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Need Someone i can conversate and get advise from.

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So lately ever sense two days ago i been getting these strange feelings like thinking negative like about death and sicide like negative that dont leave my head im getting a bit scared about this because i never felt this way and i dont know the reason why probably because i been seeing alot of news people dying and getting killed it scary the world my vision feels like a unreal ,dreamlike vision like everything is fake or a dream i know im not crazy it just negative thoughts in my head that wont leave and its getting me upset and down about it.

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Johnnie you need to accept the fact that you have anxiety and it sounds like depression now too. You need to see a therapist and take medication if prescribed.

I had all your symptoms and I got better with medication and therapy

You had the thinking about the sucide thing like in your mind messing with you everyday

Yes I did I felt so bad I thought the only way to get relief was to take an overdose

yeah i keep thinking negative alot its annoying

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

Johnnie, you need to tell someone about these thoughts. Are you on new medication? Is this all coming from the state of the world now a days??

I agree with Jamie2018 in that you need to see a therapist to get the help you need. Stay safe Johnnie...

i never had nun of this

I never did either until I got it

I also got the dreamlike feeling like I wasn't there it's from extreme anxiety. It's called depersonalization

And derealuzation

yeah i need to dind away to get the negative thoughts out my head and also how do you feel now though?

100 percent better

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Agora1 in reply to Jamie2018

:) x YES

Yes Johnnie likeagora said. When I wanted to take all my pills it scared me and I called my Dr. Right away and she told me to go to the emergency room which I did. I was there for maybe 3 or 4 hrs and they gave me medication for anxiety and I felt better. I know you and others are afraid to take that sort of medication but it's better than feeling like you do a lol the time. You could take a chance on taking medication and feeling better or not take it and just feel worse and worse

yeah but im talking about you had the negative thoughts just racing in your mind ?

Yes Johnnie I did

And it all started after smoking weed

how long you had it for ?

It was a long time ago but it was 9 months til I got help

i got a year and half or so almost already but now i got the death feeling in my head that wont leave and also im

worried about that its like i got to fight

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Miss-P74 in reply to Jamie2018

Hi Johnnie. I have these thoughts. There intrusive thoughts. I don’t intend to take my own life and never plan it. I was told by a therapist that it was the anxiety and nothing more. Soon as I had a thought I panicked. It’s very scary.

My thoughts was kill myself. Chuck myself under a bus and so on. It got very bad and I went to GP who gave me some Citalapram but all they did was make the intrusive thoughts worse so came off them. I’m starting to read a book and understand my anxiety. I also am starting CBT therapy this week.

Speak to a therapist and hopefully your find some answers Hang in there!

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Minnie87 in reply to Miss-P74

Good for you miss-P74.

I think its really brave to confront anxiety head on.

And understanding it makes such a difference i think x

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Miss-P74 in reply to Minnie87

Hi Minnie87 I have only just tried to face it. It’s unbearable the thoughts. Really scares me so much. I know this isn’t me though. I’m not about to take my life. But the thoughts seem so real at the time. The panic the comes so high and I get frightened. Can last for hours. Then the panic leaves me I’m ok!

I didn’t like the meds. Wasn’t for me. I’m not suicidal. That’s the hardest thing to understand in yourself when you have these thoughts. It’s just anxiety playing with your mind

Absolutely terrifying.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Miss-P74

im terrifyed right now aswell thinking about it i dont know why i keep having it in my mind when its not me

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Miss-P74 in reply to Johnnie1234

It’s your anxiety I’m sure. If you can download the book and have a read now. Or there is a fab anxiety app too which a few fab people on here have said to read. It’s called anxiety no more. Please have a read of them. I hope they can help you as they did me.

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Minnie87 in reply to Miss-P74

I totally understand what you mean.when you feel a certain way for so long.the thoughts can be very scary and make you feel that you are losing yourself.but you arent.

Its that horrible cruel anxiety just playing with your mind.

The fact that you are having CBT therapy and are reading all about it is fantastic and the start to recovery.

Always here if you need a chat x

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Miss-P74 in reply to Minnie87

Thanks Minnie87. Like wise 😊

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Miss-P74

for real how long you had that feeling for? and how can i get rid of that

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Miss-P74 in reply to Johnnie1234

I’ve had them for years Johnnie. The panic also for years. It just doesn’t go away over night I’m afraid. Please understand it could be the anxiety playing with your mind. It does this. Makes you believe things that are not real. I’m no doctor so I would advise you speak to a therapist they understand a little more if your GP doesn’t.

Go for a walk or do something that distracts your mind for a while till you calm down. I listen to a headspace too a meditation app a lot. Anything to settle me.

But now I’m reading a book Just started this evening Dr weeks it’s called self help for your nerves. Maybe give that a read. It really helps to understand how the anxiety works. Let us know how you do.

Please keep positive

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Minnie87 in reply to Miss-P74

That book is amazing x

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Miss-P74 in reply to Minnie87

Just started it. Had many suggested it. Will be my bible for now!

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Minnie87 in reply to Miss-P74

It is the best she is talking directly to normally a bit sceptical about self help books but this one is fantastic x

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Agora1 in reply to Miss-P74


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Johnnie1234 in reply to Miss-P74

Ok thank you

You're having intrusive thoughts. This happens when your brain has been over worked from anxiety and depression. The brain starts to mid fire and send random thoughts through to see what triggers you. I'm going to send you a few links here for you to look at.

Read this book:

Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT-Based Guide to Getting Over Frightening, Obsessive, or Disturbing Thoughts


Looking into changing the way you view these thoughts. Your brain is keeping them around cause you react to them. I know it sounds crazy. Your brain is hardcore to protect you. So when you have sudden anxiety and fear from the thought, your brain thinks your in danger and will bring the thought up automatically to see if you're still in danger. What helps is to not fight the thought. Let it exists in your mind don't let it get arise out of you. Trust me this helps.

You also do need to see someone to talk about your anxiety and depression. This will help, cause you're talking to someone. Getting it all out.

Also remember a lot of people have these thoughts, normal people like you. The only difference is they know it's fake and just a thought. And can move on with their day.

Be safe and hope this helps


where are the links i even woke up with negative thoughts aswell now

Email me,

I'm going to help you out. I'll send you all the rescourses I use and hopefully they will help.

Nathan :)

ill email you now

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