How do I accept that anxiety is causing my physical and psychological symptoms, after having tests done and it all came back okay, so hard:(

Well, where do I start? I am going through constant anxiety, feeling sick every day to the point where I feel like I am going to throw up but I never do, chest pains because with this I have trouble breathing properly which causes me to panic, I get weakness in the knees, sweating, hot flushes, it has made me depressed and I am crying all day everyday which gives me headaches. My problem is, I just cannot accept anxiety is doing this to me! I really really can't, I had blood tests done and they can back okay and that it is a psychological thing and that's what started the depression off, because I felt as if I was going mad because I thought and still think there is something medically wrong with me and I'm so scared that it is getting worse and I am going to die! My mum is finding it very hard as well but keeps trying to reassure me that there is nothing medically wrong, my worse thing is the sickness, as I am not good with sick at all it just makes me worse, my mum tries to say to me that I have been going through this for the past 3 months and I have not been physically sick and I am not going to be sick, and then in return I say yes, but I get so close to being sick that is why I can never be sure that I am not going to be. I literally cannot accept it is anxiety (What I am going through is making me depressed and crying all day everyday) making me feel so ill as I am so convinced and so sure that there is something medically wrong with me, it's like I am pushing anxiety to the side and every night am trying to find what other things could be wrong and end up diagnosing myself with this and that and it makes me worse but I cannot stop it. I'm not going out, I haven't been out of my village in two weeks, I'm not going to college, not seeing anyone, my boyfriend of 2.5 years is finding it hard but is being amazing even though we aren't seeing each other much because of this. I feel like I don't know what is going on with my body and I don't know what to do. I feel so sick and it just comes on like a sudden rush of it and it scares the hell out of me because I feel like I don't know what is going on. Everytime I burp my brain has gone into feeling sick constantly so I automatically feel like I am going throw up . I'm only 16 and I should be enjoying life. I am on my 5th day of anti-depressants and I am starting therapy soon, but because I don't believe anxiety is doing this to me, I don';t see how any of this will help/work because I am convinced there is something wrong. Any advice or anyone like me?


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  • Hi Loulou,

    It's really hard but you somehow need to accept that it is anxiety that is causing all of these symptoms. It's so horrible that your mind can make you feel so physically ill, if you read some of the other blogs and questions on here you'll see that you are not alone. I have had a lot of problems with feeling sick as well, when things were really bad for me it stopped me going out, seeing friends, going to Uni etc. But isolating yourself can then make it harder for you to get back out there and live normally again. You are lucky to have your mum and boyfriend there for you, it really is difficult for the people that care about you to cope with it, I don't believe that anyone can really understand anxiety unless they have had it themselves. My partner is also very supportive and patient, but I know that he doesn't really understand the things I'm going through, which then makes me feel guilty because I know he feels distant from me.

    I can also relate to you thinking you're going to be sick after a burp or something, on a bad day every single gurgle from my stomach or slight ache or twinge in my stomach or throat makes me panic as I suddenly think I'm going to be sick or that I've caught something thats going to make me sick. But after a year of having these symptoms I haven't once thrown up, and I'm finally beginning to realise that its simply because I'm feeling anxious and that I'm not physically unwell. The sooner you can accept that anxiety is the reason for these symptoms, the sooner you can work towards feeling better! I'm not on meds myself but I think they can take a few weeks before you start to feel the benefits of them, so stick with it. You are very young so you still have your whole life ahead of you and plenty of time to feel better and lots to look forward to, I know it doesn't feel that way at the moment but every little step you take is a step closer to getting better. xx

  • I just don't know what to do. I am really convinced there is something medically wrong that is making me like this. My get stomach pains, I am constipated but then like the doctor said anxiety- stressing out slows down your digestive system etc but I just don't believe it! I am complete hysterics, crying my eyes out right now. My mum got back from work yesterday and she squeezed me so tight while I was crying into her, I kept on saying it's hopeless, I'm not going to get better, nothing is going to work, I feel like I am going mad, I am convinced there is something medically wrong with me, I cannot accept it is anxiety because I just don't believe anxiety can be doing this to me, my life has changed so much, and then my crying got worse into me making squeaking noises because I couldn't breathe and then my mum got upset to see me in such a state. They all say once I can accept anxiety rather than trying to fight against and try to find other things wrong with me, the easier it'll get for me. I keep on looking for someone to tell me there is something medically wrong like a brain tumor, cancer, a disease but no one is telling me what I want to hear. I just don't see how the anti-depressants and therapy will work when I don't believe my symptoms are anxiety and then to be told it is psychological, well that just hurts and makes me feel liek I'm going mad and I feel like I have no idea what is going on with me. Is this really anxiety/health anxiety, depression and panic disorder? Please someone:( x

  • Yes Lou this is really anxiety, its awful and can take over your life. I know it can make you feel like you're going mad, I remember being convinced that I was seriously physically ill and couldn't understand why I always had stomach pains, headaches, dizziness, as well as actual digestion problems and feeling sick all the time etc. But it can really do all of this to you. I know its scary and difficult to accept but you will get through it. Keep posting there are lots of lovely people on here who know exactly what you're going through xx

  • But then I say, what if isn't Anxiety? How do you know? Omg:( x

  • i have wondered this about myself many many times, it is really difficult to accept that your mind can make you so physically unwell. I know it's easier said than done, but try and take your mind off of it all whether you listen to music or read or something every day, and you may find that some of the feelings subside a little. And once the meds take hold you will likely feel a difference... xxx

  • How long does it generally take to accept it's anxiety taking over your mind? I know it isn't just something I can accept just like that and no one can convince me, but nothings works. Yeah, tonight will be my 5th night of my anti-depressants, so I guess just be patient then? x

  • I suppose it does depend on the individual, it took me a few months before I accepted that anxiety was to blame for my symptoms but I still get the occassional stomach pain or dizzy spell which catches me off-guard and makes me panic until I have to remind myself again. But you will get there especially if your symptoms start to reduce once your antidepressants start working. Just be patient and take each day as it comes for now, some days will be more difficult than others but you will get there xx

  • I think in my heart I know it is anxiety but I just don't want to believe it. But it's sending me crazy it really is. I've only just started the anti-depressants so like you say, just be patient. x

  • Loulouxox, I have light headed and short of air every single day and it last just about the whole day- It only gets 60% better when I take my xanax 0.5 daily which is a very low dose. Once I'm 100% sure is anxiety I will increase the amount with another anxiety medication that is not addictive. Don't get me wrong, I thing xanax is great but prefer something that is not additive but if I can't find a good replacement I would have no problem staying with xanas if I can keep the dose without abusing. ( which so far in 45-60 days I have done great). Now, I highly suggest you call your boyfriend and go to the beach, an open space where you feel free. Enjoy the day, it helps alot. Stay positive. ;-)

  • Keep taking the medication and keep counseling sessions have patience and give the meds time to build in the system to begin working... it's not gonna happen overnight...

  • I know this post is old but I'm hoping your still on here, im finding the same exact thing about me please help me, how did you get through it ?

  • Hi

    I never reply to threads but I saw you were asking for help on this thread and wanted you to know I'm here. I have terrible panic disorder and am currently going through anxiety while I am typing this. I get pains across my chest which make me think I'm having a heart attack and then I get a hot flush and feel dizzy. I google about anxiety and reading people's experiences help me enormously. What is your anxiety like?

  • Hiya, I'm going through the exact same thing as the girl wrote 4 years ago. I have been through it before and got over it. So I know I can do it again. I listened to relaxing beach sounds on YouTube when I felt realllyy bad, took myself somewhere quiet, and read lots of posts of other people going through the same thing, which kind of puts my mind at rest it IS anxiety and we are not ill. I hope you are ok :( it's the worst feeling

  • U should take anxietypills thats what helped me.

  • It can calm the systems but then the doctors treat u like an addict

  • I am 51 and experiencing severe anxiety. If the brain can only shut down for a while. People try to tell u to try mediation to relieve anxiety but the brain needs to shut down

  • Hello lou your nit on your own lovie x I suffer the same way x you think how can anxiety cause you to feel so ill x I've been suffering for about 3 months now x feeling sick pains in throat shoulders chest stomachE x don't want to go out very heady dizzy x just want to stay at home x feel safer there x I didn't go to work for 4 weeks frightened to ho back x but I needed to get some normality back in my life x so I really had to push myself into doing it x and got back to work x still getting very anxiety but just keep trying to tell myself to calm down x but not easy x

  • I am going to say this. You are me when I was 16. Today is a bad start. But I got to tell you something so important. It's hard to except. I am 27. Still have these systems. Someday I feel how you are. I think I'm crazy. I get sick and can't alway do my wifely and motherly dudies . I have support from my husband. I go to consolingly and it helps. I still feel like throwing up almost everyday still. But I get through it because it sucks to be sick. But god is with you to get you by day to day. Most days I can't even leave my room. But I have a child 2 dogs and a husband. They force me to get up. And sometimes I'm grumpy. But other days I feel like I winning. I pulled off feeling sick as a dog, making husband and son breakfast. And did most dishes and cleaned the living room. Just set a goal. Any one. Brushing my teeth is heard Bc it makes me nauseous. But if I do that, half the dishes and clean the living room. And make one meal a day. I have a problem eating sick to. Take two bites and can't eat anymore. It's hard. And hard to admit to. Bc we are supposed to control where our mind goes. And sometimes we just can't. Being sick is the worst part for me to. I was never sick growing up. But I always had anxiety and after I started my pd and grew up a bit, that's when it started getting physical. I only threw up 3 times last week. Got my pd today and threw up. Has a lot to do with stress. And to be honest it's nice to tell someone younger them me that even though it seems like a death sentence. It's not. You do get through it. You do have fun. But that is also with surrounding yourself with people who will alway push you. Not belittle you. Just take your hand and walk out with out. I'm praying for you. God gets me through it to be honest. ❤

  • Can you tell me if the anxiety is non stop feeling in your stomach or heart.. or do you get breaks. mine is NON ending.. it NEVER EVER STOPS.. plus a ton of other horrible physical symptons. No meds work on me.. I would like to talk with you..

  • Same. 😢

  • Hey! I am suffering form anxiety too and I have the same problem with you! Every day I feel sick and that something is wrong with me! I have checked myself and everything is fine..but negative thoughts keep messing with my head telling me that I am not fine! I can't remember when it was the last time that I felt happy about my life! Everything it will be okay we just have to accept that anxiety can do such a harm! I hope the best for you 🙂

  • Hi do you have a email so I can talk to you about my situation and maybe you could give me some advice?

  • Hello Lou

    I am so sorry to here you are having a rough time, regarding your sickness this is a long shot but try some ginger ale this helped a friend of mine considerably something in the drink offsets the feeling of sickness. I from a young child have hated being sick and can understand how you are feeling and trying to cope with it. Regarding diagnosing yourself will make the situation worse i say this because i use to read medical books all the time and the moment i had a symptom i use to think i have this that and the other. I suffer panic attacks and anxiety and i agree its a curse like being in a black hole and seeing noway out. Lou you will start to feel better once the anti-depressants kick in and have some therapy that will give you some positive factors.

    I had a doctors appointment yesterday and as i walked in the door i just offloaded everything although i was crying and shaking i am going to start medication today and hopefully see a therapist.

    I understand your so young to be coping with this but try and take one day as it comes. Many people here can listen give advice and help you. No one can accept anxiety but i promise you your not alone.

    If you want a chat i am here to listen

    Good Luck

    Take care Seyi x

  • I have messaged you Seyi x

  • Lou i would agree with KLMF

    Best wishes

    Love Seyi x

  • Hi Lou this is exactly how i felt 9 years ago i lost my father to a heart attack and at the time dont think i accepted it he had gone and focused on my poor old mum who was devastated and my 3 young children who my dad worshipped then this christmas i started feeling strange terrible thoughts fears in my head nightmares and then would wake in a panic attack i had never experienced something so so scary and couldnt explain to anyone these weird and terrible feelings through my body i would wake up literally wet through with sweat couldnt breath pains in my chest shakes everything and in the morning i couldnt get off the loo felt phsyically sick crying all the time when my partner went to work i was petrified of being on my own and my poor old mum would have to walk to my house at 6 in the morning i was so affraid and felt like i was going to die then i got off balance and dizzy spells the doctor seems to think everything has caught up with me had a virus at christmas worked and worked my dad died 6th jan day before my birthday and everything just took its toll on me i do now have good days and am now driving again but still have this constant fear that i have something physically wrong mainly my heart i have had bloods ecgs 3 times now and had my 24hr monitor on monday and am now anxiously waiting for my results for that and then wed had another bad turn and ended up in hospital again with these pains in my chest so i know exactly how you feel is this anxiety we keep asking how can something make us feel so ill and worried all the time but i came on here and there are some wonderful people who really give you support and they understand us better than anyone because they have suffered and suffering the same as us have you been to see your gp and are you getting any help from them let me know how you do and keep blogging xxxxxxxx

  • Dear Lou

    As the others have said, yes this is what anxiety etc does. It does make you feel like you have a serious physical problem and you thinking you have a brain tumour and anything to avoid accepting it's anxiety. I have had the same conversation with doctors asking them if I had some sort of chemical imbalance because I could not understand why I got in a state just like you.

    It will take about a fortnight for the meds to adjust your levels so you may feel high/low moods. However, it's not you it's the anxiety making you this way and I'm so glad you have are at least doing something about it. I didn't get help till i was 19 and screwed up my college because of it. Don't let the anxiety make you do the same. All the people on here can relate to you in some way and believe me, from experience, you don't want cancer.

    Keep posting and we will help you out.


  • hi loulou

    i know how you feel as i am like you and can't accept that it is all down to anxiety. don't give up. read a book called self help fpe your nerves by claire weeks ans go on to a website called anxietynomore www.anxietynomore. good luck xx

  • When I feel anxious I usually get a dry mouth, start sweating and shaking, look for ways to escape, feel like I'm losing control, feel too hot. There are physiological changes to our bodies when we experience anxiety:

  • Hi Loulou

    Hope you feel a little less isolated and alone in your plight after reading all these marvellous blogs go to = do check out this website they are one of the main Mental Health charities in the UK - they have access to lots of help and support available go to the A-Z of Mental Health for a very good explanation of the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety. most of us are experiencing them in varying severity from day to day but for someone as young as yourself you will be very scared - do you have any idea what has sparked your anxiety off - something which has happened in your life most probably will have, could possibly be an emotional crisis or a stress response - if you can pin point what is causing it you can then start to find a way to work through and possibly understand your anxiety. Cognitive Behavoural Therapy can be very good for Anxiety it looks at challenging your thoughts as our thoughts both negative and positive lead to emotions you have to kind of pick it apart it takes some practice but it is worth it. hope this helps a little take care XX Jan


  • I am 13 and i'm the exact same as you. It's so hard and I always feel like there's something else wrong with me! It's so hard to have Anxiety as i'm 13, and I just need someone to talk to but my mum just doesn't care sometimes and says i'm overreacting because it happens on the weekends and at nighttime. I need it to stop! I hate it :( x

  • Hello

    I noticed this was a long time ago but I wanted to check to see how you are doing?

  • How are you doing loulou?

  • Awwww bless you!!! Try and buy some books on positive thinking as anxiety is so powerful that it affects our ability to think positive, it makes us worry too much!! So by studying positivity you are basically retaining your mind to remember that very good things can happen too not just bad things. Write a list every day of all the good things that has happened to you, include your best qualities, achievements etc and say them out loud! This will build your confidence again. It will make you feel stronger and like you can do things again. These two things really have helped me on my journey to freedom xx

  • Hi

  • Very late reply sorry... Hi, I'm 13 and think must have anxiety. It is really distracting me from going to school.. I have never had it before, and I think its because I'm in a new year at school. I really want it to stop

  • Please, visit the following website. You will find lots of useful information on many different natural products and therapies that can be used to stop anxiety and panic attacks. Symptoms, causes and solutions are described.

  • Loulou. I know that I'm very late with this. You may not even follow up on this anymore. I hope you are okay. I believe what you have is emetophobia.

  • I can totally sympathise, I have suffered with emetophobia since I was a little girl at school. Generally now I am good but I know every year when the weather changes and people get colds and bugs it becomes unmanageable and I find I'm so self consumed in checking my symptoms and because of the anxiety 'feeling' them. Any tummy noise or digestion issues, I worry. I've had 2 successful rounds of CBT but I just can't knock it on the head.. I'm going to try hypnotherapy now.

    Hope everyone who posted its feeling better than they were now, anxiety is a slow long bumpy road but there must be a way to get back onto the steady easy path of anxiety free life!

  • Totally understand. At the moment I am really struggling. Panicked attacks go on for weeks and with the nausea which means I don't eat or have to force myself. Can't see a way our and am really really finding it hard. I have 4 children but haven't even been dressed or left the house in 4 weeks my partner has had to do everything. I just feel so lost and hopeless I want this to end any way now I am getting to the point where I just sleep and cry. This is not a nice place to be and if it wasn't for the kids I don't think I would still be here. Being emetaphobic coping with nausea constantly is becoming impossible.

  • It's horrible and really tough because you're just constantly battling with your own thoughts and actions. If you wanted to message me feel free I've been to different therapies which have helped a lot there is just still that thought process I can't shift. X

  • Hi this is excatley like me at the minute and desperate to find some one to talk to.Can we talk through private message/email at all?Sammi

  • Omg this is exactly me, I've been like this for 2 years it's awful just no that you are not alone always someone to talk to.

  • I have the exact same as you. I have anxiety everyday and panic attacks its very hard to deal with. I think im dieing most of the time but its all in our heads. Try get to threapy if you can as medication is not the long term answer i have been on every anxiety drug possible now and they dont work no more...

  • Hi.

    You're not alone. Do not ..DO NOT say / think / or feel that . I hope you see this lol it's like a 2 yr old thread lol..i am going through the exact same thing. I am seeing my counselor soon to look for solutions. I had colitis a while ago but NO ONE believed me because of my anxiety. I had called to be taken to the clinic twice , because I was out of whack . Earlier, I'd complain but no one would believe me because I went to clinics before only to find out it was my anxiety. Anxiety comes in various ways for us . & I am still learning about this.i didn't have anxiety like this before . Anyways , so the first initial clinic I went to denied to see me twice because they thought I had anxiety , then went to one other clinic , luckily they took me & the dr was amazing .she was understanding , kind & treated my issue. But ever since then my health anxiety went nuts. I have neck pain but I've been having that for a while. Well, after I took benzos ..the neck issue came & went. After my antibiotics to treat my stomach , my neck issue is also a back issue too. I think I have a pinched nerve . &'that sucks ..all kinds of aches go on. & with my anxiety , I think it's always more than what it is. My ma has been annoyed by all of this, well I am too. I have people who pretend to care then complain after . I'm not proud of running around everywhere, having my anxiety get to me. But don't you feel like every ache is something more than what it is ...? I do too. My ma has to tell me it's fine , daily. It's that rough for me. I really wish I had someone who was more patient & kind towards me . I mean it's not like I like having this. If I could , I would trade in being normal again . BUT, think about it. Anxiety , in reality is harmless. To us, yes it is CHAOTIC. Yes , in reality those physical things we get are happening . Let me tell you, do not ever think they are not lol. You are feeling that. But , is it a persistent thing .. You know? Distinguish between what's actually something & what's simply anxiety. That's what I have to learn , too. i mean to have a clinic turn you away & look at you like you're nuts when you're actually going through something ? That's what gave me a bit of stress beyond belief. For months , complaining & it's only been panic attacks. But this one occasion it was a stomach issue that could've been more , if I didn't stay persistent & act on it. That's what I dwell on . I have since wrote a complaint to that clinic & the people who took me to the clinic . I remember explaining similar signs of colitis to them , & they looked aggravated & still wrote off my complaint as anxiety ..I was out of whack I didn't speak up & say no. They took advantage of that opportunity & allowed me to make a fool of myself & I trusted in them. I complained of pelvic pain & they made me walk from my steps to the truck . But alas, I got through it. This shows how people look at you , in general but also if you have anxiety. People (some) do not care. Well, that was my story lol . I do think you will get better. I'm glad you're seeking a counselor to guide you along the way of managing this. You do NOT let anxiety hold you back .. Yes you are young, so be it! Lol channel that anxious energy into a hobby you love. Draw it out , sing it out . ...whatever. DO NOT WASTE YOUR CHILDHOOD/TEEN YEARS INDOORS. You will regret it. Even if you're only comfortable in your backyard , get out there love. Get out there. Try not to get to dependent on anti-depressants too. I got somewhat dependent on benzos for a bit, which had me in the house for a while. It's not fun lol. Social media was my friend, though . But , get out ..make some new friends. Try , baby steps & update us on what's going on. :)) hugs sent your way ..**** :) sc

  • 1.Its been two years since your first post so hopefully you've started to cope more with your illness and if you started medication it should be helping. I have a couple things to tell you that NO ONE else will ever tell you. #1 If your taking birth-control it could be causing your anxiety/depression #2 Migraines can trigger anxiety and depression and also contribute to almost ALL symptoms experienced with anxiety, but like anxiety if migraines are contributing there is little you can do #3 Anxiety is NOT a mental illness, it is a physical disease. Anyone who tries to convince you that you should live with anxiety because it’s a mental illness is an idiot, you need support from people who understand what anxiety is, like a psychologist or psychiatrist. #4 Even if your anxiety is caused by some other underlying health problem, you will forever be prone to suffering anxiety attacks and relapses of how do you get better? Well you don’t but you can help alleviate your symptoms. For starters get your hormones checked if you’re a woman and if you’re taking any type of synthetic hormone STOP ASAP! If you get migraines, figure out the triggers them and try to prevent them if possible, get all other (even little) health problems under control. NEXT- You must learn to live with a chronic and debilitating disease just as one does with MS or Hepatitis or AIDS because anxiety is a chronic debilitating disease. There will be times, maybe even years that you go into remission and then there will be times when you will feel your anxiety is the worst it has ever been. Start to grieve because you do have a chronic disease that will affect you your whole life and yes life is going to be hard and things will never be the same BUT the good news is, you CAN live with anxiety and be happy, I promise. Cognitive therapy will be good for you. The best coping mechanism is, What is the worst thing that could happen? Are you going to die, No, are you going to pass out, maybe, are you going to feel uncomfortable Yes! but just like millions of others learn to cope with chronic pain you will learn to cope with those scary and uncomfortable feelings....and in the end you will feel empowered, and humble and blessed. Yes anxiety can be a blessing, it forces you to appreciate the little things in life, you will learn to cope with feelings and emotions that will tear others apart and you will be better prepared for tragedy and illness. The experience of anxiety and panic attacks have been compared to the feelings of a person suffering from a heart attack, a soldier facing combat and even a person experiencing the tragic loss of a close loved one. These are real emotions and feelings but you can and will learn to deal with them. And these are just some of the things no one will ever tell you….why?....I can’t be sure but the best thing you can do is talk about it find other people older than you or that have suffered with anxiety and learned to live with it, they will be your guiding lights in your quest to feel normal again. Just remember, any day you can walk out of your house, slip on the soap, have a heart attack or die from a million silly little things, you will come to grips with this one day I promise, one thing that really helped me is I learned to take my Blood Pressure. I work in the medical field and the reason that you always get our BP checked is it’s a prime indicator that you are suffering from a life threating illness, just having the peace of mind that your BP is within normal limits will help you experience relief from your anxious feelings that something is terribly wrong. If, while monitoring your blood pressure, you get a systolic reading of 180 mm Hg or higher OR a diastolic reading of 110 mm HG or higher, wait a couple of minutes and take it again. If the reading is still at or above that level, you should seek immediate emergency medical treatment. Low blood pressure is of little concern as one of the only times you experience low BP is if your in shock and you would be too ill to take your BP if you were in shock ;) You'll notice when your triaged in the ER or anywhere else they use your BP to determine the severity of your illness (this is why you see so many people in the waiting room, its because they have stable stats and are actually non-emergent). I hope this helps, anyone reading this board and looking for a little honest and real advice on anxiety :)

  • I am kind of going through the same thing i have health anxiety and i keep thinking im going to have a heart attack because my chest feels tight and stupid things like that but i just cant help it i worrie about every thing

  • Hello LouLou. I can heavily relate to how you feel. I'm going to be 23 next month and I've been dealing with this for a couple months. But now that I think about it, I've suffered with this for many years, I have just covered it surprisingly well with alcohol. Not that alcohol is effective in any way when it comes to anxiety, but I will admit it made me feel better. Especially social anxiety. I guess being a heavy drinker, I never understood the reason I drank. The drinking got to the point where it was causing heavy depression and the can you have to open either way with alcohol, all the terrible things that come from an addiction. I quit drinking and my self confidence sky rocketed because I saved myself! But underneath the drinking was countless thoughts and feelings, I thought I had more of a handle on. The moral of It all is, I feel the way you do. I get any thought, let's say snowboarding (been an issue of mine). The last couple times I've been up to the mountain, I'll get out of the car wth all my gear on, walk a bit and then feel either dry mouth or a stomach pain and then I know from there that I'm going to be sick. The panic from feeling sick just makes it even worse and most of the time I never know if I'm going to throw up or not. Like I ate something bad or something, but it's anxiety. I have to sleep off the feeling in the car. Alone. Regroup. Which makes me so upset because I think, who the fuck has to deal with this?! Feeling sick for no reason, all the time?! I know how you feel with the believing it's anxiety. I literally get an image in my head, trying to imagine what is happening in my stomach. It's so hard to believe, it's a feeling instead of something physically going wrong. Like catching the flu. But I want to let you know it's extremely common and your certainly not alone. I got onto this blog thingy just looking at my own symptoms and seeing everyone else post made me feel better, I guess just knowing your not alone. You're not crazy. It's just something we must overcome. I struggle with close friends not understanding and get angry with me 'backing out' of activities I can participate in because I just get sick spontaneously.

    Focus on what it's going to feel like once you've overcome this. Think of the ppl you can help, through your own experience. Much love to you girl, we suffer something that many who have never felt it, don't understand. It not something you chose, but we can choose to rise above it. You will start to feel better, trust me. 💘 life is never stagnant. It's constantly changing. And the beautiful thing about the body, is when you deal with what's causing your anguish, the body heals itself. It's what it's designed to do. Have a beautiful day, love.

  • I'm the same, waiting for my tests results in a few days, ER people dont take me seriously anymlre and refuse to do me an ultrasound, that's all i want, I need to make sure this is only anxiety, not knowing makes my anxiety worse, I have back pain stomach pain a bit of nausea I pee a lot, they say they cant find anything annd only do ultrasounds on energency cases, great so I come home and cry every day and keep taking xanax to calm my anxiety, they don't realize the psychological damage this is causing me, I've been misdiagnosed twice by ER hence my fear I really have something bad (it was endometriosis but this time it's not that, I keep it checked). Few times I laugh or keep distracted , most of the day I'm worrying or in pain or I cry.

    If it's just anxiety then I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

  • Iam just Like you! If u can read some of my post you can relate. Iam so sorry you have to go through this at age 15.. I started to get health anxiety at age 18 and iam 25 i haf to deal with this for 8 years and till this day i CANNOT ACCEPT this anxiety. IT MAKES you feel so bad you cannot believ it is that. I always think i have something in my brain like a tumor etc... It scares the hell out of me. I cant even sleep. But iam still alive and everytime i get an attack its like getting one for the first time over and over again. Just take it easy let the anti depressants do its job ;) your still young hunny do lots of meditation and deep breaths it will help.

  • Loulou,

    What do I have to do to convince you that all of this that you're going through is absolutely anxiety? Anxiety is not just mental. You're feeling these things, and they're physical feelings, not mental ones. So I can see how this is completely maddening for you. Anxiety is not just mental, it's physical too. When your adrenaline is overfiring, that's like syrup pumping through your blood, that is indeed very physical. That makes your heart beat faster, your muscles tenser, and if you're holding your muscles tense over your tummy you're going to have some bubbles. Your digestive tract can either slow down or speed up, mine speeds up. And it freaked me out really bad at first, because I'd be so tense my muscles would get sore. It will be okay girl, I can promise you that. I'll give you the recipe, be conscious of breathing deeply, relax your tummy, and your other muscles, if waves come as you're relaxing, let them, like a wave, know that it will end, and continue trying to relax, readjust if it helps. Take 2 acid reducers to help your tummy, and please please be good to yourself. If there's something that you don't want to do, or think about, allow yourself that.


  • I am just like you!!! I'm 14 years old and I believe I'm struggling with anxiety every day I go into a panic I cry all the time my hands and feet are tingly all the time I feel so tired I get headaches and all the symptoms of anxiety !!! I feel worse in the morning I e told my mom about it and she thinks I'm silly and that its all in my head and it makes me worry even more because she doesn't help me ...I'm going to the doctor soon to see If that's what's wrong...I've had so many test done and my body If fine so I'm sure it's anxiety and it's really effecting my life

  • I know this post is old but I still experience this to this day I'm constantly nauseous and sometimes I can't eat I'm still not sure how to get passed this and how to accept that I am OK if u we're able to do it please help me

  • Hi

    This is exactly how I feel word for word and it is driving me crazy too, this is my third bout of feeling like it, the only things that seem to help a little is counselling and a relaxation dvd. moodjuice do a good one. Take care x

  • Hi I suffer with aniexty and I'm the same I get worried that I have some underlying illness cause of it but like u I have had blood tests and they have came back okay. Im convinced they have missed something. I keep suffering w feeling breathless doctors don't see it but I feel it, they don't seem to understand. I have to accept that it is prob to do w anixety and try to find ways in dealing with it. Just go with it, and go with an open mind to therapy. It's amazing what aniexty does do to us. Maybe try an hypnosis to convince you that there it is nothing serious. I wish u good luck.xx

  • Accepting anxiety is the hardest thing to do. But, It's how you beat anxiety. It's the only way to stop the cycle of adrenaline rushing through your body which kicks off all kinds of crazy things inside you. Accepting the anxiety gives your body and nervous system a break from the constant "fight or flight" chemicals, which allows you to relax. It's so hard to do, but it really is the only way I found to help my anxiety go away.

  • Mrworrymaster, I like your way of thinking.

  • This sounds exactly what I'm like now and it's ruining my life!! Have you got any better?? What was your sleep like when you were going through this?

  • Did u get ova this bad time loulou just read your post but 4 years ago how r u today.

  • Just read this loulou how r u today 4 years ago u were so worried wud lv to no how u r now

  • Hi Louloux

    I'm going through the exact same thing at the moment and was wandering if you had any tips for getting over it?


  • Hi ya hun, I'm suffering with exactly the same, my worry is about heart attacks (even writing the word scares me) I've had an ecg which was all normal but because I keep getting physical pains i still believe something is wrong. What I dont get is that at times I feel chilled and not anxious but still I get physical pains, like i am right now. My mum is amazing and totally understands, but even with her reassurance i still worry 😣. It's draining. Are you on Facebook? Do you want to add me and maybe we can help each other? X

  • Hey guys, I have laid here for hours searching the web to figure out why I feel this way, I have Fibromyalgia but it feels like something life threatening, like a burning sensation from head to toe like a wave of pins and needles and fire.

    I'm so glad and relieved to have come across this post as I was laying here so upset and terrified.

    I have had 3 trips to the E.R in the last 2 weeks because my anxiety is taking over, in my heart I know that but my body tells me "ahhh it hurts, fix it" I'm freezing but too hott and I haven't eaten in weeks except for tiny little bits, I've lost 2 and a half stone in 8 weeks because I'm just so nauseous.

    I'm just so glad for all of you and this topic. I've read through everybody's comments and I'm so glad to see such strong people, you're all inspirations :)

  • Time honestly helps. Under a year ago I had 24/7 anxiety symtoms that made me cry every day and night. Visited the hospital almost every week. I stopped meeting up with my friends and never left my house tbh. But overtime I started to slowly go back and do the things I used to. I started to tell myself "you've had this before and you were fine" "last week it was even worse so you're fine" "you felt like you were gonna die the other day but you were fine" It also for some reason helped me when I reminded myself of my attacks before. Say I had an anxiety attack were my heart was racing and I couldn't breathe and I felt numb and shaky. If I had an attack where I was just shaky and felt breathless it helped me to remind myself how the other one was worse and I was fine. I started going out with friends which helped me get distracted from my symptoms. And slowly go back to my normal life. Even managed to go away for a weekend with my friend. And now a year or so after I still get the symptoms but I know it's anxiety and I'm honestly doing so much better and do more as it doesn't bother me as much. I still get bad days and I think that's something that will stay with me forever but a few bad days is still so much better compared to having those symptoms everyday. It's worse when I don't sleep and not eat and overdose on caffeine. So I always try to get enough sleep. Trust me when I say this. Get comfortable with it. Until you get an attack and you're like "oh it's anxiety again" and you're be okay with it. Don't sit at home go out with your friends. Start doing things to not have too much spare time where you will focus on your symptoms. I didn't think I'd ever get better but here I am. You can do it :)

  • Hi, for the past three weeks i have been battling with anxiety. Am 21 a nursing student and each day i find myself slowly withdrawing myself from classes. I know I have anxiety, but these physical symptoms always make me feel as though something else is wrong with me and the doctors are wrong. I've been to the hospital four times within the past month. I've been told by all that its anxiety, I've had 4 ecgs done and blood works done, all came back normal. But every day that goes on i feel like something is happening. Am starting to feel depress, i just made an appointment to see a therapist so am hoping they can help. I also am going to see if they can prescribe me some type of medication.. But I've stopped watching tv shows because i never realized how much they show a person having a heart attack..and am always feeling like that, so tv has been no help as a relief system. I want to go out and get my mind off things but i find it hard. And the fact that me being a nursing student you would think i would go to work in the hospital, but the hospital were i work takes forever, so i find my self home all the time.

    I just want to know, how did you pull through, i notice you said like go out with your friends( i cnt because, i hae like no ride) But, do you have any...any other way that can help??

    Have you tried any anti-anxiety natural supplement?

  • How are you feeling now? I am going through severe anxiety with multiple symptoms. What did you do to alleviate your symptoms.

  • Im goin thru the same thing right now nausea bad indegestion aches an pains chest pains an i also have aniexty buy im convinced its something worse smh

  • So glad i have found this, loulou i found reading your post as though i had written it, i had my 3rd daughter 4months ago and pretty much soon as i was home i was cleaningg lifting heavy things strecthing hunched over feeding her when after about 6weeks i was getting chest pains and didnt feel right it was scary then my friend had 7 cardiac arrests due to a blood clot i was at the hospital and she died :( so along with my pains and seeing my friend die was traumatic its really effected me, my pains carried on and ended up in an ambulance twice had bloods ecgs all normal went to the drs a millions times explain the feeling etc an they said anxiety i was no this really is physcial pain it was shooting pains and dull ache which went into my arms feel sick sweaty third time at hospital had a lovely dr i was cryig my eyes oit thinking i was having a heart attack everyday i describe what happend from returning home with my daughter and she said it was costochondritis i was like ok... and she gave me naproxen it ease but i have three children and being told not to use these muscles is impossible im in daily pain thinking im going to die :( its all on my left side i go dizzy i get so scared and i dont feel right, my brain never shuts off with the fear of death im absolutley terrified, im not any medication as im far to terrified to take anything incase my body has a bad reaction and i have a cardiac this is my state of mind daily im exhausted and mental drained, i want to enjoy my life with my kids and right now i cant :( xxxx

  • Melissa, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. My anxiety has caused my to believe horrible things. My dad had a heart problem and I convinced myself I did too. To the point where I had panic attacks and a constant racing heart, which only fed the thoughts. Once I got on lexapro I was fine. ReAd about OCD thoughts. It causes you to go into a what if, obsessive thought pattern. Basically with anxiety and OCD you have an anxious thought like "what if I die from a heart attack". Then you start thinking about it and reasoning with it. That then progresses to you reading about it, checking your pulse, and soon you start obsessing. Then you start having panic attacks, palpitations due to your body being under such a stressed starts that you are then convinced. When they scan the brain of people like this their brains are lit up in several places. Whereas a non anxious person only has 1 or 2 areas lite up. It's because you are in overdrive. Your brain is always on. You have all these obsessive thoughts taking place and the brain needs to rest. It's a powerful cycle. I've been through it multiple times. Lexapro and therapy stopped it in its tracks. I even did brain training. One trick - Every time you have a scary what if thought, laugh! Laugh at how funny it is. Then immediately say, "you're fine!" And then think immediately of something happy like laying in a pile of puppies! Or smell something nice like a candle. Or look around at the birds outside. You'll be doing this 100s of times a day but keep doing it. It spins you out of those areas of your brain you've created. As powerful as you are at creating an obsessive thought pattern, you are just as powerful to stop it. One you master this the thoughts will die off and the symptoms will follow. Give to the light -happiness and a state of being ok, rather than darkness and doom. Trust in God and give it to Him and he will carry you out if this darkness. I'm very sorry about your friend. It is terrible but it's also extremely rare. It doesn't happen everyday. Message me if you'd like.

  • Thank you for your reply anxiousamber, today is a bad day again :( i havnt done any cleaning or anything just stood at the sink to do my daughters bottles and now im in agony sorry i wouldnt say agony but discomfort, also the new thing i have been getting over the last few days has been a bubbling/moving/jumping feeling under my left rib its not painful but i know when it happens and for some reason i panic then bang i start having a anxiety attack, im depressed over it i dont fully trust the drs i am with atall so im joining a different one, from reading everyones symptoms of costo i have only got what seems when i do certain things i get shooting pains and a tightness like my skin is being dragged down, and also the tops of my breasts are hard an sore?? Im so sorry about your dad and hope your ok it not nice seeing people you care about in pain/died, you hit the nail on the head... i sometimes feel ok then in my head it will say wow ur feel ok/great then a second later "yet but ur heart can stop or u could have a heart attack" :( im scared frustrated and getting really down about it and also to scared to even do anything, iv tried evrrything, i got naproxen and lansoprazole yesterday, and along side those iv been taking seven seas for bones muscles and cartliage support, i really feel like theres more going on i mean my daughter is only 5month maybe a mixture of my body getting back to normal but trying to recover from this is making me worse, i dread each day and what its going to bring, even when i havnt got any pain i still have this fussy sensation in my chest, sorry for the long post im exhausted and this has been just over 3 months now, il try some of your techniques so thank you for that, i just wish there was a place people with costo can go to help with it and help heal id be there in a shot, but my anxiety stops me from even trying to stretch because im scared it will make it worse :/ x

  • I really don't know what to say I'm exactly the same I feel my lifes on hold. I'm to afraid to have blood test just in case they say I'm dieing and I've got to leave my children

  • Please tell me this gets better. I'm going through the same thing everyday. I am 23 and I'm suffering terribly. Iv been through multiple test. Ct scan of my head, chest, neck, and stomach. I cry everyday thinking I'm dying. I don't leave my bed. I shake and my body doesn't feel like my own. I constantly cry saying my head doesn't feel right. Iv lost 20 lbs and can't eat. I am constantly puking mucus. They said I have a esophagus hernia and that's why I feel so bad but I refuse to believe that is the only thing wrong because I feel so bad. This is ruining my life. I'm barely getting by everyday. I'm so miserable.

  • Hi Guys,

    I never usually write on these things but always read them so i thought i would give it a go. I have the exact same problem im 22 years old and have had this problem for around 8 years. Im currently going through my second lot of tests which all the results seem to be coming back normal for. Until i read this feed i was determined that i had something making me ill like a hormone imbalance or cancer or something. I currently suffer from IBS and having a bad stomach has gave me aneixty due to not wanting to go and show my self up in public. Ive always thought my symptoms were from something else but reading this post has made me second guess myself and agree with my doctors. What if it is aneixty? When i first got ill in secondary school it really hit me i was in class not breathing, sweating, feeling sick nearly every morning with people always starring at me telling me to stop being stupid. It did go a way a little for a while and became a on and off situation but with it being on more than off. My symptoms include the runs, constipation, nausea, vomiting, shaking, heart palpatation and much more. This makes going out places very difficult, unless i know i feel 100% i cant go anywhere as i panic that i could be ill while im there. I am such an outgoing person when it doesnt get to me as i love to travel. I went to sweden on my own and everything yet some days i cant even make it to the shop with my girlfriend. She has been amazing for this but i think it is starting to get to her too as when im ill i get angry with myself and then start to snap at people close to me as i want to shut myself off. When i got to university the first few weeks were awful i was having panic attacks in lecture and doing an enviromental degree i was always having to do field trips which some i had to miss. They took us on a trip to slovakia where due to my illness everyone had to share rooms but me. I got my own making 3 people share one room because i couldnt share. I just dont feel normal. I cant do anything i want to, learn to drive - No, take my girlfriend out for food - No, go on a bike ride with friends - No. On my days off work i literally dont leave my bed most of the time. It got so bad at one point during uni i didnt eat for around a week and a half losing over 5 stone in less than a month. Most of the time i belive people dont believe me as an example i had 6 weeks of therapy through happy minds or something thanks to the NHS and their professional opinion was sorry we cant help you its something youll have to deal with through life on your own. THANKS GUYS. It looks like after my tests in august im being transferred back to the therapist but to an aneixty specialist but every day im checkimg my symptoms up askinh myself do i have this. The only reason i am writing this is because the last 2 and a half weeks ive been off work and other than popping to the shop ive left the house to enjoy myself twice. Being out for a maximum of two hours at a time because i feel sick and have to come home. Ive vomited 3 times in the last 2 weeks, ive let my girlfriend down on plans so many times its starting to depress me, and ive been sick again tonight because all day i havent eaten i then felt that light headed i tried to eat and within 5 hours ive seen it all again. Im on my last straw now and i literally dont know where to turn. Ive never been that bad ive wanted to hurt myself, but my way of self harming seems to be to not let myself have fun. I get nervous, im ill. I get excited, im ill. Do something that isnt a routine, im ill. I just seem like i cant win. Being anxious yet having an outgoing personality is the worst combination, but thanks to you guys on this post im going to contact my gp and agree with them that its anexity and go from there with it so i thank you guys a lot. Most likely will change my mind in the morning lol but im going to try my best and stick to my guns. I hope you guys reading this can relate i know first hand it feels like you are the only one out there with this problem but you arent. If you do read this write a comment talk about it . Whenever i tell people i am anxious it makes me less anxious somehow. I hope you all get the help you need and rememeber you arent alone. I want to thank you all for commenting and changing my outlook and i hope my story will do the same for at least one person out there

    I know there are people worse off than myself and that i shouldnt complain but to me i feel like this is the worst thing in the world i can have. I look at people my age who can go out eat and drink what they like and be fine. Hopefully i will get there by the end of the year and be happy with who i am

  • Hello I know this was a while back but how u feeling iv currently been told I have axiety I watched my nan die it was awful since then I keep freakin out I have difficulty breathing I'm obsessed I'm dying and don't believe my doctor it's axiety I just think there's something wrong I'm so scared I feel like my symptoms are getting worse I can't focus on anything my eyes are funny no one understands

  • I'm a 25 year old male going threw the exact same thing suffered a brain injury a couple of years back and now every little thing sets me into a crippling state of fear which always makes the symptoms worse like trapped wind makes me think appendix is bursting Iv embarrassed my self so many times rushing my self into hospital to be told I'm fine and sent home been a year and a half of hell. I can't say weather it gets easier or not yet but your not alone

  • Woah even though this post is about four years old it basically matches what I think and & feel at the moment

    My summer has been ruined and consumed by excessive irrational health worries

    In which I've been worried for 7 days about a cold neck pain arm pain & back pain which I fear a meningitis probably really irrational

    I mean does a cold give u neck pain?

    On & off for 3 days?

    This why I'm worried

    Eh :/

  • Hey there ! Believe me I know how hard this could be . I have a hard time accepting it as well but try and do things to occupy your mind , push yourself a little more and more each day talk sometime if you need , I'm here for you

  • Honestly just reading this thread made me feel so much better. I know this is an old post but knowing that I'm not alone in this makes me feel better than I ever thought it could. I'm only 17 and I've been terrified for a month now, feeling like I'm definitely dieing even though I know it's just anxiety. I never want to eat but nothing bad ever happens when I do so I just have to press through it even though it's hard. I was honestly on the verge of a panic attack when I started reading this thread but seeing all these supportive people makes me want to cry and I was able to calm myself down and stop feeling sick. LouLou, I hope you are feeling better now and I want you to know that you are not alone, as well as any other people who are struggling with anxiety that find this thread.

  • What you're describing are all common symptoms of anxiety.. a simple google search is all it takes

  • Thanks but I'm better now.

  • You're good. Last year I thought I had brian cancer , sometimes I got so bad I felt like inside my head was leaking, I thought I was dying. Went to serval doctors , well of course they did tests, one said Its was my mind playing with me , and i should go to a mind therapist , of course i never took him on. Went to another doc and I got a mri everything was good, I just put in my head that it's all made up and same day the leak i felt in my head slowed down , and two days later it stopped. I tried to control my panic attacks attacks anxiety for attacks while and it was working until I pulled out a tooth and went and drank monster , got a panic attack and aniexty made me sick , always some sickness, got better until i Got insoMina and of course arniexty after two nights, which lead to acid reflux that got so bad I somehow felt it in my lower abdominal with pains . Now it my m I ND I think I have colon cancer ,I dont know. We just have to get it out of our minds. It's really annoying , stressful. I'm taking moringa and praying .Praying helps a lot.

  • I have been reading these posts for the last half hour as I too am suffering with generalised anxiety disorder.

    Lou I'm posting because I wanted to thank you for coming back after all these years to say you are ok now. Out of all the posts here that is the one that made me feel hopeful.

    Would be lovely to know the rest of your story just to make that hope seem more real :)

    Like.. did the meds help initially? I have just started taking mine 3 days ago.

    Regards Kelly.

  • Huhuhhhh same with me... Blood test result all goes fine but still i doubt the test result....

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