Anybody else having a bad anxiety day ?

Does anyone get where you feel like you can't breathe or are starving for air ? I keep thinking omg I'm gonna pass out or fall over and lately I've been stressed and there's a lot going on in my life , I take Prozac 20 mg but I think it's time to change or up dosage It's not as good as it was . I think I'm gonna start therapy too, what helps relax you?


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  • I am, see my post below yours.

  • Cammomile tea, marconi union WEIGHTLESS the song, lavender essential oil, meditation NOT MEDICATION (for me) just BREATHE you wony pasd out your getting plenty of air

  • I was like that until I took Magnesium, now it doesn't happen.

  • Wow timtim22 I didn't think it could be something like that . I'm gonna look into it . I know I don't take vitamins and my diet could be a lot better

  • Hi anxiety/stress can make you feel hard to breathe,I've had it lots of times and its usually when I'm feeling anxious or when I'm really tired.try some relaxing breathing breath in slowly through nose and concentrate on your belly going up as you breathe in.then feel your tummy go down as you breath out.when we are anxious we tend to breath sallow in chest some belly breathing this will relax your chest muscles.

  • Magnesium will end your anxiety really guickly, it did mine. I couldn't do real heavy weights because I'd fear I'd lose my breath when my body wanted more oxygen. After taking Magnesium it slowly faded away with a lot of other things. Now I can do my weight sessions like I did before I became ill with no worry at all. Get some Magnesium glycinate Dr's Best brand.

  • Make sure to get Magnesium Glycinate, most absorption, meaning you get the greater benefit and no laxative effect

  • Is it safe to take this though ? I have a paranoia issue with meds since Zoloft screwed me up

  • Yup, it’s a supplement. So totally holistic

  • What would be a good starting milligram

  • to be honest, I don't remember, but you cant really OD on it, if you do, you just get bad diarrhea. I started with the daily recommended dose and it should take a week or so to feel the effects. I noticed immediately though.

  • Magnesium not helping me unfortunately ☹️

  • Depends on the type you're taking, if it is oxide then it's pointless. Check the ingredients, buffered also is rubbish.

  • I have the exact same symptoms been living with them everyday for 3 years feel like I'm gasping for air like it doesn't come natural to me I also feel like my lungs are gonna just collapse. It makes me so dizzy an confused and I get so fidgety because it feels like torture , i constantly notice my breathing

  • Try Magnesium glycinate.

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