Having a bad day

Woke up really early this morning very anxious and restless. I am walking from room to room tidying around but my legs feel like jelly and a little dizzy. I feel totally exhausted and wonder how i am going to cope throughout the day. I am in and out the loo and feel awful today.

Do not want to sit and cry as this is a waste of energy.

Crazy because i had a fairly good day yesterday pretty calm but today i am all over the place.

I get so scared and nervous any advice please.

Hope everyone is having a good day

Hugs Seyi x


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15 Replies

  • Hi

    I have been having a couple of weeks feeling as you do & also feeling exhausted

    Try not to think of the whole day , take it as it comes , do what you can when you feel like it , there is no rush & if you are not feeling as good today , there is no pressure , only what we put on ourselfs (well I no I do )

    Anxiety can feel worse when we have had a good day or two & frightening as we can see it as going backwards sometimes , but its not , its part of the recovery

    Try to accept you dont feel to good today , so take care & look after yourself , give your body a rest




  • whywhy

    Sorry to hear you have been feeling bad over the last few weeks and hope you feel better soon. I agree that you only look at negative and not focus on the positive. I just feel so scared today know that sounds crazy.

    I really do hope this is part of the recovery perhaps i am impatient and looking for an instant recovery.

    Thank you for your comment and i wish you all the best also

    Take care

    Hugs Seyi xxx

  • We do , i have noticed I only focus on negatives & need pointing out positives or I dont seem to see them

    Feeling scared , is not crazy , it is a normal feeling & we all feel it , you are not on your own

    Yes I do agree as well we can want an instant recovery & wouldnt it me lovely :-D , but I wish I could say it was with this , but i believe it takes a while but it will come , keep remembering that , you are making progress & it will get better , you are doing really well :-)


  • Thanks whywhy I suppose having a good day yesterday is really hard to accept today i feel awful meaning legs like jelly dizzy and unable to concentrate.

    I just wished people would have an understanding how difficult it is to do the smallest of jobs. One of the girls i work with keeps saying when you coming back to work. To be honest i can hardly some days walk halfway down the street. People who have never suffered this way have no idea how another persons feeling

    Smiling at instant recovery :)

    Whywhy i appreciate your comments and i wish you the best also.

    You are such a caring person.

    Take care

    Hugs Seyi xxx

  • Try not to worry about friends asking when are you going to come back to work or do this or that , will make you feel under pressure , just simply say when I feel better & let the thought go again

    I no what you mean as well , like today I feel like I am dragging myself round , the simplest thing seems an effort , yet come tomorrow this could have changed again

    Its hard going with the up's & down's , can feel confussing , i no , but I think for me it helps if i accept them & go with them

    You are so right , unless you suffer or have no one does no how this feels , but we all do on here , so you are safe to express how you feel & no we all no what you are feeling

    If you find an instant recovery , please share it with us :-D

    Lets hope tomorrow is a better day




  • hi Seyi, I think it's hard when you have had a few good days and then a bad one, as I suppose we like to think on our good days, that's it, I've cracked it! Also you've only been on the tablets a couple of weeks so perhaps a little of what you are feeling could still be some of the early dais of the side effects perhaps. Hopefully soon the good days will outnumber the bad. Remember and try to focus on the good stuff, you made it out for Mother's Day, had a lovely time with your daughter and her little one.... And this will pass ...

  • Thanks Kaz I suppose i am trying to rush things a little and a wave of panic comes over me. I cannot control the jelly legs and being uneasy in myself. Yes i did go out Mother's Day and thought it would be the start of climbing the ladder to recovery. Just today i feel down in the dumps but like you say its only been 2 weeks on the tablets and should allow myself longer.

    Appreciate all the lovely people here that give encouragement and fully understand this so called "Anxiety/Panic"

    I wish you well take care

    Love Seyi xxx

  • I'm really sorry if I'm repeating myself on here, but are any of you on medication for your anxiety?

  • Hi Agora I am taking citalopram 10mg but have only been on them just over 2 weeks.


    Seyi x

  • I really made good progress on Citalopram, it will really take full effect in a time, its goddo tablet and helps greatly. Love and thoughts to you Helen coton road

  • Thanks for the message appreciate your word of hope.


    Seyi x

  • Seyi give them time to work you won't feel like this for ever it will pass. I was just like you I don't know if I'm better I do know that I'm taking 75mg of eflexor and with the help of this tablet I can live a fairly normal life for most of the time. Wishing you peace of heart,mind and soul.

  • Hi

    yes i will give them time and i am glad your living a normal life. Hope one day i can feel this way also. God Bless You


    Seyi x

  • Hi Seyi i'm on citalopram too, they kick on usually from about 3 weeks and can take about 6 weeks for full effects my doctor told me or longer, the side effects ware off from about 3 weeks too and you should feel a little more normal. This is just a guide but can vary from one person to another. I'm on week 7 and i'm feeing much better from 3 weeks the good days increase and bad days decrease. It takes time for the pills to kick in and ups and downs until its much more better days. Take each day at a time, the good days will come back it just takes time. Know its hard xxxx

  • Thanks angel really appreciate your comments this really helps me to understand the medication better. Hope i do have better days.

    Many thanks again

    Take care


    Seyi xxx

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