on any medication as I refuse to let myself be controlled by something, I get anxious that I'll depend on medication forever, so I just stick to other things right now, I'm currently waiting for a therapy appointment I've heard they help a lot, I find dealing with anxiety has become a norm for me , it's the panic attacks that leave me feeling weak, because I know it's all in my mind and yet I can't seem to control it, I also have depression as well and I used to think it was the worst thing ever until I experienced panic attacks, I'm fine walking around, Im fine interacting with people, the only thing that triggers a panic attack is like I said, being in a car or bus, I think maybe it's because I had my first ever panic attack in a car and now my brain sort of links them together,unfortunately for me I live in a village which at this time of year requires you to either take a bus or car as walking anywhere would take hours, so I hardly leave my house and at 19 years old I shouldn't really be inside all the time, I'm trying to also make a future for myself but getting anywhere seems impossible , I'm glad I'm not alone though, it really helps just to know I've got some support and real understanding here. And I also completely understand the feeling of being there speaking to someone but not actually feeling like you're there, and it really does suck, when I'm in panic mode or even a little anxious I find myself not being in the moment, it makes me feel like I'm on drugs or something

  • Hi friend are you taking anything when this happens? Perhaps benzos would help ativan klonopin etc. In small doses of course. If used in the right way combined with therapy they truly do work. I once started where ubare and went worse into agoraphobia and found that therapy combined with minimal use of benzos at sight of panic driven things such as driving or grocery stores malls etc helped. I also started Zoloft 25mg and was able after a few months to stop the panic attacks stop the ativan and therapy and am actually very sociable and willing to explore life now. Zoloft and coping skill building has changed my life. I also completed the linden method by audio on long walks to build coping skills and talk sense into myself. Hypochondria still ensues but its mild.

  • At this point I'm willing to try anything really, I can't live like this any longer , it really brings me down , thank you for the advice, I really do appreciate it

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