Road to recovery !

I have been having anxiety and panic attack for month . I felt anxious every day like 24/7 for about 3 months. I tried to work out why and it was to do with fear that is something wrong with me medically but it wasn't really.

I was so tired and fed up that I didn't see any way out I really worried that this is never going to change but it did.

I am on the road to recovery because of strong will and hope to get better. I am still suffering with anxiety and even feel panicky sometimes but is so mild that not even noticeable.

You will ask how , well I started from reading a lot of diffrent stories on the Internet and trying to figure it out which of the stories is similar to mine . I was also looking for a cau use of my problems but I really gave up after few weeks because it really doesnt matter . I don't care when and why it started I just want to get better I said to myself and that was the first step to recovery. I changed my lifestyle , diet and I quit smoking and stop caffeine . I have occasional coffee like one a week or so but not more.

I stopped worrying so much why do I feel like this and in my head start thinking that all I feel is a symptom of my anxiety and nothing more . Every day is another way to recovery and it really works .

For all that suffer like me . Trust me there is a hope that we will get better and I really strongly believe it l I don't take any medication and really hope that I don't need to take it ever .

I am still not 100 % and I think it will take time maybe even long time but I don't care because I can control the way I feel and I am better already . I am better than I was weeks ago and bettre than yesterday .

One advise for all . I never stopped living my life , I always carried on like I was healhty . Even that I suffered very high anxiety and panic attacks. I travelled and I got on the plane ( yes it was a hell and I thought I would die but I did it ), I went out and went to croudy places and it was bad. I live and I survived so can you .

I do know now that anxiety is not terminal illness and you can fight it and you can live with it and you can learn to control it .

I am not saying that I am magically cured because there is not magical cure but a long road ahead of you and I you can do it .


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  • Thats awesome! One day at a time! I need to learn to fight this anxiety and live my life, not only for myself but my kids also. I also stopped taking medicine and its hard but ive been trying to live without it. Thanks for the inspiration, keep it up!

  • This is an awesome story! Thank you for your testimonial. I am trying to get where you are now. I lost my job 3 months ago and since then, my anxiety skyrocketed to 1000%. I feel it everyday! I am so tired of feeling this way. I can literally say i am suffering because of the constant thought of dying. I made my Dr appointment finally, so that should put me at ease a little. Thank you for your story, i thought i was alone!

  • Yes , trust me I was there and I feel like now I am so much better. Accept it and learn to live with it . Think of it as just symptom of anxiety . Wherever I feel like I cannot breathe almost daily I say ok this is just a symptom and it will go . I don't try to fight it but let it be. I will go and it does. The same apply to others symptoms you get . Wish you luck . Happy New Yeat

  • You stopped fighting and trying to control the illness.. these are the key facts that keep anxiety and depression alive.. if we can do this we will be cured.. good luck x

  • Great attitude. I believe it's the way to recovery. Not to fight but accept and live life. Hard at times and takes courage and patience. Here's to a new year!

  • Hi, thanks for such positive post, we can all learn by this hopefully. xx

  • Your story has given me hope thank u so much for sharing this

  • Your story has given me hope thank u so much for sharing this

  • What a great testament of your personal experience!!! I think you will be a help to many.

  • Love this story x

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