my things

my things

i go to college and get money, but im been told what to do with it evan tho its my money. i dont feel confident in the way i look i have propper low self esteem, the only way im okay with the way i look is been fake. my dads recently threw my fake tan out and telling me now to bug extentions. i hate the way i look and tbh the situiation is shit (sorry for swearing) he wont listen to me when i say i need them as he thinks im been daft and wasting my money :-( i dunno what to do, i feel like just staying in my room because everything i like/love is getting took off me:-(


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  • Hi hun

    Its a difficult time at this age and been at college , I have a son at college who gets a little money for going but its not alot

    I have to be honest , I dont tell him what to do with it but he is very sensible so I dont have to

    I think personally that if you are spending the money you get as long as you dont keep asking your parents for more that is ok ...but do you spend it then ask for more ....that could be why they get frustrated

    I think most girls your age & older never like the way they look & you will not be on your own with that one , but I bet you are beautiful but maybe have low self esteem , that is maybe what your dad is trying to say but going about it in a clumsy way , as sometimes Dads do

    Can you talk to your Mum about how you feel , is she about to talk to ?

    Maybe if you find when you try & speak to your parents it ends up in a shouting match , that like you have written a blog on here you could write down how you feel & leave it them to read it

    Also at college they have counselling , have you thought about having a chat with them about how you feel at the moment , they are very supportive

    Welcome to the site




  • i get £40 a mounth and i never ask my dad for money apart from if i borro, but if i do i pay it strait back once i get paid, i carnt talk to my mam apart from when she phones me cause shes in the hospital. and eeee i didnt know i could talk to people at college xxx

  • Right I see my love , well your Dad might be thinking that 40 a month should be enough without you having to borrow , & i dont no but maybe he is struggling with money & the stress of your Mum been in hospital & thinks if you didnt buy these things your money would go futhur

    Could you not put a little away everytime you get paid to make sure you have enough to live of & if anything is left get the things you want ..that way if you are not borrowing , & he says anything you can say "well I dont ask you for anything " just a thought , I do understand where you are coming from , but can also see where your Dad might be coming from , even though he should not shout at you & talk instead , but maybe he is under pressure & even parents get it wrong when we are ...we are not perfect either lol

    Yes there should be counsellors in college , think you should have "student support" its called , go along & see if you have & have a chat , its just between you & them & they are very good , I think this would help you

    Please believe me when I say you wont be on your own in how you are feeling , lots of young people feel the way you do , but you are beautiful

    Ask in college hun & keep coming on here if it helps to talk




  • i think if your dad is not listening to you you should write him a letter. x

  • he said im just been daft, tbh it is a daft thing ano but it means so much to me to have my things xx

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