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Hi I'm having a really bad day


Today's episode of yesterday my blood pressure was 88 over 55 my felt sick for a few days sorry I haven't been on here my phone's disconnected I'm actually at the hospital feeling the same way no anxiety butt hopefully everything comes out fine because I feel really sick hopefully things will get better in time hopefully they can find out what's going on they took blood work well hopefully you guys are having a good day I'm going to find out I cracked my tooth so not even severe pain on left cheek all night everyday hurts so bad well let me know how you guys feel it thank you

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So sorry your having a bad day, hoping your home from the hospital by now and relaxing. Sounds like you had a little low blood pressure and that will make you feel kinda sluggish, hopefully the docs figured it out. And then to fix the tooth. I have to fix mine too . Hate going to the dentist.i hope your days better tomorrow

hope today is better for you x

Crystal88 in reply to Pat9

Thank you i domt think it will be i think ill be getting devorce soon . I hope your having a good day

Pat9 in reply to Crystal88

sorry to hear that, I went through a divorce many years ago very stressful but in the end so worth it at least you don't live the pain day in day out .hope it is not to traumatic for you xx

Crystal88 in reply to Pat9

Ive suffered enough last year i think ill be more happier to be alone with my kids then dealing with bull crap i know hes not happy with me any more so will see how it goes from today on.

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