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is this anxiety? How can I naturally help anxiety? How do I sleep while having it? :(

Hi im only 16 years old and I started grtting anxiety months ago , I used to shake out of control but that stopped but whenever I have anxiety my heart hurts and my heart beats fast and I feel shortness of breath and my mom doesnt want me to take any medication for it. Lately I've been getting anxiety everyday for no reason or because of stress and im not sure how to calm it down. I've been losing sleep because of it. i can't sleep having these symptoms.

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Hi bunnurs and welcome,have you seen your gp and been diagnosed,although it does sound like anxiety it's better to get it checked out,

There are lots of ways to help yourself.Headspace,mindfulness and can be dowloaded to listen too.There are books and CDs to help.Can be found on amazon.Counselling is available.exercise,reading listening to music,going for walks all help.Its a bit like trail and error till you find what suits.You do learn what helps you best,but anxiety makes you irrational at times and everything takes time.

Keep posting on here,we all suffer in different ways so there's always some one with advice,or even just to say hello and you not alone.

Hope this helps

Regards xxx


Hi (: Thanks for your help,I'll get it checked when my mom isnt so busy with work. yeah I need to just relax haha and not worry so much


Hello, I'm also 16 and have the same symptoms as you, and trust me it will get easier, there are ways other than medication which has already been stated in your other reply and I'd say to try some, hope you feel better soon feeling doesn't last forever x


Omg Im glad Im not the only one with these symptoms,Thanks for helping :) I'll do my best to stay calm and I hope you get better too


Hi there,

You have had some excellent advice from the last 2 replies.

Could I suggest maybe you look in to CBT?

It is a good way to deal with anxiety:) xx


Hi :) I'll check it out thanks


Hi there, Have you heard of claire weeks? Look her up. I think you would benefit from her book or a youtube video. She explains that in order to overcome anxiety/depression we must first understand what we are going through and then accept it. Hard thing to think of i know but her book has really helped me and my therapist has too. I hope you find help. You can do it!


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