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Health anxiety,really bad day


Hi,I'm having a really bad day today,my anxiety is cancer and thinking I havegit it,I have had counselling and have not been to bad lately ,but not good today,panic attacks are back,feeling really down ,just want to curl up in a ball,and ignore the world

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Hiya van,

Bless you, mine is having a heart attack. Freaks me out. I'm sure I'll have one stressing about having one.

Try and relax. Go and lie down if you have nothing on today. I hope these feeling subside soon. Xxx

Thank you,it's not nice is it,it's good to know I'm not the only one who stresses about things ,as people don't understand how you feel and you are ashamed to tell them in case they think your weird !! Xx



HA can feel dreadful when it takes over our every thought

Trying to rationalize it when its at its worse can be really difficult as well !

I used to be worried it was my heart but over the years once I realized that didn't seem to be possible I moved onto other fears

I only have to see something that I feel shouldn't be there & it triggers me of !

Its not easy , but try & give these thoughts as little importance as you can & remember when they come to your mind its anxiety & not the fear your anxiety is creating

Easier said than done I know but you can do it & knowing you are not alone as we understand hopefully helps a little

Hope you are feeling a bit better now :-)




Vanscotland in reply to Hidden

Ooo thank you,your kind words help a lot,you would think I wrote your post ,I'm exactly the same,no I have calmed down a bit hubby is home and he calms me down,again thank you ,Xx

Hi there and welcome :)

This is my fear ( cancer).

I've done CBT now and I'm not that bad now. If you haven't done CBT I would recommend it.

There is also a very good book called "Overcoming Worry" which I'm currently reading and was recommended by my therapist.

I also do mindfulness... Checkout the website "Headspace".

Hope this helps:) xxx

Hi, I have also done cbt and mindfulness ,and it has helped but I have my good days and bad days ,as you probabily have,it's fine to speak to people who know what you are going through ,and understand,I will check out that web site thank you Xx

No problem:) x

Your not alone I also suffer from HA and its hard sometimes I think I have cancer also in my left side cause Ive been having this pain that won't go away its been about 7 months and some days it hurts more then others , I know its hard but you can do this I know you can, I never had a CBT done but I've done some blood work and checked my heart with a cardiologist.

Hi,I know I have been for numerous tests as I was convinced I had bowel cancer or stomach cancer,but came back clear,it was my anxiety that was causing the symptoms,I have lost a number of family members to cancer,including my 7 year old nephew,and I get scared so scared,when I think something is wrong,your symptoms is maybe anxiety as well as it makes things so real,I hope you are feeling better soon ,Xx

What was your semptoms


I too have bad HA...I've had CBT and it helped to an extent. When I don't have any symptoms I don't worry about life or how I feel it's getting to grips with the symptoms and trying to live life anyway that gets me down.

It's funny we are probably the healthiest people out there but worry the most. Xx

Vanscotland in reply to Hidden

Hi,I think it helps to an extent but I personally don't think it will ever leave me,you have to live with it best as you can and it's so hard,and no one is willing to speak about it as we feel ashamed (I do ) but when you come on here there is a lot of people like us Xx


Sorry to hear you are down but I can empathise with you totally.I have also this fear of getting cancer of the pancreas or gall bladder after watching Corrie, earlier this week I had a dream that I was told I had cancer,I got some great comfort from the lovely people on this blog.I too get days when I feel like I am on my own but I promise you we are all here to support each other.I keep telling myself that tomorrow is another day and that it will be a better day. I hope yours will be better too. Bless you x

Hi,thank you,as you say tomorrow is another day,I'm the same as you with corrie I have to watch what I watch as I get to many thoughts going through my head,thinking I have cancer,and it is nice to speak to people who know what you are goingthrough . I have had therapy but I think once you have this you will never ge t rid of it you just have to try and deal with it ,but it's allways there,again thank you ,it's good to talk about it Xx

hey there Vans,aw my eyes filled up reading your post,i truly feel for you,this is my health anxiety all the time(my top arms and breasts and sides of knees feel bruised if I bang them for example) and just do not know why so the worst thought the big c,i have lost quite a few over past 3yrs to this terrible disease. listen this is how much you want to live,this anxiety is serving you so if you can each day do one small thing out of your comfort zone you will start finding a new and braver you,the list is endless hunni I believe if you can use this anxiety in your favour. hey that's the only way I cope just now with it and hope some day I can be extremely proud,lets do this together x

Hi,o sorry didn't mean to make you feel sad,and yes I'm the same if I can't explain why something is sore or why something has happened ( health ) I start to panic,first response I've cancer,i know what your saying is right,but it is so hard,I have so much graphic memories of my nephew,that does not help,my sister in law did not tell us that he was looking pretty bad,we were just told to go and say goodbye,bit of a strained relationship with our family,as they split up years ago,and she hardly let us see him,that was before he was diagnosed,but I would not wish that on my worst enemy,when we went in the panic set in straight away I just wanted to run ,run as fast as I could away,but I stayed,he was on morphine and coming and going,the bit I feel hard to forget is his skin,it's was turning black,and I have never felt so afraid in all my life,I feel guilty as I am moaning about having this but at least I'm still here,I was scared to touch him but managed to give him a kiss,and tell him I'll see him later as his mother did not tell him he was dying. Then when he passed away his family wanted me to and see him in his coffin,but I couldn't,and they made me feel bad cos I didn't but I just couldn't do it,sorry for the long story,sometimes it's good to share,don't you think it surprising how many of us actually fear this? It's not until you come on to somewhere like this that you realise you are not alone,thanks for the advice I will try,good luck to you to Xxx

I know this post is older but I wanted to see how you were going?? I have these terrible “thoughts” daily!! I suffer horribly from it and the symptoms are soooo real but they are from

Anxiety. It’s crazy!!!

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