Nervous before a party

Hello. Im supposed to go to a party tonight ,its a friend birthday and its a bit of a formal party. But Ive been struggling with DP/DR and Im just anxious,like very anxious about all of this. Im thinking :What if I die? But what if something bad happens to me? and other things and I dont seem to stop worrying. Im worried that I will loose consciuosness and die . I dont know what to do,Im really scared. I feel like I walk somewhere and nothing is real or the colors are weird or Im not real and everything is fake. I feel very numb and scared. Did someone ever felt like this? How to cope with that? Help me


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  • I have these same struggles. It is the scariest thing I have ever had to deal with. When it's happening, it makes me feel scared and hopeless. I feel like I'm going to die, or go crazy. But know that there are so many people out there who deal with this. For the longest time I thought I was alone in this, that it was so bizarre that no one could be going through dp/dr but they do. Stay strong. God bless

  • You are not alone I feel like this everyday I wake up .. But I always think what am I doing to change this feeling besides finding different stories relating to my problems

  • Do you have dpdr on and off or all the time?

  • Well,its pretty constant..a have some periods in day when they are very minimal.

  • Ive had dpdr for almost one and a half year because ive been obsessing about it, its almost gone now and i function normally again, what helped me was keeping active and not let it bother me,it gets worse when you start to avoid things, in the beginning it really sucks but after a while it will lessen, you wont drop dead from this and it will go away but it needs some work. And also be careful with alcohol hangover and dpdr is hell but a few drinks should be fine at least thats been my experience. Keep positive its anxiety related but can be a very stubborn symptom and scary because of how weird and uncomfortable it is.

  • Hard to believe but this is a very common side effect of anxiety. You are also experiencing anticipatory anxiety or the "what ifs". The feeling of unreality and what if I pass out or die while out or at home. Dr Claire Weekes wrote a book I read years ago, hope and help for nervous suffering. Look it up and read it. It talks about all these symptoms. I find that keeping busy is extremely helpful for me. When negative thoughts pop in your head, tell yourself, it's just anxiety, it will pass. I know it's hard to do, but with practice it does help. Hope today is a better day. God Bless.

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